What is a phantom?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
February 19, 2015
What is a phantom?

Not always what a person sees can be represented in the reality surrounding him. Sometimes, in general, something may seem to him outside of visual or other sensations, but for some reason he will describe in detail and in detail what he "saw." Phantoms can be such fruits of fantasy.

On the meanings of the word phantom read below.

What is a phantom: the definition

The word "phantom" is of Greek origin and literally means "vision, ghost." Taking into account the origin of the word and referring to the psychological science, we can give the following definition: a phantom is an image or similarity of something, perceived, but not physically existing in the operating environment.

Both animate and inanimate objects can act as visions. Therefore, the definition may have a general meaning of vision or denote a ghost or ghost. Perhaps the most famous example of such visions is the Flying Dutchman. In addition to the fantastic meanings, the word "phantom" has others.For example, in a museum or anatomical practice, a life-size model of the human body or its part used as a visual aid can be called a phantom. Since often the phenomenon of phantoms cannot be physically explained, the following meaning of the word is also used: an incomprehensible, inexplicable optical phenomenon.

Thus, the word "phantom" is multi-valued, and therefore is used in a wide variety of fields.

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