What is a humidor? How to choose a humidor? Cigar box

The true connoisseurs of tobacco products know how strong the taste of tobacco can depend on the surrounding conditions. You can enjoy a cigar if all the rules of its storage are followed.

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Being an organic product, the product is very sensitive to temperature and humidity. In this connection, the high demand among consumers for cigar boxes is quite understandable. In the market they are available in a wide range. What is a humidor? How to use it? What to look for when buying? The answers to these questions are contained in the article.

What is a humidor? Product introduction

The fact that a humidor, is known, first of all, sophisticated connoisseurs of tobacco products. This category of people to such a life pleasure, like smoking a cigar, is very responsible. For the "correct" storage of tobacco delicacies purchased special tools.

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The fact that such a humidor, can be concluded from the name itself.Translated from English. humid - wet. Humidors for cigars are special containers-humidifiers: they retain moisture in the internal space, thereby ensuring the safety of the cigar products contained therein. Dimensions of products can be very different. There are both “hiking” humidors for 25 cigars and less, as well as huge container cabinets for several thousand units. Many manufacturers make their products in the form of boxes, drawers or cabinets.

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What are containers made of?

For the manufacture of the classic humidor mainly used Spanish cedar. However, solid wood in the production of these containers is not considered mandatory. Plywood is also quite suitable for the product, the inner surface of which is trimmed with cedar veneer. Outside, various decorative materials are applied to the plywood, and then varnished. Judging by consumer reviews, a set for cigars, made of solid, compared to plywood, with changes in the surrounding and internal conditions "behaves" much more efficiently. Such a device at the expense of its thick walls better absorbs moisture, and then gives it into the internal space. Therefore, wooden humidors are the most common.High demand from consumers is explained by the ability of the tree to "breathe", which prevents the formation of mold, in addition, wood is an environmentally friendly material. Acrylic glass, metal and plastic are also used in the manufacture of humidors by manufacturers.

About the design

Compact Humidors are predominantly equipped with one compartment in which only one type of cigar is stored. Large products are equipped with separate cavities. In such moisturizing containers may contain several varieties. Mixing their flavors is completely excluded.

Main product requirement

The main purpose of the humidor is to create and maintain around the cigars the conditions to which they are “accustomed”. These are certain temperature and humidity parameters in which tobacco leaves were grown, and then, after the fermentation steps, were rolled into cigars. Humidity index can vary in the range of 65-72%. The optimum air temperature is 17-18 degrees. The device must provide this natural cigar mode.

About humidifiers

Humidors are equipped with special devices that support the humidity regime necessary for the safety of a cigar. These devices are represented by several options. The most primitive of them is a sponge soaked in distilled water. Moistening of the internal space in the container is due to its evaporation. However, judging by consumer reviews, wetting in this way creates ideal conditions more for the growth of fungi than for the safety of tobacco products. For this reason, many manufacturers of humidors were forced to abandon the use of distilled water. They were replaced by gels. Sophisticated electronic devices with gel-based humidifiers begin to spray moisture as soon as inside the container, a critically low level of air humidity is noted by special sensors. The well-known company Boveda produces double-sided humidifiers. Their task is to give moisture inside the humidor, and if necessary, absorb it back.

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About hygrometers

Humidors, except for the humidifier, are equipped with special sensors that monitor the level of humidity inside.According to some consumers, containers are often equipped with analog switch-type hygrometers, which are very impressive in appearance, but not very useful in practice. Often the owner has to carry out their calibration. In addition, in the switch hygrometers a high level of error is not excluded. Therefore, experienced consumers recommend purchasing only digital devices.

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Hygrometers can be mounted inside the humidor or be embedded in the wall of the product. In the latter case, the owner does not have to open the container in order to check the level of humidity. However, the sensor built into the wall also has a drawback: in order to replace it, you will have to search for a device of the appropriate size.

What to look for when buying?

Where to buy humidor? How not to make a mistake in choosing? Such questions are most often asked by novice cigar smokers. Moisturizing containers are sold in specialized tobacco stores.

To those who decide to purchase a humidor, it is advisable to take into account the following nuances:

  • The lid of the box should close tightly. Check the density of its fit, you can use the office sheet of A4.The paper should be put on one of the walls of the container. Then the humidor must be closed and pulled over the edge of the sheet. If the tightness of the cover is good, then the sheet from the container can not be removed.
  • Experienced consumers do not recommend purchasing humidors for which glass windows and hygrometers brought outside are provided. The presence of glass windows is fraught with temperature differences inside the product. Since the hygrometers need periodic calibration, the owner will have to remove it from the seat every time. As a result of such exploitation there is a decrease in the functional efficiency of the device.

how to store cigars without a humidor

  • Before you buy a product, it is recommended to test it "for cotton". To do this, lift the lid and lower it back. No effort should be made. The cover should be lowered naturally - without acceleration. A good humidor is considered, in which the lid falls without knocks and claps. It should produce a “pshikayuschy” sound characteristic of the outgoing air.
  • It is not uncommon to have locks on moisturizing containers. The manufacturer, equipping them with humidors, has three objectives.First, a skillfully made lock can be used as a decorative element. Secondly, this device will ensure the safety of cigars to the owner of the humidor. Thirdly, due to the lock, the lid is more securely locked. Experienced users recommend buying a humidor with a lock.
  • In the selected product, all structural elements must be carefully fitted.

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How to use the product?

After buying a classic cedar humidor, it is undesirable to fill it with cigars right away. First you need to check the moisture level of the wood caskets. If it is not enough, then all the smells and aromas present in the cigars will disappear very quickly, and the tobacco products themselves will become completely dry and unsuitable for consumption. This requirement is relevant only for wood caskets. Containers, for the manufacture of which modern “nano-technological” materials are used, can be refilled with cigars right away.

The owner of the cedar box should be placed in a container with distilled water. Humidor preparation will occur faster if the capacity is large.The process of moistening can be monitored using the readings of a hygrometer. The humidity level should reach 80%. It will take about 3-4 days. Then the container should stay for some time inside the box. This will enable the walls of the container to better absorb moisture. In the future, they will function together with a humidifier.

How to store cigars without a humidor?

Those who have not acquired such a moisturizing box can use the following options. Cigars will briefly retain their properties in an open plastic bag. First you need to put a tobacco product in it, and wrap the package with a wet towel. Store in a dark closet at an air temperature not higher than 21 degrees. This method of content will allow the cigar to "breathe." In addition, it does not fall into direct sunlight. A towel wrapped bag provides the cigar with the necessary moist environment. Cigars are also well stored in ordinary cedar boxes. The owner will only have to periodically monitor the humidity level. Especially for this, a cup with distilled water and a sponge is installed at the bottom of the box.If desired, you can also install a hygrometer. As a result, a regular cedar box will become a homemade humidor.


Cigars made in tropical climates are in great demand in various parts of the world. To evaluate tobacco products has become possible through the use of humidors. These products retain all the properties of cigars and improve the culture of smoking.

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