What does the chest look like?

Female breast is such a part of the body that always attracts the eye, and the attention of a strong part of the population, that is, men. Although each of the men has their own stereotypes and requirements for the chest. Each defines the criteria for an ideal breast in different ways, and accordingly represents what the breast looks like. So, in some books the breast of the upper body of a person is called. Women's breasts, unlike men's breasts, are intended for feeding a baby with milk. Consider from an anatomical point of view the device and the appearance of the breast.

Breast Appearance

Externally, the chest is a two symmetric hemispheric rise. They are adjacent to the front wall of the chest part of the body and are placed between the third and seventh ribs of this part of the body (chest). Each of them is attached and attached to the pectoral muscle. Between the breasts, from the outside, there is a depression, which is called the sinus. On each of them there is a nipple and a darkened part of the skin around the nipple in the form of a circle. It is called an areola. Virtually everyone saw the look of the female breast, and knows the appearance of the breast perfectly.

But not everyone knows the internal structure of the breast. The basis of the female breast is the milk share.That is, the part that can produce milk. Around her (breast lobe or gland) is located adipose tissue. In each woman, the amount of adipose tissue is purely individual. Moreover, the ratio of adipose tissue and breast cancer is extremely different. In some women, the basis of the breast form adipose tissue, and the dairy lobe is small. This is clearly seen when a woman is walking. The chest in the literal sense of the word fluctuates, as if poured. And in other women, the breast is the basis of the breast, and not so much fat. In adipose tissue there is a passage that connects the mammary gland with the nipple. As already noted, the chest is adjacent to the pectoralis major muscle. And the mammary gland, surrounded by adipose tissue, is also surrounded by skin over adipose tissue. The color of the halo and nipples on the chest depends on the age and race of the woman. Typically, the halo and nipples are very dark in women with black skin, and in women with very white skin their color is very light.

Breast size and shape

As for the size and shape of the female breast, it is an individual feature of each woman. Usually, for most women, the right breast is slightly smaller than the left.Nipples also have their variety. They either bulge, or are flat, or are inverted. Breast sizes are purely individual and have different sizes. In order to describe how breast size looks, it will be convenient to use a kind of analogy. Those. Compare the size of the chest with the balls, taken from different sports.

But first, it should be said that breast dimensions are taken from one to six. And there is also zero. Zero size will be when a woman's chest is similar in size to a ping-pong ball. If the breast in its shape is approximately equal to the size of billiard balls, then it will be the first size. The second breast size resembles the size of croquet balls. The third breast size is the size and shape of an even shape handball ball. Owners of the fourth breast size have a chest that is similar to the size of volleyballs. As for the fifth size, such a chest is similar in size to a soccer ball. This is what a big breast looks like. But the largest has the sixth size and size such as basketballs.

It is worth noting that the size and shape of a woman’s breasts depend on various life cycles and factors. All this is due to the fact that breast tissue is diverse and changes with age.That is, answering the question how the breast should look, it can be said differently, because its appearance and sensations in it depend on the phase of the menstrual cycle, aging, pregnancy and lactation, as well as menopause.

Changes in the chest, as a sign of disease

With any change in the size of the breast, it is worth to be examined by a doctor. In general, this should be done annually. In addition, there is an important self-examination. If some compaction appeared in the chest, then it is quite normal and indicates a healthy breast. The fact is that the mammary gland itself consists of lobules, which are delimited by partitions and adipose tissues. They cause a feeling of density. If a lump is felt to the touch, or something similar, then this is not normal and you need to consult a doctor. Abnormal for a healthy breast is the presence of constant pain and swollen lymph nodes. In such cases, you should also consult a doctor. Persistent pain may indicate the presence of benign tumors. As for the enlargement of the lymph nodes, it is usually through them that the cells of malignant tumors spread, in other words cancer. In any case, if something feels unusual, then a visit to the doctor is necessary.

When pain or other incomprehensible signs appear in the chest, it can lead to diseases. The worst type of disease is breast cancer. What does breast cancer look like? This disease manifests itself by the appearance of malignant tumors in the chest. Its appearance changes the appearance of the chest. Namely, the essays and the shape of the breast change, the nipple may increase, swell or retract, skin turgor changes, and the size of the lymph nodes increases. In addition, the symptoms of this disease are discomfort, unusual, completely different pain and discharge of blood from the nipple. If you experience these symptoms, you should definitely examine the chest.

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