Wedding accessories with their own hands. Wedding rings on the car. Wedding cards. Wedding Champagne

Wedding accessories - an integral partholding festive ceremonies and creating the image of the groom, the bride, the witnesses. Such trifles can be purchased in specialized shops or salons, made independently or made to order from the master, according to their preferences, theme of the event and the color scheme.

Create wedding accessories with your own handsit is not difficult, but the work requires attention and perseverance. A big plus of this work is collective creativity. You can master in a big company: having gathered all the girlfriends, the bride organizes a thematic creative hen party.

List of wedding accessories

The list of necessary wedding details is big, buteach bride adjusts it depending on the planned rites, the number of guests and the wedding theme. So, for the image of the bride, the following accessories are needed:

  1. Ornaments for hair (wreaths, hairpins, combs, hairpins).
  2. Bracelet-boutonniere on hand in the tone of the wedding bouquet.
  3. Garter.
  4. Bouquet understudy.
  5. A scarf for the ceremony of removing the veil.

For the groom only a buttonhole brooch will be neededa special fastener or pin, a butterfly or a tie. Witnesses need boutonniere, if desired, you can add an exquisite hair ornament or brooch to the image of a bridesmaid.

Wedding accessories are handmade in the imagenewlyweds - a wonderful addition to the grandiose room. Craftsmen put a piece of warmth and love in their products, so they turn out to be really sincere. Such products are durable and with proper care and careful attitude will be a reminder of the main family event.

A set of wedding accessories

List of accessories for the organization of the celebration:

  • Decoration on the car (compositions on the handle of the car, hood and roof).
  • Paper products (invitations, seating cards and a plan).
  • Accessories for a photo shoot (plaques, icons, wigs, soft toys, voluminous paper numbers and letters).
  • Rose petals (artificial or from fresh flowers), crochet for them.
  • Mini boutonniere for free guests.
  • Towels.
  • Chest for the rite of giving.
  • Baskets or other containers for collecting money with the inscription "for the boy", "for the girl".
  • Cushion for rings.
  • A set of candles "Family hearth".
  • Bonbonniere and filling for them.
  • Diplomas, medals and small souvenirs for contests.
  • Wedding champagne.
  • Glasses.
  • Color sand sets for the ceremony.
  • Set for conducting redemption.
  • Flower bracelets for bridesmaids and florets for groom's friends.

Wedding champagne with own hands

The creation of this accessory is limited tofantasy artist. First you need to decide on the materials and the type of decor. Modern brides prefer detachable floral decorations: they look spectacular and, if necessary, easily separated from the bottle. Here are some options for decorating wedding champagne with your own hands.

Decoration from satin ribbons and oblique beiki

To make the decoration, the followinga set of tools and materials. It is noteworthy that everything you need can be bought in the store for needlework, you do not need to spend a lot of time searching for the necessary things in different outlets.

  1. Satin ribbon and oblique bake in the tone of the decoration of the celebration.
  2. Glue gun and hot glue.
  3. A bottle of champagne (1 or 2, depending on the destination).
  4. Clay "Moment Crystal".
  5. Scissors.
  6. Decorative elements: paper or fabric flowers, beads, rhinestones, etc.

Stages of creating jewelry:

  • The first step is to measure the oblique bake on the bottle,put a piece on the site, where the narrow part goes into a wide one, put the ends of the tape on top of each other and cut off the excess. Glue the ends together with glue "Moment". The length of subsequent segments should be adjusted according to the size of the wide part of the bottle, applying the pieces and fastening the same as the first. Finish finish on half the bottle.
  • Decor of the bottom. In a few millimeters from the bottom, glue a piece of oblique beika, wrapping the bottle in a circle. Continue to overlap until the middle, until the tape completely covers the bottle, the rear joints zadekorirovat.
  • Decoration. Ready-made bottles can be attached compositions of small flowers, complementing them with beads and rhinestones.
Wedding Champagne

Wedding rings on the car

This accessory is more difficult to make. It will take a lot of time, materials and tools. First you need to find the preparation of wedding rings, and this is not easy. Mostly in stores they sell already decorated versions, with toys or compositions of artificial flowers. If the workpiece was not found, then you can make wedding decoration yourself. To do this, you will need a corrugated plastic pipe from a sanitary ware shop and a satin ribbon. Bending the tube in the form of rings, it must be securely fixed on a heart-shaped stand made of foam and covered with tape. The rings are ready, the next stage is decorating. It will require the following:

  • Satin ribbon, width 2.5 and 5 cm.
  • Suckers.
  • Artificial woven flowers (large buds) and greens.
  • Soft toys (optional).
  • Glue gun and hot glue.
  • Decorative elements (beads, berries, rhinestones).

To create wedding rings on the machine with your own hands, you should follow the following instructions:

  1. Support the workpiece with rings to tighten with a satin ribbon width of 2.5 cm and fix on the bottom of the sucker.
  2. On the upper part of the heart, fix the buds of flowers to the glue in an arbitrary order, diluting them with artificial green inserts. If necessary, supplement the composition with decorative elements.
  3. Sit in the center decorating soft toys or dolls and attach to the base on hot glue.
Wedding rings on the car

Wedding invitations

Perhaps, this is the most important accessory, namely withit begins preparation of a solemn and exciting event in the life of the bride and groom. Modern invitations are original, the masters offer assistance in making video and photo calls, wooden postcards, etc.

