Which water heater is the best company to choose for your home?

With the problems of housing and communal services today faced every owner of an apartment or house. The person himself can cope with interruptions in the supply of hot water by installing the equipment. The most common equipment is storage water heater. "Which firm is better?" - all consumers ask a question before purchasing these devices.

With the help of this technique you can save the family from the lack of hot water. To do this, it will be sufficient to select a specific model and install it in the selected location. The market today offers products from different manufacturers. In a large assortment can be lost. That is why it is recommended to read consumer reviews, from which you can find out which company’s technology is most preferable.

The water heater of which company to prefer: the advantages and disadvantages of models of storage devices brand "Ariston"

water heater which firm is better

The company "Ariston" today acts as a leader in sales of water-heating equipment. From the owners you can hear dozens of laudatory reviews. Electric water heaters, according to users, differ in terms of volume. Visiting the store, you can pick up a hot water heater. Which company is better, reviews will help to understand. So, consumers claim that the Ariston water equipment has a capacity that varies from 10 to 100 liters.

The tank can be covered:

  • enamel;
  • titanium;
  • stainless steel.

The second option is more expensive. But in the enamel there are silver ions that can inhibit the growth of bacteria. The disadvantage is that consumers sometimes believe that the company does not offer models with dry heating elements. If you want to purchase a large-volume heater, then it is better to prefer a floor model that will not pose a threat if installed, for example, above a toilet bowl. You can buy a fairly powerful model up to 30 kW. According to buyers, this option can be called a real boiler. The difference between these devices consists only in heat loss.

Reviews of heaters "Termeks"

Hot water urn 50

If you decide to purchase a storage water heater, which company is better to prefer this equipment, you should decide before going to the store. For example, the Termeks company produces such high-quality products that it has established itself as one of the best among Russian consumers.

Buyers emphasize that the models of this company are the best suited for operation in the conditions of domestic realities. The devices were specially designed for this. However, in the company's lineup you will not be able to find gas heaters, which is not an advantage. Not so long ago, "Termex" came out of indirect type water heaters. These are the same boilers, but the heating in them comes from a built-in heating element or an external boiler.

Among the most obvious advantages of this company's products, buyers highlight affordable prices. You can buy an ordinary boiler for only 20,000 rubles. Among other things, the company you can find a horizontal hot water heater. Which company is better to choose the unit, in this case do not even have to decide. This option is suitable for installation under the sink, where you can not put other equipment.It is important to remember when choosing that today there is nothing to find analogs to the Termex models.

Should I buy Electrolux water heaters?

which firm is better electric storage water heater

If you are interested in Swedish products, then you should pay attention to Electrolux, which produces models with dry heating elements. This feature can be called a clear advantage. From a scum in this case it is not necessary to clean anything. But the precipitate from the magnesium anode will form. According to consumers, Electrolux does everything wisely, and this fact should be taken as a basis when choosing storage equipment for water heating.

For example, geysers of this manufacturer have at once three degrees of protection. But if you prefer a gas model, then it will always have a pilot light on. Not every consumer can enjoy this. However, some modern models have electronic ignition, while the ignition group is completely absent. Such a heater will be more expensive than analogs. Water from the equipment begins to warm up immediately. So you have to wait a certain time. Not everyone may like this state of affairs.

Compromise solution

what company is better to buy a storage water heater

If you are considering a storage water heater, which company is better to take, you have to decide for yourself. Getting acquainted with the rating, it can be understood that the French company Atlantic occupies second place, because the water heaters of this company have a good balance between quality and cost. In addition, in the production process using modern technology, and the output are devices with high-quality heaters.

The third place is shared by the firms Ariston and Gorenje. Some models of these companies have outstanding characteristics, but have a little overpriced. On sale you can find equipment with a price that any consumer can pull, but in this case you should not hope that the equipment will last longer than the warranty period.

Alternative solutions: the choice of the manufacturer for individual models (ATMOR MARINA V / F / E 50 L)

water heater which firm is better reviews

When the water heater is required (50 l), you should pay attention to the mentioned model. It has an increased area of ​​the heating element. This device is installed vertically on the wall, and the connections are brought from below.The tank is made of steel and has a glass-ceramic coating. The set comes with a safety valve and a flange, the latter of which facilitates product maintenance.

The thermostat model is built-in, it is responsible for switching off and on and has protection from moisture. Copper TEN has current thermal protection. The magnesium anode has an enlarged size, its diameter is 21 mm, while the length is 325 mm. Working pressure can vary from 0.3 to 8 bar. The outer casing is made of enameled steel. The tank is made of steel, and the overall dimensions of the equipment are 495 x 470 x 600 mm. Water to 55 ° C will heat up in 72 minutes. To pay for this model will have only 6000 rubles.

