What is the idea?

The concept of an idea can be viewed in its different meanings. The interpretation of this definition exists both in psychology and in philosophy. Without an idea, nothing new can be created; it is a kind of engine of thought, an impulse to action. This article will help us understand what an idea is.

Idea structure

The idea is the main idea that underlies the theoretical system. The creative nature of thinking is expressed precisely in the idea. In essence, an idea is a thought that goes into action.

The structure of the idea is as follows:

  • Formulation (statement);
  • The goal that is set before a person, the ways to achieve it
  • The form of resolving contradictions between an expert who has to solve a problem situation and the situation itself.

Achieving knowledge synthesis is the main function of the idea. The stage of finding a solution is the highest in a creative search.

Idea - thought

Thought formation is a chain consisting of:

  • primary pulse;
  • ideas, thoughts;
  • forms.

The idea is the first image, the first imprint of some kind of primary impulse that occurs outside the mind of a person.The formation of this occurs in the supramental space. After that, the first thin idea-imprint, print, “footprint” is deposited in the mental space, that is, it takes on form, thought. Thus, thought is the adaptation of a prototype-idea to real environmental conditions. The thought takes either a figurative form or a verbal one. She can have a continuation and encourage a person to act.

The concept of ideas in philosophy and anthropology

For centuries, scientists of different directions are trying to interpret the essence of the idea. The wording of what is the main idea there are many.

An idea is a mental prototype of something that highlights its main and essential features.

  • Philosophers talk about the idea of ​​the following: the idea is a form and means of human knowledge of reality. It should be borne in mind that this is, in fact, not only an element of the mental process, but also the reality of the world around which this process is directed.
  • Psychologists consider the idea as a representation of imagination and memory, or as the representation of the consciousness of some object or process of the external world.
  • Cultural anthropology deals with the study of the so-called cultural diffusion. She is studying the dissemination of ideas from one culture to another. It is concluded that, despite the fact that cultures are influenced by each other, similar ideas can develop in isolation.

What is the idea of ​​the work

The idea of ​​a work of art is the main idea, which summarizes the semantic and image-emotional content of the work.

The answer to the question, what is the idea of ​​the text of a literary work, can be as follows. This is an idea that cannot be recreated through other arts. It can be expressed only due to the interaction and unity of all components included in the structure of a literary work.

Thinking about what the idea of ​​a poem is, one can understand that it is formulated in the same way as the idea of ​​any literary work. And an idea in literature is a thought that is contained in a work. The ideas that are expressed in the literature set. They can be logical and abstract. Logical ideas are thoughts that can be easily conveyed without imaginative means, we are able to perceive them with intellect. This is peculiar to non-fiction.Abstract ideas are characteristic of works of art.

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