Weeping - causes and effects

We are used to the fact that tears are an expression of sadness, sadness. But this is not always the case, for example, in the first months of life, children express their emotions in this way, signal their needs - if they want to eat, they are uncomfortable, hot or cold, then tears will appear. But this does not mean that the child is naughty, he just has not yet learned to express his feelings differently. But it happens that tears over and without adults pour, why does crying appear? The reasons may be different, let's talk about them.

tearfulness of reasonWhy do we cry

Our organism responds to any stimulus with one or another reaction, and tears arise when a person experiences a shock or emotional outburst, and a kind of mimicry appears. We cry when mental relaxation is needed, because every day a person gets into various stressful situations, experiences pain, resentment. In the end, the body needs a way out of negative energy, we begin to cry, and this is completely normal.But a deviation from the norm is excessive tearfulness, its causes may be different and insignificant. It also happens that a person cries daily for any reason, thereby bringing a lot of inconvenience to relatives and friends.

Weeping: causes

  • If a person has experienced a strong emotional shock of a negative nature, severe stress, which left unpleasant memories, then the psyche may not endure, as a result - nervousness and tearfulness.
  • PMS (premenstrual syndrome) can also cause a state of tearfulness, but, as a rule, it does not last long - only 3-5 days. If after this time everything returned to normal, then you should not worry - this condition is connected with hormonal changes in the woman’s body.cry during pregnancy
  • Depression is another phenomenon in which there is tearfulness. The reasons are banal - a person is bad, he is depressed, it seems that nothing happens and no one understands him.
  • Climax, as well as PMS, due to hormonal surge is accompanied by mood swings and tearfulness.
  • A woman, being in an interesting position, becomes sensitive and tearful.It is normal to cry during pregnancy, because such behavior is a consequence of hormonal changes in the body.

how to get rid of tearfulnessHow to get rid of whining

To get rid of tearfulness, you should first turn to a neurologist to identify possible causes of this condition. It is also necessary to consult a psychologist and a therapist to find out if everything is in order with the physical health of the patient and to understand whether the tearful state is connected with hormones. It is not necessary to self-medicate, taking various sedatives, they can only be appointed by a competent specialist after the necessary examination. Otherwise, you can only hurt and aggravate their situation. But what you can do yourself, so try to understand yourself and your emotions, understand what causes the negative, and look for a way out of this situation. It should be understood that all bad things end sooner or later, we must live on and enjoy life.

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