What are the birds like?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
April 2, 2013
What are the birds like?

Birds are warm-blooded egg-laying creatures that are in close contact with humans. It is difficult to imagine a world without birds, without their beautiful singing and often the most beautiful plumage. The modern classification of birds has an average of about 10 thousand representatives of birds.

Wild and domestic birds

First of all, wanting to know what kind of birds are, you should divide them into two large groups: wild and domestic (tamed by man).

  • Wild birds are characterized by the fact that they can live freely in the natural environment, whereas poultry most often require human care. Wild birds do not bring obvious benefit to man, but they care about the quality of the soil, destroy various pests and often deliver aesthetic pleasure.
  • Representatives of domestic birds are chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys. They are kept for receiving eggs and meat, and their feathers and down are the raw materials for stuffing outerwear, pillows and featherbeds. Poultry breed well under favorable conditions, which brings their owner a sufficient income.

Migratory and sedentary birds

Wild birds can be divided into two groups: birds that change their habitat in the cold season fly south. These birds are called migratory, and birds wintering at the place of residence are sedentary. Representatives of migratory birds are a finch, an oriole, a swallow, a lark and others. Settled are bullfinch, siskin, nuthatch, woodpecker, tit and others.

Bird wings

Depending on the shape of the wings, birds are also divided into several categories. Its flight depends on what feathers birds have.

  • Predatory forest birds and passer-shaped birds have an elliptical shape of wings, which allows them to skillfully maneuver in a fairly tight space. This form of wings is great for hunting small rodents living in dense vegetation.
  • The short and slightly sharp forms of the wings are designed for high-speed flight of the bird, and are also excellent for diving under water. Such wings have sneak and peregrine falcons.
  • Long wings are necessary for birds for easy flight, their owners are sea birds, and petrels and albatrosses are owners of huge wings, with the help of which they can fly for a long time without getting tired.
  • Wide wings are designed for soaring flight, and representatives of birds with such wings are pelicans, eagles and storks.

Flightless and flying birds

Another type of bird is birds that cannot fly. They lost this ability in the process of development, although they still have wings. These birds include penguins, kiwi, ostriches. Representatives of little-flying birds are partridges and pheasants, which can fly, but perform this action very rarely, only in extreme cases.

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