What are gloves?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
March 14, 2013
What are gloves?

It would seem quite banal question: what are gloves? But, one way or another, it is asked, and if there is a question, then there must be an answer. Wikipedia says this briefly: a kind of clothing that is designed to hide the hands. Unlike mittens, each finger of the gloves is separated. But the reasons for need to hide the brush, there are different, so there are several types of gloves.

What are the gloves

The most running gloves are those that heat us during the cold season. They are knitted, leather, knitted. In medicine, I also often use gloves. Medical gloves are made of rubber and are used to protect hands during procedures, as well as to maintain sterility. Also rubber gloves are used in agricultural work and cleaning. Boxing gloves, they are used to protect the hands during boxing fights. There are several types of such gloves. And then there are women's evening gloves, they are dressed for evening dresses.

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