What does a man feel?

As well as men tend to talk for a long time on the topic of female psychology, women also have a lot of their own beliefs about what they want, representatives of the stronger sex think.

Stereotypes about men

Even recognizing the fact that a man and a woman are two interdependent, in many respects similar, but still completely different worlds, women do not get tired to repeat that they know everything about their partners, about what a man feels.

Consider some of the most common misconceptions.

Men need sex from women first of all

Yes, sometimes this is true, but not always. With the same success, a man may need from a woman caress and tenderness, care, help, valuable advice, after all, a delicious dinner / lunch / breakfast. After all, a man is not a sex robot, but the same person as a woman.

Men need sex every day and several times

Of course, sometimes there are similar active in the intimate sphere of the stronger sex. But believe me, their percentage is extremely low. An ordinary average man, perhaps, thinks about sex a little more than an average woman, but he is unlikely to be ready in practice too often.This is usually 3-4 times a week, and for some men with a naturally low sexual temperament, it will be quite enough 3-4 times a month.

Men like female bitches

This bitch is distinguished by intelligence, independence, determination, self-love, self-righteousness. If you add to this attractive-looking and burning sexual temperament, then a man, of course, will certainly pay attention to such a lady. Moreover, he will willingly spend several delightful days, weeks, months in her company ... But for the greater part men are rarely solved in relation to the bitch. And all because everyone wants to marry a kind, empathetic, loving, caring, tender, reliable woman who can be trusted with both the birth and upbringing of children, and his life too.

Men do not understand women

Here it would be more correct to say: "Men do not understand hints." And since the ladies use the hints very often and express their thoughts and desires, the men, respectively, are extremely poor in deciphering them, and in most cases they do not even notice. Talk to men with direct, specific phrases, preferably simple and short, and the percentage of your mutual understanding will increase significantly.Moreover, it is very important that at the time of the conversation there are no distracting factors of the partner’s attention (Internet, TV, music).

Men do not like smart women, they prefer silly

And in this case, the stereotype does not have the slightest right to life. So, a real man will definitely appreciate the lady’s intelligence. But at the same time no man wants to look like a fool in the light of her brilliant mind. Therefore, it is recommended to express your opinion to the beautiful sex as tactfully as possible so as not to hurt the painful male vanity.

Men want to see next to a passionate partner

In part, yes, but a man is unlikely to offer a hand and heart to such a woman. And all because he was afraid not to justify the sexual mission entrusted to him. That is why men prefer to start relationships not with passionate, but with sensual women. Such ladies do not require grandiose and frequent intimate victories from men, but they are able to appreciate the efforts of their loved one in bed and reciprocate.

Men - insensitive chumps

And again, alas, failure.Absolutely baseless accusation against the representatives of the stronger sex. After all, men from childhood are taught to restrain their emotions or to express them less actively. For example, your partner will not cry if it hits or sees a stray cat. But this does not mean that he does not feel pain or feelings of pity. But while the lady will mourn a bruise or a poor animal, the man will find something cold to attach to the hurt place, or pick up a cat to take it to his parents' house.

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