The paper version is an ageless classic, which is much cheaper than creative ones, and it's very interesting to make wedding cards with your own hands. To do this, you need a set of materials and tools:

  • The basis for a postcard from a design cardboard.
  • Designer paper with a pattern or embossed pattern.
  • Paper with printed invitation text.
  • Double-sided tape.
  • Decorative elements (flowers, beads, rhinestones) at will.

On the inside wall of the blank for an invitationfix the sheet with the text using scotch tape. On the outside, place the elements cut from the design paper, and decorate the empty place at your own discretion with the prepared decor. Making wedding cards with your own hands is easy, the main thing is not to go too far with decorative inserts, so that the invitation does not turn out to be cumbersome.

Wedding invitation

Wedding accessories for hair

Correctly selected decoration emphasizesbeauty of the bride and complete her holiday image. Everything is important from color to size and shape. It is necessary to choose the right material. Let's take a closer look at the creation of a wedding hair comb with ready-made woven flowers and decorative elements. Necessary materials:

  • A metal comb.
  • Glue gun and hot glue.
  • Feather hard or felt heels.
  • Small and large flowers from a fabric of two shades.
  • Nippers.
  • Beads and other decorative elements in tone colors.
  • Greenery.
Necessary materials for work

Stages of creation:

  1. On the metal workpiece on top of the felt circles - this is the basis of the composition, they will be held floral decorations.
  2. Separate flower buds from stems-their number is regulated by the size of the comb and the wishes for the volume of the future product.
  3. Gradually try on all the ingredients, glue the first, the largest flower, add greens. Fix the other flowers, alternating them in color, add beads, berries and leaves.
  4. Examine the composition, fill the empty space with decorative elements.
Flower comb

It's not difficult to create wedding accessories with your own hands, it's enough to review detailed master classes and follow the instructions clearly, to give vent to fantasies and evaluate the result.

Wedding accessories for the bride

On such a memorable and solemn dayThe bride should look amazing, even trifles need to be chosen with taste. Choosing materials for creating accessories, you need to consider the overall style of the wedding - they should not stand out against the general background, but complement it. Creating wedding accessories for the bride is an important and painstaking work, and to make the final result happy, you will have to work hard.

A set of accessories for the bride

Boutonniere bracelet for the bride

Most girls choose for the image exactlysuch an option of decoration, moving away from the standard buttonhole on the pin. Basically it is made in tone wedding bouquet and boutonniere groom. To create a wedding decoration with your own hands, you can use the remaining materials prepared for the decoration of the comb.

  • A piece of satin ribbon with a width of 1 cm of white color (2 pcs.).
  • Glue gun and hot glue.
  • Felt heels.
  • Artificial greens and buds of fabric flowers.
  • Decorative berries and beads.
Tools and materials for creating a bracelet

The first step is to prepare the basis for consolidatingflower arrangement. To do this, it is necessary to paste the felt heels around the center of the tape from both sides. Then arrange flowers and greens, making an approximate version of the composition. Next, glue all the components on the hot glue to the substrate, empty the place to fill the decor. Wedding accessories with their own hands turned out not worse than the store!

Flower bracelet on hand

Accessories for a wedding photo shoot

A photo is a storage for memory, soto prepare accessories for a photo shoot you must, they will make the pictures original, and the process of filming is exciting and fun. The simplest variant of decorative elements are tablets, hashtags, frames, smileys, hearts and other paper products.

Make accessories for a wedding photo shootit's easy, it will require good matte photo paper or high-quality designer cardboard, a printer and a little imagination. Pictures for printing can be found on the Internet or produced independently in the photo editor. The printed templates must be cut out and fixed with glue on the balloons.

Wedding handmade accessories are an interesting solution not only for the groom and bride photo shoot, but also for bridesmaids, children and other guests.

Paper accessories for a photo shoot

3D elements for a photo shoot

The most difficult to manufacture, cost-intensivetime and finance accessories - volumetric figures and letters from cardboard and corrugated paper. The process of creation includes three stages: assembling the cardboard frame, preparing elements for decoration, decorating the surface of the frame with paper pound. To make a wedding accessory you will need:

  • Corrugated cardboard.
  • Glue gun and hot glue.
  • Corrugated paper of Italian origin.
  • Printed paper template of the correct size.
  • Scissors.
  • A pen.

Stages of creation:

  1. Circle on the cardboard two parts of the letter, cut. To make the volume between the sides of the workpieces stick a strip of cardboard all over the letter.
  2. Prepare paper futures: cut corrugated into squares 3x3 cm in size, put a handle or a round stick in the middle of the workpiece, and lower the edges slightly, lowering them.
  3. Glue the pound on the front and sides of the frame, the bottom of the paper with paper, for stability.

A gorgeous wedding accessory is ready!

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