What do men eat?

Human society on the planet is divided into men and women. The first are the hunters and getters, the second are the keepers of the hearth. The first, as a strong floor, always needed more saturated nutrition. The latter, on the contrary, sacrificed for the sake of beauty and slimness an abundance of food. Formed male eating habits will be discussed later.

What do men eat in Europe

European cuisine is very diverse and in each country, men have their own eating habits. But there is also the fact that they are all united - this is an abundance of vegetable and meat dishes, sauces and seasonings, pastries made from wheat flour.

What the English like to eat

Men of Foggy Albion, like a hundred years ago, prefer a hearty breakfast, so today oatmeal is their favorite dish. The diet also contains a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Traditional for the English table are wheat flakes, which are usually served with milk and toast. And, of course, afternoon tea is a ceremonial holy for every Englishman.

What do swedes like to eat

In Sweden, healthy lifestyle is in vogue and Swedish men prefer light and wholesome food to rich, nutritious meals. Swedes love fish and meat dishes, and do not just serve them to the table, but make out beautifully.A favorite product is potatoes cooked in many ways.

What do Germans like to eat

German cuisine is so hearty and thorough that they can be called food of the real Vikings. Men in Germany prefer pork legs, fried or baked, breaded schnitzels, sausages and sausages, strudel with whipped cream or ice cream, and never refuse to have a mug of cool beer made famous all over the world.

What do french people like to eat

Men in France cannot imagine their morning without a cup of aromatic coffee with croissants. For dinner, they will prefer to see on their table seafood, vegetables, an abundance of fruit, as well as hard cheese and red wine.

What do Italians like to eat

The Italian table is replete with flour dishes, but almost no fat men in Italy. All because pizza from spelled, pasta and many other dishes of Italian cuisine are made from durum wheat, and a large amount of greens and vegetables accompanying each meal, on the contrary, contribute to weight loss.

What do men eat in Asia

Asian cuisine is rich in spices and spicy sauces for dishes, soy products and seafood.Unthinkable without foods like rice and noodles.

What do Chinese people like to eat

Chinese cuisine is very diverse, but there are favorite dishes for men in China, from which they will never give up. These are Peking duck, tortoise soup, fried rice, damsam (a type of snack). The Chinese love spicy food, and many dishes are generously seasoned with spices and spices.

What the Japanese like to eat

In Japan, men love rice and seafood the most. They prefer not to subject food to long-term heat treatment, and some foods are eaten raw. Seaweed, tofu, miso soup, beans and soy sauce are often consumed.

What do men like to eat in Russia?

Since Russia is not Europe and not Asia, but both that and another, that it is necessary to say that Russians like to eat are separate. So, the favorite dishes of many Russian men are:

  • pancakes;
  • dumplings;
  • potatoes;
  • soup or borsch;
  • pies and pies;
  • jelly;
  • meat in any form, including shish kebab.

What should a man have

In order for a man to be healthy, both the body and the spirit in his diet must have such products:

  1. Shellfish and other seafood;
  2. Beef;
  3. Dishes from cereals (oatmeal, wheat, corn);
  4. Mushrooms;
  5. Broccoli and other vegetables;
  6. Nuts (hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts);
  7. Pomegranate and other fruits;
  8. Fatty fish.

All these products are indispensable for maintaining men's health. They contain such essential substances as omega-3 fatty acids, lycoline, B vitamins, antioxidants, boron, zinc, magnesium, vitamin E. They support the sexual function of men, reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases, and also protect against cancer prostate

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