What can you eat in a post?

Lent is an Orthodox rite, the purpose of which is repentance. Its essence is in strict limits. As a result, the list of what you can eat in fasting is very different from our usual diet. Great fasting is strict, it is difficult to comply with it, but in modern society, when fresh vegetables and fruits are available all year round, as well as many products that completely replace the forbidden, you can fully eat even during the period of fasting.

What can not be in the post

In Lent you can not eat meat, poultry and dairy products. Fish is also on the list of prohibited foods, but it can be eaten on certain days - Lazarus Saturday, Palm Sunday and Annunciation. These are all animal products, which are sources of protein and fat, necessary for the normal functioning of the body. And refusing them, you need to know that your body can take it hard. The basic principle of fasting is abstinence, should be fed in accordance with this principle - following restrictions, not allowing yourself excesses.

What can eat in the post

In the post you can eat all vegetable products, it is not only vegetables and fruits, but also many products that are now produced, such as cookies, juices, soy dishes and even some types of candy and chocolate. The main food, of course, will be vegetables. This may be familiar potatoes, cabbage, beets and carrots. Cooked traditionally - boiled or stewed, the usual vinaigrette or soup, they can quickly get bored, especially if there are children in the house, as the kids hardly endure the monotony and miss the usual tasty and varied dishes. You can make a novelty in the diet, making vegetable cutlets or salad, seasoned with vegetable oil. You can include new ingredients in familiar dishes - add herbs, spices, mushrooms, nuts or dried fruits. You can also make a variety of new products, at this time you can try chickpeas (it belongs to the family of legumes, but differs in taste from peas or beans), arugula, spinach, broccoli or soy products.

Also in the post you can eat porridge: rice, buckwheat, barley, millet, without the addition of butter, cooked in water. If, however, no porridge seems tasteless, you can add margarine or spread to it, since it is not a dairy product, dried fruit or jam.You can add onions and mushrooms to savory buckwheat porridge. Cornflakes or muesli with juice instead of milk can also be an option for breakfast. You can also eat pasta, dressed with tomato sauce or pesto sauce.

You can eat vegetable and vegetable soups in fasting, as well as frozen vegetable mixes, homemade pickles — sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, vegetable caviar, jam and compotes. You can find lean products in stores and cafes, most often they have the inscription “lean” or “you can eat in the post”, you can also find such products in the stores by reading the composition. It should not be animal products (meat, milk, butter) and large amounts of sugar (after all, you need to eat moderately). For example, instead of milk chocolate, you can take bitter, and instead of biscuit biscuits, choose oatmeal. If you want to learn new unusual recipes, you can look into vegan cuisine. The vegan diet is similar to the lean, since it also excludes all animal products, and on the Internet you can easily find interesting recipes, such as orange muffins in sunflower oil.

Remember that even during the period of fasting it is important to maintain the body, and there are foods that are a source of protein (these are mainly legumes and mushrooms), fats (vegetable oil) and glucose (for example, bananas, raisins, dried apricots). Thanks to proper, moderate and balanced nutrition, your body will be well tolerated by any physical and mental stress.

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