What color to choose a wedding dress? Ivory color is what

Each bride is carefully preparing for the wedding, because it is one of the most beautiful and important days in her life. And the most important problem often lies in the most joyful moment of preparation for the celebration - the choice of a wedding dress. It would seem that he should not bring trouble, because the girl sometimes for years and even decades has been planning this very day. But in practice, things are not so simple.

White dress: you can’t refuse to wear

When you come to the salon to choose a wedding dress, there will be a lot of questions. And the first will be about whether it is necessary to wear a white wedding dress. After all, they believe that the bride should be in white, and nothing else - this is the tradition. And if girlfriends and even mom can understand your desire to marry in a dress of a different color, then the older generation is often adamant.

wedding dress color ivory

In fact, the fashion for white originated about 150 years ago. Before that, the girls were getting married in blue, pink, green and even red dresses.Russian brides in the outback until the middle of the last century wore a wedding dress in the form of a red sundress and bright shoes. The fashion for light-colored wedding dresses began in the Empire, and only after this transitional stage did dresses of white color become popular.

Wedding dress: Ivory color on top of tops

However, traditions take their toll. If you absolutely do not want to wear snow-white color, but the groom or relatives insist on it, there is a way to diversify the most traditional wedding dress. The color of ayvori (the same color of ivory) for several years does not leave the fashion catwalks. Its difference from white color is inherent in the name itself - the color of ayvor looks like milky, but at the same time more transparent and cold.

wedding dress in style

If you do not wear light colors in everyday life or relatives insist, feel free to choose such a wedding dress. The color of Ivory in ancient times was considered a symbol of elegance and blue blood. Whatever style and decor you choose, the outfit of this color will look great.

Maybe champagne?

If you have a big love for autumn and gold, the champagne color is a great option for a wedding option. In Europe, it is even more popular than ayvori.

wedding dresses prices

The color of champagne differs from ivory with a yellow, warm base. If ivory goes to silver more, then champagne goes to gold. Recently, vintage style weddings are gaining popularity. Therefore, if you have conceived a holiday in the spirit of the Great Gatsby, a champagne-colored dress embroidered with beads and sequins is the most it.

Bright colors come back

The fashion for dresses of light tones is a little outdated, but the empire wedding dress does not give up its positions. In addition, today fashionable and beautiful wedding dresses, demonstrated on the catwalks, are mostly made in pastel (pink, nude, sky blue) colors, or sewn from bright fabrics: blue, burgundy, green.

wedding dress color

If you like to stand out, have a bright appearance and want to impress everyone with your wedding attire, choose a fashionable dress of the color that best emphasizes your beauty and extravagance. A special place this year is occupied by burgundy-colored wedding dresses - there are a lot of them in the collection of Vera Wang.

Black Swan

More than five years the fashion for the bride in black reigns. Black dresses in the middle of the XIX century were very common, only very rich heirs went to the altar in white.Therefore, the black dress - the choice of not only the adherents of the Gothic, but also more ancient traditions. The black dress allows you to look elegant, expensive and, unlike white, slims.

Since 2011, when Vera Wong presented to the world a completely black collection of wedding dresses, luxury models of this color are beginning to appear in the collections of many famous designers. Among all the wedding dresses the most expensive is black monochrome or combined wedding dresses. Prices are literally transcendental.

beautiful wedding dresses

If you want to get married in a black dress, but the proposals from famous designers are not on your budget, do not worry. Beautiful wedding dresses of black color to the floor can be found in young designers and in the evening collections. If you want to soften the extravagance of the image, choose a white dress with black elements. By the way, this is an effective way to correct the silhouette and a great way to save. Buy a white or light dress and sew ribbons or lace, firstly, cheaper, and secondly, you will receive a unique and unique outfit.

How to choose an option by type of appearance

The color of the wedding dress is very important.As in everyday wardrobe, the right color will make you even more beautiful, emphasizing the color of eyes and hair. No wonder they say that the main thing in a dress is the woman who wears it.

To choose the right color of the wedding dress, you need to determine your type of appearance. Conventionally, they are divided by seasons, but most often there is a mixed look. When determining, consider your natural hair and skin color (without sunburn).

The girl "winter" has skin of a cold shade - olive or porcelain. Dark eyes and hair are dark brown or black. The best way to look at such a bride would be a classic snow white wedding dress. Color ivory and other silver shades - ideal if you do not like pure white color. You should also pay attention to the cold pinkish tones.

beautiful wedding dresses

The girl "spring" is not as contrasting as winter. Its skin is transparent and light, warm, hair - from warm blond to light brown, eyebrows and eyelashes - light. This bride is best suited dress in the color of champagne, apricot or pale green color.

The girl "summer" has skin of a cold pinkish shade and light brown or ashy hair color. Eyebrows and eyelashes are darker than the spring, with an ashy tint.If you belong to the "summer" brides, pay attention to the dresses in milky white, blue, purple, light pink and light green.

wedding dress in style

The girl- "autumn" has a bright, contrasting appearance of warm shades. The skin is a golden or amber shade, the hair color is red (all shades, including a barely noticeable ryzhinka). Emphasize the beauty of the bride dress color ivory, peach or cream.

How to choose the perfect wedding dress on the figure

The dress is not on the figure, especially in light color, will emphasize every shortcoming and is able to spoil the holiday to the bride.

The hourglass shape allows you to choose the outfit of almost any silhouette, since the volumes of the shoulders and hips are proportional. But do not overdo it - it is better to focus on the waist, but not on the hips. This is the only type of figure, the owners of which can afford a trendy dress "mermaid".

wedding dress color

The figure "pear" requires accents on the chest and waist. Hips, on the contrary, need to hide. Choose A-line dresses, avoid too lush options and empire style.

The “inverted triangle” figure, on the contrary, needs an emphasis on the hips. Choose a fluffy bottom dress with a V-neck.If you have large breasts, pick the neckline with extreme care.

The "rectangle" figure does not have a pronounced waist, so it is best to create it with a corset. In this style of dress and decor, you can choose almost any.

wedding dress color ivory

The most difficult to find the perfect dress for the figure "apple". Such girls usually have slender legs and a massive upper body, while the abdomen dominates. Depending on the fullness, pay attention to an empire wedding dress or a model on a corset.

Some more tips

It is best to go for a fitting with your mother or girlfriend and always with a camera so that you can see yourself from the side. You need to measure 10-15 dresses so as not to get completely lost.

Be prepared for the fact that the chosen style does not suit you, as well as the color.

One of the main filters that should be considered before trying on wedding dresses is prices. Do not measure outfits that do not fit into your budget. You can not afford them, but all the following dresses will be compared with the first one, and not in their favor.

Take on fitting shoes with heel height, like your wedding. The hem should be 2-3 cm above the floor.In a dress, try to sit down - the outfit should be comfortable and never press.

As you can see, the modern bride can choose a dress of any color and style, so long as it fits. If you have always dreamed of red or green - go for it! And let your wedding be perfect!

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