Vladimir Zhdanov: biography and paintings of the artist

Zhdanov Vladimir Yuryevich artist for many years successfully working in the genre of still life and the romantic landscape with the inclusion of portraits. He is particularly attracted to work in the open air, where it is easy to breathe. We present the moment when Vladimir Zhdanov (photo shows this) is considering the continuation of work.Vladimir Zhdanov

All seasons are reflected in the works of the artist. He equally admires in the winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Vladimir Zhdanov: biography

We can provide only mean personal data. The personal life of the artist is hidden from us, as he does not give an interview.

Birth - 1959, Omsk.


  • 1980-1983, Omsk University, art and graphics department.
  • 1986 - Institute. Repin in Leningrad.
  • 1988 - the end of training at the Krasnoyarsk Institute. Specialty - academic painting.


  • Until 1999, he wrote in Siberian cities (Krasnoyarsk, Tara, Omsk, Tobolsk) and villages that are in the taiga.In the open air, temperatures are low, reaching minus 40 C. Vladimir Zhdanov developed a special technique of writing in oils and watercolors at such low temperatures. This is his personal know-how.
  • 1995 - wrote icons for the iconostasis in the city of Tara (Savior Cathedral).
  • Since 1999 he has been living and working in St. Petersburg, which has become a “Mecca” for our contemporary artists. Subject creativity is changing. Palace and park ensembles, monasteries and fortresses appear on the canvases.
  • 2000th - a series of paintings on Lake Ladoga (“Northern landscape”).
  • 2001 - a series of canvases depicting the ancient northern cities of Russia (Izborsk, Veliky Novgorod, Pskov, Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery).
  • 2000-2002 - landscapes of St. Petersburg suburbs (Tsarskoye Selo, Oranienbaum, Petergof, Pavlovsk).

The works of V. Yu. Zhdanov are valued at home and abroad. They are in many private collections, for example, the mayor of New York, the German foreign minister, the American embassy in Moscow, and the US consul in St. Petersburg.

Creativity V. Zhdanov interested cinematographers. Two documentaries were filmed, one of which in 1998 took part in the festival of television films in St. Petersburg.

Winter on the paintings of the painter

When you look at the pictures of winter, which Vladimir Zhdanov wrote, you experience, living in the Moscow region or in St. Petersburg, nostalgia for a real snowy winter, which covers the ground with a snow-white blanket, and snow flakes hang on the branches of trees. NA Nekrasov involuntarily comes to mind, in which the voivode-frost bypasses his possessions. Vladimir Zhdanov shows the winter talentedly and with great love. The artist draws a lyrical image of a frosty, near Moscow gray and slush, Russian winter.Vladimir Zhdanov artist

The joy of life is expressed in a bright color, woven from white, blue and golden-pink flowers, which the painter picked up on his palette. They convey the aesthetics of nature.

Blossom - spring in the pictures of Zhdanov

Vladimir Zhdanov selects the most delicate color, consisting of all shades of blue for the sky, the haze surrounding the trees, for the unclouded floods. Pictures of spring are filled with penetrated soft green grass, defenseless thin trunks not dressed in leaves, naked, like young slender girls, trees: snow-white birch trees, thin maples, brittle little dragon trees.Vladimir Zhdanov pictures

On their branches, you can only see a little nodded buds. And who saw on the shore when the ice floes on the river, the first snowdrops? The blossoming lilac bushes and bird-cherry trees make us remember their fragrance and charm at any time of the year. Living nature appears before us in the form of perfect harmony. Pictures are filled with fresh air and flowing light. The nature is so good that there is no need to resort to additional decorative effects.

Long awaited summer

How beautiful is the taiga summer when it is in full swing. Vladimir Zhdanov, and the spectators after him, admire the beauty of the hot sun-filled meadows, rivers, mighty trees and light transparent lace underbrush. Small sticks and spiky fields surround the lost villages. Landscapes are often decorated with ancient windmills that have turned gray from time to time.

How often the artist shows us that the herd goes home in the evening, the chickens are swarming in the grass, the horses harnessed to the carts - this is all that the urban man has completely lost the habit of. And how powerful are the powerful roots of trees washed up by water during floods, which stubbornly cling to the ground and prevent the trunks from falling.Zhdanov artist Vladimir Yuryevich

The fire, which the hunter bred when the day was already setting, was also good, and he sketched in him more cones so that they would give smoke that would drive away the taiga insects.

It smelled in the fall

These are the last wonderful days of the original autumn. Covered with gold leaf forests. They sparkle in the sun and rejoice in silence. There is not a single breath of wind, not a single sheet has yet fallen. The water in the creek is blue-blue, the sky is brighter. How to compare the beauty of a fading nature? It gives a special, incomparable sensation. In the morning and in the evening the dews fall, in the evening the cries of the departing flocks are heard. In this season you can find sad and friendly, sad and joyful. Repeating from year to year, autumn each time brings a new one. This we see in the paintings of the artist.

Vladimir Zhdanov biography

Autumn is the time of the philosophers when the results of the past summer are summed up. And then everything stops waiting for winter, but everything is filled with joy that the village is ready for winter with its frosts. Autumn is colored mists, drizzle and ruts filled with water. Vladimir Zhdanov notices all the changes that are taking place, and transfers them to the canvas, so that the viewer can enjoy these delightful visions.


Separate from the landscape portraits, we have not met with the artist. Probably because Vladimir Zhdanov perceives man as an organic part of nature. A woman in the forest gathered a basket full of mushrooms and sits, barefoot, resting in the shade of a tree, leaning against the trunk. Or in winter, a woman knocks a homespun rug in the snow. And how sweet is the grass that sits on stump in the early morning and has already collected a small bunch of healing greens. The woman carrying the water on the rocker from the well is also good. She gently sneaks through the autumn dirt.

Still lifes

This separate, one might say, cycle has obviously developed over the years.Vladimir Zhdanov photo

There is no crystal or porcelain here, but how the pot-bellied sides of the samovar shine, how the table is crammed with food with a fragrant cake covered in a golden crust. The berries turn red in the basket, set in high green grass, and someone's hand laid a simple bunch of wild flowers of camomiles and bells next to them. A lush bouquet of lilac twigs in a round transparent vase also tells us about people who bring the simple, natural beauty of nature to their home. They do not pass by without looking.

Artist V.Zhdanov loves his country in all its manifestations and knows how to convey his love to the viewer. Speaking of Russia with love, he does not hide his admiration and unwittingly teaches us to protect her beauty in large and small.

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