What dreams of theft?

Daria Kudrina
Daria Kudrina
August 9, 2012
What dreams of theft?

Have you had a dream that something was stolen from you? Or vice versa - you stole? Or maybe you witnessed the theft? Many will be interested to know the value of such a dream.

So, what is the dream of theft on the versions of the most famous dream books.

  • Dream Miller says that if you had a dream of theft or those who committed it - it is a sign of your spinelessness, as well as close failures. If in a dream you were accused of theft, then this is a symbol of the fact that an unpleasant misunderstanding will prevent you from doing something, which will make you regret, but, fortunately for you, everything will end well. If, however, another person is accused of stealing, it means that you too quickly convict an innocent person.
  • An old French dream book says that if something insignificant was stolen from you in your dream, then this is a sign from above - God loves you and he will help you.
  • In the Ukrainian dream book, theft is bankruptcy.
  • According to the family dream book, the value of the theft or the robbers who commit it close to Miller’s dream book is a sign that you will have setbacks, and your lack of character will be the cause.
  • According to the dream book of Taflisi, theft of other things in a dream promises grief.
  • And if you had a dream in which your (or not your) finances suffered? What dreams of money theft?

It is believed that a dream, where money is stolen, foreshadows misfortune and danger. They can be completely different nature.

Dream Miller says that if someone stole money from you outside the house, this is a sign of danger hanging over you, which means you should be more attentive to your actions. A dream in which money is stolen from your home, but during your absence, portends trouble because of your softness and lack of character. In the interpretation of what dreams of money theft, with a dream book Miller agrees with a dream book called "from A to Z".

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