What is a competition?

May 15, 2015
What is a competition?

Many people in order to ascertain their own talent, to gain public recognition, an assessment of their creativity and skills, take part in competitions. Let's take a closer look at what a competition is, how contests take place and what they are like.

Competition is a competition of several participants in the field of science, art and other things in order to determine the best of them, the winner who will receive the award. Contests are often held in several stages. The main ones include qualifying, main and final. At the first, candidates for the competition are selected, at the second there are competitions between the participants, at the third there is a struggle of the strongest, as a result of which they reveal the winner.

Competition Examples

  • Scientific or creative school competition. Pupils prepare their scientific or creative works and represent them to the jury. If this is a scientific work, then you need to protect your work, to present it in the most favorable light. The jury selects the strongest, who can also participate in the next stage of the competition between different schools.
  • Competition for university entrance.Applicants must pass exams, then among them choose the best, who receive budget places and the right to free education.
  • Beauty contest. Beautiful participants compete for the title of the title of the most charming and attractive. In addition to external data, the minds of the participants, their creative abilities, and social activities are evaluated. Many are skeptical of such contests, believing that the choice of the best girl is subjective for various reasons.

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