Urticaria in adults: causes, symptoms, treatment

Urticaria is a disease in which blisters form on the skin that resemble grass burn marks. Sometimes they appear on the mucous membranes.

Urticaria in adults: causes

urticaria in adultsThe disease develops because of allergies. It does not matter what the body's sensitivity: to food, insect bites, drugs, or something else. Often it occurs when taking antibiotics, penicillin preparations. In this case, urticaria occurs acutely and can last only a few hours, and may last for several days. Of the products most often cause disease: strawberries, chocolate, eggs, tangerines, mushrooms, cheese, fish, etc. From time to time, recurring urticaria in adults, which sometimes lasts for months, is usually associated with other diseases of the body. This may be the presence of worms, metabolic disorders, work of the stomach, intestines, kidneys and liver.The presence of foci of a sluggish infection, such as tonsillitis, otitis, sinusitis, etc., can affect the chronic course of urticaria. The disease can also be observed in people who are sensitive to heat or cold.

Urticaria in adults: symptoms

hives on the faceAt the onset of the disease, previously healthy skin of the legs, arms, and body, suddenly appear on the face of different size and shape of the blisters. They are painted in bright pink color, less often - white in the center. The blisters slightly rise above the level of the skin, can itch badly, cause a burning sensation. Itching is the symptom that differentiates a disease such as pigmented urticaria, or mastocytosis, from normal. Both are accompanied by rashes. But with pigment urticaria spots do not itch and swell when rubbed. Differ rash with mastocytosis and consistency. So, blisters with the usual urticaria can themselves change size, shape and quickly disappear. Rash is often accompanied by general weakness, a rise in temperature. Sometimes blisters may be excessively large. This is the so-called giant urticaria.pigment urticariaOn the face are observed the strongest swelling.Often they occur on the mucous membranes of the pharynx, soft palate, internal organs. The disease, accompanied by angioedema, is particularly difficult.

Urticaria in adults: treatment

The initial occurrence of the disease is impossible to predict, but relapses can be avoided. To do this, first of all, it is necessary to exclude from the use those products that usually cause allergies (eggs, citrus fruits, chocolate, etc.), as well as alcohol, smoked meats, spicy dishes. Need to monitor the functioning of the intestines. If urticaria occurs acutely as a result of taking medicinal or nutritional substances, it is important to quickly remove them from the body. Therefore, in the first place the patient is given laxatives, plentiful drink, put enemas. Of the drugs prescribed funds with antihistamine and sedative effects, calcium supplements. Severe itching can be reduced by rubbing the skin with lemon juice, a solution of baking soda. If the urticaria in adults is acute, with abundant rash of blisters, with a high temperature, it is necessary not to hesitate to call an ambulance. The question of whether to hospitalize a patient or not can only be considered by a doctor.In case of chronic course of the urticaria, if there are no contraindications, the spa treatment, measured sun exposure, sea bathing, clean air will not interfere.

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