"Vega 50U-122S" (amplifier): characteristics and reviews

Every music lover knows that the built-in acoustics ormultimedia computer speakers are not capable of delivering quality sound from any source. Therefore, you need a passive speaker system with an amplifier. The latter, incidentally, affects the sound quality in the most determined manner. It depends on him how much wat and kilogertz will be able to give out your columns.

Modern Hi-End class amplifiers are unrealisticexpensive. Not everyone can buy them. However, there are domestic models (even from the last century) that provide acceptable sound quality and cost a penny. Soviet amps have always been quoted among music lovers. And "Vega 50U-122S" (amplifier) ​​is no exception. Many scold this amplifier for what light stands, others with insane persistence prove the opposite. Who is right? To do this, you need to consider the technical characteristics of the device, examine the feedback of the owners and form their point of view. Only after this it is possible to draw any conclusions.

Vega 50у 122с the amplifier

A little about the company

Soviet producer of radio electronics "Vega"was located in Berdsk, Russian Federation. In principle, the plant is still there, but things go wrong with it. But that's not the point. Earlier the company was called "Berdsky radio factory". She was engaged in the production of household radio electronics: amplifiers, cassette decks, turntable recorders, acoustic systems. A little later the plant mastered the release of CD players. Until the 90s of the last century the production of the Vega software was almost in every house. Her amplifiers enjoyed a frenzied success. No exception, and our hero - "Vega 50U-122S" (amplifier). However, after 1997, the plant's solid position was shaken. And at the beginning of the two thousandth company was declared bankrupt and disaggregated.

Today the software "Vega" is engaged in the repair of householdradio electronics and the release of devices for special orders. From its greatness there is no trace. Now legendary amplifiers and speakers can only be found in the secondary market. But their condition will, of course, not be new. Nevertheless, the memory of high-quality acoustic systems was surprisingly tenacious. Many music fans are still looking for "legendary" Vega 50U-122S ("amplifier") on the "flea markets". Why is this device so tempting audiophiles? Let's try to figure it out.

Appearance and design

Let us begin with the appearance of this amplifier, for to pass totechnical specifications are still too early. Usually Soviet devices were heavy and cumbersome. About design and it is better to keep silent. But the sound amplifier "Vega 50U-122S" is not at all like that. He has an unrealistically thin body (for Soviet equipment). Most of all it resembles a Chinese DVD player. This design made it very desirable for many music lovers. However, despite the thin body and not too large dimensions, the amplifier weighs a lot. Its weight is more than five kilograms. For a stationary device this is quite normal. However, taking it somewhere with yourself will be problematic.

booster 50y 122c characteristics

The second design feature are the buttonsswitching of the playback device. They are quasisensory. This means that the usual click (as in other Soviet amplifiers) will not. They are pressed gently and easily. An unprecedented achievement for the domestic technology of the 80-90s. "Vega 50U-122S" (amplifier), technical characteristics of which we will analyze later, can be considered the most stylish device in the post-Soviet space. Although the quality of sound, it can be inferior to other more famous brands. But we will talk about this further.

Sound quality

Here is a "double-edged sword". Judging by how they respond about this amplifier, the quality of the sound can not satisfy the exacting audiophiles. However, for an average person the quality of "Vega" is enough with a vengeance. It has the ability to reproduce sound ranging from 20 Hz to 25 kilohertz. This range is quite enough to capture the fullness of the picture of the musical composition. Amplifier "Vega 50U-122S", reviews of which do not differ in a flat picture, it is suitable for home use, because the sound quality is fully consistent with average needs.

repair of the amplifier vega 50у 122с

An important role in sound quality is played byAcustic systems. If you use speakers with a resistance that is very different from the nominal one, then you do not have to wait for the sound quality. Under the amplifier "Vega 50U-122S", the instruction to which is not required at all, you need to select the speakers, based on the technical characteristics of the amplifier itself. This is the only way to achieve high-quality sound. Do not forget about the connecting wires. Thin and substandard wires can spoil the sound. And this is a scientifically proven fact.


So we got to the most interesting. I just want to note that the device's power, declared by the manufacturer, is real. In the Soviet Union, they responded to this responsibly and did not mold the boxes with numbers "from the ceiling." Specifically, the power on which the amplifier is able to work for a long time without any harm to itself and other components of the audio system is indicated. So, the output power is 50 watts with a resistance of 8 ohms and 80 watts with a resistance of 4 ohms. These are "honest" watts, so the neighbors will be delighted with your sound. That is the amplifier "Vega 50U-122S". Its characteristics are not limited only to power.

For example, its sensitivity is 79decibel. This is a good result. Also I would like to note the presence of loudness for players of vinyl records, support of four sources of reproduction and efficiency in terms of power consumption. Also there is one more feature - a lot of sound settings that make the "Vega 50U-122C" amplifier sound quite different. How to connect it? This is also not problematic, because all connectors have a signature in Russian. It's simply impossible to make a mistake.

