What do horses love?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
December 22, 2014
What do horses love?

Many in childhood were interested in horses, tried to find out what their eating habits were, and, of course, how domestic horses differ from wild ones. And some have not lost this interest so far. After reading our short article, you will learn that they love horses.

What kind of food do horses love?

There is a huge number of horse breeds. But, whether it is a pony, a racehorse or a heavy truck, their eating habits are similar. However, there are differences - for example, some horses do not eat low quality oats. The foals feed on mother's mother's milk, and sometimes farmers feed them also goat milk. As the foal matures, grass and cereal mixtures are added to its diet. You can also treat a little foal with honey or apples.

In the summer, horses feed mostly on fresh grass (grazing), vegetables and fruits. A country horse may well eat a whole bucket of apples in a day. In the cold season, the basic diet changes, and instead of grass, horses are offered hay and oats. Feed the horses with various cereals, mixtures and bran.Vegetables (eg carrots) are also preferable to give in the cold season.

Wild horses are nomadic, so their diet consists mainly of grass, which they spend most of their time eating.

As you know, horses are big lovers of sweets, but, like for people and other animals, an overabundance of sweets leads to bad consequences. Therefore, the owners treat their horses with pieces of sugar only occasionally. Also, the horse will be very happy rye crackers, apples or watermelon. Most of the watermelon horses get only the crust, but it is also a treat for them.

We told only about the general peculiarities of feeding horses, but in general each horse is very individual, and each has its own food preferences.

Intercourse of horses

By nature, a horse is a gregarious animal. Gathering companies, they brush each other's skin with their teeth, play together, rest and sleep. Horses perfectly communicate with each other in voice, their “vocabulary” includes neighing, cackling, screeching. Loudly they communicate at a distance, quietly - among themselves. Horses love freedom of movement and fast running: in open spaces they feel calmer, as they can run away from danger.

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