What is a good buy?

At this stage of development of trade relations between companies, stores, or simply ordinary consumers, there were certain foundations. The world society has long been able to simplify his life by shopping on the Internet, even without leaving home. But the fact remains that it is now in fashion sales? What people buy well, what they are willing to spend money on, what goods are in a hurry to get and what everyone needs.

To begin, consider the question of what makes people buy a particular product, what people are motivated to buy. In other words, a list of motivations that encourage people to spend money:

  • The goods that people have already bought are well acquainted with its quality, which they buy periodically and do not want to change them for another. For example, something from the food that came to taste.
  • People often buy what brings them moral satisfaction and comfort (household items, personal care products, cosmetics, for men, items for a personal car, some details for a hobby).
  • They buy what will solve their problem at the moment, what is over and urgently need to be purchased.
  • The product that attracted evoked emotions (label, smell, taste).
  • Well sold goods, which is subject to the "crowd effect". Bought everything - and I will buy.


  • Without a doubt, the leading place in the ranking of the most purchased goods has always belonged to food. This is what people buy every day. And of course they will buy more, since it is simply necessary for every person to support life. The first place among food products today is occupied by semi-finished products. For the simple reason that people are willing to spend more to save time for cooking.
  • The second place in the “well-bought goods” rating, oddly enough, belongs to alcoholic beverages. Holidays, all kinds of celebrations happen every day and for most citizens are unthinkable without alcohol on the table. Also sold well tobacco products.
  • Behind the alcohol comes pharmacy products, drugs. Here, without comment, it is clear that if a person suffers from a certain disease, he must periodically buy medicines. Health is the most expensive.
  • Further, it should be noted clothing and shoes. Buying these products is not daily, for the average person, but still people are willing to spend money on fashionable things.
  • Then in the list of purchased goods goes household chemicals and personal hygiene products. Detergents, powders, various gels, soaps, shampoos, and so on, are needed daily, isn't it?

the Internet

Now we look at the most purchased products on the Internet. It is no secret that the possibilities of the Internet are wide. Nowadays, to get this or that thing, it is not necessary to leave the house. So, what is well bought on the Internet?

  • Firstly, it is a technique. It is much easier to order and buy goods from there, but cheaper. This is what people use.
  • Among the products on the Internet are the most popular mobile phones, televisions and laptops. Also among women is very popular buying clothes on the Internet. Sometimes in her city, the girl can not buy your favorite thing, for the reason for the lack of this brand in stock. The great Internet comes to the rescue.
  • Also on the Internet are services such as tutoring, courses, games, entertainment for leisure, e-books, music, writing any works, and much more for money. This can also be considered a commodity, and in this case, services rightfully occupy a rather significant place in the list of purchased goods.

On the last places of the most bought goods go such things:

  • Car parts.
  • Household materials for repair.
  • Newspapers, books, discs.
  • Furniture.
  • Flowers
  • Sporting goods.
  • Pet supplies.

The entire market is built so that those things that sell themselves are selling well. Those. without advertising and external motivations. Those things and products that a person wants to buy by themselves are selling well.

However, various companies resort to tricks to sell a particular product. The main trump card of excellent sales is a good advertising and marketing ploy. If a person sees in advertising many positive qualities of a product, of course, it will spur on the purchase. Many companies create advertising on purpose, then make a discount so that they start buying goods, and then return the price to the place, thereby ensuring a profit for themselves. Well-bought products tend to vary depending on the time of year. For example, in winter, it will be natural to buy up winter shoes, from food - meat and cereals. In summer, fruits, vegetables, and sporting goods are popular. I hope the rating we compiled surprised you and helped me figure out which products we buy most often.

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