Wall decoration - Tradescantia room

Pursuing the decoration of his home, many of uspay attention to a careful selection of plants for each room. Tradescantia room is perfect for creating accents on a wall or an ampoule partition. The plant can fall soft waves from a suspended flowerpot or play the role of a branchy decoration of a decorative crate. The dense greenery of decorative leaves will become a wonderful decoration, both of a sunny room, and immersed in the shade. And it will be an excellent background for beautifully flowering plants.

Tradescantia room belongs to the familyHummel and is an ampel plant. Its homeland is rightly considered the marshland of the tropics of America. It is in her native climate that she can show herself in all its glory. The name of the Tradescantia room was received from the famous botanist John Tradescant, who not only found it in the rainforests, but also classified and gave a full description.

At present, there are more than 90different species of this plant, differing from each other by the coloring of the leaves. Widely distributed was a houseplant - the Tradescantia of Lodges. The beautiful plant represents a large rosette, from which grow stems stems adorned with large pubescent tender green leaves with a silvery strip in the middle. The length of the leaves reaches 20 centimeters.

Tradescantia room has a highdecorative due to the coloring of leaves. The beautiful decoration of the room will be River Tradescantia with a two-color painting of the leaf. The front side casts emerald greens, and the reverse side resembles the purple-red sunset. In residential and office buildings you can see a variety of this plant with leaves that have white or pink stripes.

Such unpretentious plant as Tradescantiaroom, special care does not require. The plant excels in the sun and in the shade. But if you want to have a more juicy color of the leaves, then plant the plant in a sunny place, but without direct rays, with high humidity. It is desirable that it is a warm room, with a temperature not lower than +12 degrees. When choosing a plant for the most shaded place, stop at the white flowered Tradescantia.

The plant requires abundant watering, especially inhot summer time. Do not allow complete drying of the earthy coma. With a lack of moisture, the leaves lose their color, becoming very pale. The plant needs to be fed with a solution of mineral fertilizers with a periodicity of two weeks.

Tradescantia perfectly reproduces by cuttings. Every year, in the spring, the plant should be rejuvenated, as it grows. Beginners wither from the root stems, it should be cut. Take from them a small top with 3-4 leaves and put in a container with water to form roots, then planted in a pot. You can plant the cuttings directly into wet sand or wet ground. Tradescantia can grow in any land, but especially likes light deciduous soils with the addition of sand. To rejuvenate the plant, it is required to plant at least five cuttings in one pot.

A wonderful composition is obtained by mixing inplantings of several species of Tradescantia. In this case, you get a particularly lush and beautiful hanging flowerpot that can decorate not only the room, but also a terrace or veranda, a loggia or a balcony. In a hotter climate, one can observe the flowering of the Tradescantia. On each brush, white, pink or purple inflorescences are formed, depending on the species. Each flower lives only one day, but due to the large number of buds on one brush, flowering turns out to be long.

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