Waterpark (Kirillovka) "Treasure Island". Photos and reviews of tourists

Zaporizhia region of Ukraine today is famous not only for its rich history, but also for its novelties in the service sector. More recently, on the coast of the sea opened a large water park. Now Kirillovka pleases residents and guests of the city not only with beautiful, clean beaches, but also with a professional entertainment complex.

Resort town

The village is located on the coast of the sea, Utlyuk and Molochny estuaries. Today, the length of the resort is almost 15 km. Tourism in the Azov Sea began to develop since the beginning of the 1920s. Then the emphasis was placed not only on the salty waters, but also on the therapeutic mud.

water park KirillovkaIn the period from 1960 to 1980, camp sites, motels and rest homes were intensively built. Especially popular place has become because of the infrastructure. The town is easy to reach, and there is a post office, a market, bars and discos on the territory. You can visit the Orthodox church. The highlight of the resort are modern amusement park, dolphinarium and water park. Kirillovka each season receives more than 30,000 tourists.

The name of the complex is “Treasure Island”. Indeed, each attraction is a real discovery for holidaymakers. Such a variety of slides, pools, fountains and "lazy rivers", as here, you will not find in the entire eastern part of Europe.

The world of big entertainment

The park began its history in 2011. The territory of the complex covers an area of ​​60,000 m². Find here fun to taste can both adults and children. In general, guests have more than 30 original, interesting and exciting attractions. You can spend fun time in the pools, and there are 8. The size of the largest of them is 1,720 m², and the depth is up to 1.6 meters. The total area of ​​the reservoirs is over 6,000 m². Many are equipped with a variety of geysers. The complex is proud of the clean water that does not contain chlorine and is pre-filtered.

In one day about 3000 customers can take water park. Kirillovka annually receives tourists from different regions of Ukraine and guests from abroad. And as soon as visitors wish for quality and active recreation, they are sent to “Treasure Island”.

This name was given to the complex because of the mass of interesting and mysterious pirate rides.But the visitors themselves call it simply “Kirillovka”, after the resort town. Other guests called the institution a labyrinth.

Kirillovka water park treasure island

Gift edge

And indeed, the scheme of the water town resembles a real blue web of passages and partitions. This is not surprising, since an artificial steep river flows through the entire institution. Especially proud of this miracle water park "Kirillovka". The photo of the system from above is like a maze. But besides the aesthetic side, the reservoir has quite practical use. The pool is equipped with pumps that form an artificial, strong current. Consequently, you can put an air circle on the waves and gladly swim around the perimeter of the complex.

Special gifts are given by the administration to birthday men. On his birthday, he makes a lucky 50% discount on a ticket. In order to receive a gift, you must first take the documents with you and show them at the entrance.

But surprises give not only birthday men. Anyone who completes the form on the site can get a ticket for free.

Kirillovka water park how to get there

Positive atmosphere

The administration of the institution “Treasure Island” (water park) is especially special with guests.Kirillovka is a popular place, and often people specially go to rest here for holidays. Consequently, the complex offers many entertainment programs. Especially popular are family weekends. For visitors with children hold special workshops and shows. Contests, competitions and draws like not only children, but also their parents. Often, the owners invite famous stars and arrange concerts. For the youngest visitors organize competitions of drawings and poems.

It should also be noted that each holiday is accompanied by pirates, among them there are Jack Sparrow, mermaids and mythical captains of the seas.

Kirillovka water park photo

Most striking children "Treasure Island" (water park). Kirillovka has all the necessary conditions for the little ones to have fun too. There is always a festive atmosphere.

The territory of the little robbers

Little goats get into the real world of adventure and pirates. The highlight of the complex is a wide, shallow children's pool, in the midst of which a real ship of sea robbers is moored. Several multi-colored slides of various sizes come down from the ship.and the baby from the board can immediately go down into the water.

Young guests can play pirates and steer the ship like a pirate. Kids play independently. Parents can safely have fun in the adult zone. The guys are supervised by skilled workers. The Kirillovka aquapark takes security of its guests very seriously. Slides for children are low and absolutely reliable. The little ones can descend on a fun Snake, a cute Dragon and a colorful Rainbow.

Brave zone

While the kids are playing in the children's area, adults can test their courage on extreme and steep rides. Daring people climb Tsunami. The wide, high blue ribbon is breathtaking. Descent from it is dangerous and requires a lot of courage. Will turn the head and rafting. Not everyone can overcome steep slopes. Especially a lot of emotions from the guests are caused by the Black Hole. Two more popular slides - Magic and the Great Hall.

A lot of interesting and colorful corners has a water park "Kirillovka". Photos that you make here will surely turn out bright and beautiful. But if you do not have a professional camera or you do not have the skills of a photographer, then you can order the ace of this business. On the left side of the large pool is a studio. There you can pay for a private session.The client agrees about the time and style of pictures directly with a professional. After the process is completed, the guest can copy the material to his USB flash drive or disk. Most like this service to visitors with children. Waterpark "Kirillovka" gives a unique opportunity to make good family photos.

water park kirillovka reviews

Paradise for tourists

Those who are tired to have fun, waiting for comfortable chairs. Some are located under the sun, others in the shade. With comfortable sun loungers you can watch other visitors who have fun on the roller coaster.

Guests can eat tasty food in restaurants, bars and cafes located on the territory. Pizzeria treats guests with Italian dishes. Supporters of oriental cuisine can have a hearty lunch at a cafe. There is an institution where Ukrainian cuisine is prepared. The Kirillovka water park offers hamburgers, kebabs, desserts and cocktails. Feedback from visitors is positive. Prices are affordable, portions are large, and the quality of food is worthy of expensive restaurants.

The season starts from the beginning of June. For three months, guests will enjoy fun, entertainment and fun. The complex is closed in the last days of August, sometimes in the first days of September.

Excited visitors and the prices.Many tourists say that the board is worth the experience. The cost for adults and children is different. The amount varies from the time of stay.

Kirillovka water park slides

Recreation Center

The complex opens at 10:00 am and is open until 19:00. All tickets are valid until closing. The later the visitor came, the lower the amount.

Known throughout Ukraine water park "Kirillovka". How to get to the complex, tell every passerby. Finding the water world is not a problem. After all, it is located almost in the center of the city. From Fedotova Spit you can get to the institution on foot in 10-15 minutes. Constantly shuttles and taxis go.

water park Kirillovka addressGuests arriving in their own car can leave it in the parking lot of the “Treasure Island”. A pharmacy, a first-aid post, a left-luggage office and a souvenir shop work on the territory without interruption. Recently opened a hotel. The rooms are stylized, and the price includes breakfast.

A lot of positive and drive will give the water park "Kirillovka." Address of the complex: st. May Day, 1-B.

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