Is watermelon a berry or fruit?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
February 15, 2013
Is watermelon a berry or fruit?

Almost all people on earth are looking forward to the coming of summer. And it's not just a gentle sun, a warm sea. After all, it is in the summer that the harvest of watermelons and melons is gathered in the fields. So let's see, a watermelon is a berry or a fruit. Watermelon has the fame of the largest berry and belongs to the pumpkin family. These berries are among the annual plants. The fruits are bright red. They are very tasty and juicy. As it is known, these berries are grown in 96 countries around the globe.

The history of the composition and composition of watermelon

Watermelon has more than a thousand different species. For the first time the inhabitants of southern Africa became engaged in growing this berry, and only then it appeared in ancient Egypt. To us the fruits came by chance. They were brought during the crusades. With regard to the composition, inside the edible pulp, you can find sugar, water, thiamine, riboflavin, fiber, ascorbic acid, pectin and bioflavonoids.Having eaten one hundred grams of this fruit, you consume 38 kilocalories.

Why watermelon berry

Many people do not believe that watermelon is a berry. Let's figure it out.

  • The first sign on which watermelon can be attributed to the berries is the flesh.
  • The second sign of a berry is the presence of seeds in its fruit. This item is also undoubtedly suitable, as there are plenty of seeds in watermelon. They now and then have to extract from the pulp.
  • The third sign is the presence of hard peel on the fruit, which serves to protect the berries from possible damage. Here, too, everything is in favor of the berries, as the watermelon has a striped skin.

From all of the above, it turns out that watermelon refers to the berries. Undoubtedly, the watermelon is not very similar to the classic berry, but it is simply because in a science like botany, everything is divided by function and attributes, and not by appearance.

It should be noted that the berries are divided into subspecies. Watermelon, in this category, belongs to the pumpkin fruit and plant family. A watermelon and pumpkin, even with something that looks like each other.

Recently a definite opinion has been formed regarding the fact that the pumpkin family should be separated absolutely from all the berries, considering them as if they were some sort of fruit plant subclass.

This decision was made for the simple reason that pumpkin or watermelon berries have the ability to exceed all other berries in size. Remember the biggest watermelon that you have to see and agree that a currant or cherry never grow to such size.

Now, you undoubtedly know and can explain why watermelon is called a berry.

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