What is an object?

May 17, 2015
What is an object?

The concept of "object" is quite common. This word usually means something outside of a certain territory and independently existing. Consider what an object is and find out how this concept can be used.

Meaning of term

The object is:

  • something existing outside of us, regardless of our consciousness. This includes the external world, which is the subject of knowledge, as well as the practical impact of the subject;
  • the object or phenomenon to which a certain activity is directed;
  • an enterprise that is a place of a certain activity;
  • something that is directed at a specific action or state;
  • phenomenon or object attracting attention.

From this word the following notions:

  • a lens is a glass of a camera or telescope that is pointing to an object;
  • objectivity - the correct transfer of facts, observation.

Word use

The word "object" is used in the following terms:

  • the object of study is that to which the forces of scientists working in a particular field are applied;
  • in programming, an object is an entity that is in virtual space and has a certain state, depending on the specified properties;
  • control object - a device or process for the control of which a special automatic system is being developed;
  • space object - one of the celestial bodies or a separate spacecraft located outside the Earth’s atmosphere;
  • A mathematical object is an abstract concept studied by mathematics.

Now you know what the meanings of the word object are and you can use them correctly.

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