What is boron?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
December 19, 2014
What is boron?

The simple and short word "bor" has surprisingly many meanings - it is a coniferous forest, a chemical element, a Scandinavian god, and a plant ... Bor can be found even in space! In this article we will tell what boron is in all senses of the word.

Bor as a coniferous forest

Boron is the popular name for pine forest that grows on dry sandy soils. In addition to coniferous trees in such a forest you can find birch, mountain ash, as well as berry bushes, lichens and mosses.

Boron as a chemical element

Boron is a colorless, gray or red crystalline substance or a dark substance of amorphous structure. Boron has exceptional hardness, which explains its use as a reinforcing substance for composite materials.

Bor as god

Bohr is the god of Scandinavian mythology, the son of the first man of the Storm and the father of Odin. The role of Bohr in mythology, unfortunately, is not clear, the researchers have not yet found indications of the reason why Scandinavian pagans worshiped him.

Bor as a plant

Boron is a genus of cereal plants widespread in the forest zone of the Northern Hemisphere.Boron seeds are spread by vertebrate animals, ants, and also by wind.

Bor as anomaly

Boron is also called the abnormally high wave that occurs during tides in the mouths of rivers in narrow bays. Burs in this sense are often used by surfers.

Boron on the moon

Yes, Bor is also on the Moon; in this situation, the word implies a personalized impact crater on the surface of the night star, which is 4498 km2 in size.

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