Additional options

What else can boast an amplifier "Vega50U-122C ", its characteristics are far from the main thing, the additional features of this model are more interesting, including excellent protection from voltage drops and overloads.If the voltage reaches a critical level, the amplifier automatically turns off, so it is completely protected from burnout. there is an option of automatic shutdown if there is no long beep from the source.This helps to save electricity.Thus, this amplifier can be called unique, especially on the background of other products that come from the Sov tskogo Union.

amplifier vega 50у 122с revision

What else is characterized by "Vega 50U-122C"? The amplifier is equipped with a four-band equalizer. It helps make the sound more qualitative. It is possible to make the device work in mono mode. But this is not the main thing. Much more interesting is the possibility to connect additional acoustics. In addition to the main pair of contacts for connecting speakers, there is one more. With this type of connection, it is possible to get a three-dimensional stereo sound using four different speakers. Not all amplifiers of this class have such a useful option. This alone makes Vega a very interesting device.


"Vega 50U-122S" - the amplifier is not very high-quality. Especially those models that were produced after the collapse of the Union. Soldering was of disgusting quality. The wires fell off by themselves. Just like other components. Therefore, after buying, you had to re-solder all by hand. But all the potential of "Vega" is revealed only after the correct completion. What is the essence of the revision? In the "Vega" standard capacitors of the type UM are installed for such devices. These are not particularly high-quality components, so there is no need to expect high-quality sound. It is better to replace them with something comparable from TDA or STK. It seems to be a trifle, but the sound will improve. To do this, you need to remove the old capacitors from the PCB and put new ones in their place, which you can buy easily in any radio store.

amplifier vega 50у 122с user guide

But that's not all. It would be desirable to replace the transistors VT49 with more adequate components (VT43 is perfect). Also you can correct the manufacturer's flaws (poor quality soldering, wires). All this is amenable to replacement, which means the amplifier will sound much better. That's the "universal" was "Vega 50U-122S". Modification will help the amplifier to work long and well. That is, exactly as he was originally supposed to. But we proceed to the next section of the material.

Amplifier Repair

Amplifier "Vega 50U-122S" - quite reliableapparatus. But it also has the property of failing. But the repair of the "Vega 50U-122S" amplifier does not pose any problem for those who have at least a little knowledge of the radio. What most often fails in this device? Usually, these are diodes in bridges KD202D and KD202K. Because of the voltage drop, they burn out and the amplifier will simply refuse to turn on. Replace them is not difficult. They are in any radio shop. You must first "ring" the diodes with a tester to make sure that the problem is in them, then evaporate the damaged components and replace them in their place.

amplifier boom 50y 122c how to connect

However, this is the simplest malfunction. But what to do if the amplifier turns on, but there is no sound? There can be several problems here. However, the most common is the failure of some capacitor. To confirm this hypothesis, you should call the tester all capacitors, determine the faulty one and replace it. But remember: never do anything with amplifier boards without having a circuit. By ignorance, you can do this, that the equipment will be a direct road to the trash. By the way, the scheme of this device is placed in the article.

Positive owners feedback

So, what do people say about such a product asamplifier "Vega 50U-122S"? The responses of some are simply laudatory ode to the amplifier. It seems that these people agree to idolize all Soviet technique. Whatever quality she was. Nevertheless, the owners note the high quality of sound for an amplifier of this level (naturally, in tandem with a good speaker system). Many rejoice at the thin body (which, indeed, is unusual for Soviet equipment). But most enjoy the price (in the secondary market) and ease in terms of refinement and repair. These are the features against which it is impossible to come up with any counterarguments.

amplifier Vega 50u 122s specifications

Negative owners feedback

Here the picture is exactly the opposite. Dissatisfied users note the disgusting quality of soldering in the models of 1992 (and this is true). The sound quality of many does not suit (apparently, they are audiophiles). Almost all annoying automatic turn off the amplifier in the absence of an audio signal. And some people are annoyed by the built-in overload protection, which does not allow to unscrew the volume knob to maximum. The case is also considered flimsy: it is worth dropping the amplifier a little and then there are dents. Also people are annoyed by the equalizer, which they consider an unnecessary addition.

Where can I buy it?

Currently, buy such an amplifier inretail sale is almost impossible. The only way out is to look for something like that in the secondary market. There, by the way, there may already be modified models. And this is good. It will not be necessary to waste time on modernization. It is almost impossible to buy such a device in another way.


So, we have examined "Vega 50U-122S". The amplifier belongs to the entry-level devices, it has an excellent sound, a thin body and several very interesting options. It is perfect for home use and will last long after some refinement. But from budget devices (especially domestic ones) there is no need to wait for more.

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