What is added to the soup: interesting recipes

Liquid food should be in the diet every day, because without it, we can not feel good. But how to make such and tasty? In our article we will discuss the preparation of soups, both by amateurs and professionals. Here everyone will find and note for themselves useful information about what can be added to the soup, so that its recipe will not only please the guests and loved ones, but also will be elected in the cookbook.

what is added to the soupSoup for breakfast

It is considered to be soup not morning, but more usual for lunch food. But we will leave stereotypes, because we live in the XXI century! By the way, British nutritionists refer this liquid dish to one of the most useful types of breakfast. Undoubtedly, in the morning to eat chicken broth with noodles is more useful and more pleasant than the preheated yesterday's food, or, worse, a fast-drying briquette filled with hot water!

Moreover, natural spices are added to homemade soup, and palm oil is added to store soup in order to improve the taste and palatability of the appearance.Fast food soups can hardly be compared with those prepared by themselves from natural products.

There are several types of liquid dishes that are considered acceptable for breakfast. These are milk soups, creamy mashed soups and ancient soup that helps neutralize the effects of yesterday's feast. Absolutely everyone is familiar with the first two options, but we suggest that you talk in more detail about the hangover broth.

How to cook and add to hangover soup

What was the traditional hungover soup made from? In the XIX century in taverns it was done like this:

  1. Boiled 300 g of beef or lamb in water with the addition of onions, salt and black pepper, cut into 4 parts. And then cut the meat into a cube 0.5-1 cm thick.
  2. We also cut several pickled cucumbers, and chopped green onions.
  3. Mixed in a separate container 0.5 l of cucumber brine and 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar.
  4. Lay out the ingredients on plates and poured cooked dressing.

This cold soup, of course, should not be eaten daily, but it will be a real salvation the next morning after a holiday gathering with friends.

What to add to home broth?

How to cook a delicious rich homemade broth? For this simple dish, you will need products lying in the fridge, and the missing ingredients in a huge assortment are offered by supermarkets and shops.

what soup is added

Most often, the broth includes the most simple foods: meat, onions, carrots, roots and spices. Before serving this dish, you can put half an egg, a handful of crackers and some green onions in the plate.

And what do experienced housewives and restaurant cooks add to the soup, and why are their dishes so tasty? Of course, all thanks to the love of their work and those for whom they are preparing. But let's discuss this in more detail.

Playing with ingredients in classic recipes

what cereal to add to the soup

Each soup has many recipes and their interpretations, which are presented in abundance in subject books and magazines. And sometimes the novice cook has a question: is it possible to add ingredients not specified in the recipe to the soup? Of course yes! After all, the food you cooked should be your little work of art. Beat one or another taste, and a masterpiece will be released. In the kitchen you are the creator, the artist and the innovator. It is thanks to the game with ingredients that many famous recipes were born that use restaurants around the world.

Soups for children

can I add to soup

Every day in the kitchen we come up with many ways to prepare different dishes for your favorite kids. These are standard recipes for soups with a classic set of products, such as chicken broth with rice or buckwheat soup with pork, and their own inventions and innovations.

Of course, not every child will be happy with an appetite to eat an ordinary first course. Therefore, parents have to decide what cereal to add to the soup, so that the children agree to have lunch? Most small gourmets do not recognize cereals at all, but you can cheat a little, and then a proven kitchen friend - a blender - will come to our aid. Grinded them whether buckwheat, or rice soup for a child seem more delicious food, which the kid can handle without the hassle.

By the way, most restaurants serve liquid dishes in a puree form, therefore, having prepared a similar culinary sophistication from simple ingredients, you, without any doubt, surprise your loved ones.

Hungarian warming winter soup

Almost every country can boast of its signature dish. What is added to the soup like borscht, cabbage soup and okroshka is known to absolutely everyone, but it will be interesting to diversify your diet with a foreign dish.Moreover, the soup that we will learn to cook today consists solely of ingredients that we understand.

In which soup add peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and dumplings? Of course in bograchguyash. This dish is cooked on fire in a special dish at the annual festival of goulash in Hungary, but you can make it at home.

How to cook and what is added to the soup-bograchguyash

what can be added to the soup

So let's get started:

  1. Fry the chopped bacon in the cauldron. After all the fat from the fat is melted, add to the bacon 2 finely chopped onions, paprika, cumin, salt, garlic and cube-cut meat (1 kg).
  2. When the onion becomes golden and the meat is covered with a crust, you need to pour a small amount of water into the cauldron so that the meat pieces are covered with liquid very little.
  3. When the meat is cooked and become soft, add diced potatoes to it and let the water evaporate completely. Fry potatoes with meat for 2 minutes.
  4. Add a chopped large tomato and 2 bell peppers to the cauldron. Add the required amount of water. The soup should be quite thick.
  5. Knead dough made from flour, eggs and salt.Pinch off small pieces (chippet) from it and send them to boil in the soup. When the chipset rises to the surface - the soup is ready.

As you can see, completely different ingredients can be added to soups. You can use both ready-made recipes, and invent something new. Trust your taste and you will create a masterpiece!

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