What is a pixel?

January 26, 2015
What is a pixel?

Modern screens of electronic devices consist of a set of the smallest elements - pixels. Consider what a pixel is.

Pixel (pixel) is a special unit of the bitmap, applicable to computer screens, as well as smartphones, tablets, DVRs and some other devices.

Pixel is a point. The greater the number of points reflects the monitor, the better the quality of any image displayed on it. In web design, the concept of a pixel is used to denote the size of a photograph, picture, or cell of a spreadsheet.

Pixel properties

Pixels are usually expressed in millimeters. The value, which is equal to a pixel, depends on the following indicators:

  • diagonal display;
  • display resolution;
  • the number of pixels per centimeter.

The dpi value is expressed in pixels per inch. It allows you to determine the resolution of the display.

Defective pixels

Each of the sections of the monitor matrix is ​​controlled by a transistor. If the latter fails, the image ceases to be displayed on this site. So there is a broken pixel.It is not always repairable and is dangerous.

A faulty pixel does not always accept black. Since each image unit consists of several subpixels — blue, green, and red — the stuck pixel can take on one of these colors. Often, such violations are invisible to the user. You can fix them yourself at home, using special programs. You can read an article on this topic - How to check for dead pixels. Dead pixels take on black, gray or white. They occur due to the lack of power in a certain part of the screen matrix. Unlike stuck ones, it's almost impossible to eliminate dead pixels.

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