This hot water urn (50 l) has a weight of 18 kg. The hull shape is round. The maximum temperature of water heating is 70 ° C. The power of this unit is 1.5 kW. The control is mechanical, which prolongs the life of the device. There is no display in the equipment, but there is a safety valve. Before purchasing it is important to note that there is no self-diagnosis, water filter and remote control in this heater.You can not use and accelerated water heating. For some consumers, this feature is decisive when choosing.

Should I buy ATMOR MARINA V / F / E 80LT

electric water heater cumulative liters

For some consumers, the volume of 50 liters is not enough, so they acquire a storage water heater of 80 liters. As an example of such equipment, a named model may be used. Its cost is 7000 rubles. The equipment has an indication of the temperature of heating and switching on. The product has a steel tank, which is covered with glass-ceramic.

The device is distinguished by vertical installation and dimensions, which are equal to 750 x 450 x 450 mm. A power plug is supplied. Equipment weighs 20 kg, and up to 45 ° C water will be heated in 114 minutes. Display in this case, as in the above, no, but there is a safety valve. The maximum water pressure reaches 8 bar.

The equipment can heat up to 70 ° C. Accelerated heating, remote control, water filter and self-diagnosis system in the unit.

Water heater brand Hyundai H-SWE3-30V

Some consumers are satisfied with a cumulative water heater (30 l).As such equipment is the model from the company Hyundai. It will cost 9400 rubles. and is an electrical appliance for installation in a residential area. The device differs in simplicity of management, safety and reliability. The equipment has an indication of heating and power, as well as a control panel.

Users can adjust the power and temperature with a special handle. It guarantees control of the built-in thermostat. You can choose a more optimal job power using one of the three solutions. The manufacturer has taken care of the presence of a heating limiter system, which eliminates the temperature increase in the tank above 88 ° C.

If you are thinking about the question of which company is better to buy a storage water heater, then you should definitely consider the Hyundai model. Its power is 2 kW, the installation is vertical, and the dimensions are very compact and equal to 605 x 285 x 470 mm. The equipment weighs only 15.49 kg. There is no remote control, but there is a check valve. The tank is made of steel, and the body has a flat shape. According to the manufacturer’s special technology, enameling is carried out in two layers. The unit has a dry heater, which extends the life of the device.

The heater is made of copper. In order to save the user will be able to set the equipment to the appropriate mode. This water heater cumulative flat has an outer casing, which is covered with snow-white matte paint. The minimum water heating is 35 ° C. The pressure in the unit corresponds to the pressure in the water mains. Therefore, as the flow rate will be replenished with cold water. The operation of the device will not have to follow, because the heater will maintain a certain temperature in automatic mode. Between the tank and the outer casing there is an insulation made of environmentally friendly material, which reduces heat loss and saves electricity.water heater which firm is better for giving

Water heater brand Zanussi ZWH / S: consumer reviews

This model will be quite expensive - 18,900 rubles, but, in the opinion of buyers, the option is worth it. This is due to the many positive technical characteristics. For example, you can install the unit horizontally or vertically, which will depend on the available free space. The tank cover is made of stainless steel. The device weighs 22.9 kg, which allows you to install it yourself.

Consumers really like the fact that the equipment has a system of accelerated water heating. You can bring the pipes to the side or bottom, which simplifies the work. There is a safety valve and a display, the latter of which simplifies operation. The manufacturer took care of the safety by installing a water protection system.

Mechanical control will extend the life of the device. The equipment has a compact size, which is equal to 557 x 1050 x 336 mm. Such storage water heaters (100 l) are able to heat water from 30 to 75 ° C. The set comes with a safety device and protection against dry heat. The heating element will last a long time, because it will work in economy mode. It is protected from scale by a special system. Water is pre-disinfected. By the appointed time, the timer will be activated, which can be activated in advance.

Reviews about which model of manufacturer to choose to give: Bosch Tronic 2000T

Quite often, consumers are wondering about which water heater is which firm is best for giving. The Bosch Tronic 2000T is a great example.Its cost is 6,700 rubles. The power of the unit is 1.5 kW. This household appliance has an internal tank covered with an antibacterial agent. The corrosion protection of the tank is ensured by a magnesium anode that can be replaced.

The thermostat eliminates the overheating of the device, increasing the service life. Not only at home, but also in the country, electric storage water heater is becoming popular today. Liters as you need, you must determine even before going to the store. For giving, for example, a volume of 30 liters will be quite enough. This capacity just has a water heater Bosch tronic, which weighs only 11.8 kg. The maximum temperature of water heating is 70 ° С. Install the device will have to vertically.


If you need an electric storage water heater, which company is better to choose products? The Swedish company Electrolux comes out on top today, it produces products of real European quality. Models have a modern design, their technological equipment can be called innovative. During operation, consumers can hope for reliability, safety and durability of the products.

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