What is autonomy?

Vera Melnikova
Vera Melnikova
January 25, 2015
What is autonomy?

There are many foreign words in Russian. One of these is the word "autonomy", which has Greek roots. What is autonomy, what are the uses of this word?

Translated from the Greek, “autos” is itself, “nomos” is the law, independence. Autonomy is an autonomy, free choice of solutions and methods of action. This word is used in various spheres of society, acquiring a somewhat different shade of meaning. But in general - it is always autonomy.

Examples of the use of the word "autonomy"

  1. First of all, it is a political term. Autonomy is an independent decision-making by the authorities of a territory within the state, as well as the right to decide local issues that are within the competence of municipal authorities independently. This right should be enshrined in the Constitution of the state. Example: "The subjects of the Russian Federation have autonomy in resolving issues related to the privatization of land under the jurisdiction of this subject."
  2. This word is also used in cases when they mean the independence of any institution or enterprise in solving internal issues. The historical fact is known, as in the XIX century the right of autonomy to universities was bestowed by some emperors, while by others it was abolished. For example: "Autonomy gave universities the right to elect the rector, to accept teachers, to approve the curriculum of the university."

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