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Buying a car abroad always seemed like a better deal than searching for the desired model in Russia. When you immerse yourself in the subject more deeply, it becomes clear that the car must be cleared, sometimes paying a second price. Many immediately have a question: "How to drive a car that is not cleared, so that there are no problems on the road?" In some cases it is really possible, but most often you will not be able to drive a car without going through customs.cars not cleared

How to ride a non-cleared car

First, without customs clearance, you can safely ride a day. This time is given for registration of all documents. To legally control a car that has not been cleared for more than one day, it is sufficient to issue its temporary importation. For this design, you must provide the following documents:

  1. Passport.

  2. Certificate of consular registration abroad.

  3. Insurance issued in the country where the car is registered.

  4. Residence.

  5. A completed declaration for the temporary importation of cars.

Permitted time when making a temporary entry

If you arrange everything correctly, then you can safely ride in Russia for six months. After we go abroad and come back again, filling out all the documents again. You can repeat this procedure as many times as you like, as long as you have all the documents.

sale of not cleared cars

It’s impossible to drive by a power of attorney issued by a foreign citizen, so don’t try to bypass customs. If you are caught in a car that is not cleared and they prove that it was you who imported it into the territory of the Russian Federation, then you can simply confiscate the car. It will then be very difficult to return the transport to yourself, and it’s definitely not possible to bypass the customs procedure in this case.

Citizenship or residence permit

If you decide to try to get a residence permit in another country, then you should be patient. There are several ways to achieve the desired. First, you can study or work in the territory of a foreign state. Secondly, marriage to a citizen or citizen of this country will be considered a weighty basis.Otherwise, you can wait for receiving a residence permit for up to six months, and in some cases even get a refusal.Authorized cars not cleared

Purchase of a non-customs vehicle

It is very often possible to meet people who sell non-customs cars with foreign numbers on the trading floors on the Internet and in the car markets, such cars are often sold on the site "Authoria". Unplaced cars are usually cheap. The cost of such a proposal is very attractive, and the car usually has decent equipment and technical condition. However, immediately agree to a deal is not necessary. Carefully check all the documents on the car and think three times. You will not confiscate the car, the maximum you will manage fine. The fact is that, even buying a car in the Russian Federation, you are not involved in importing it and you may simply not know that the vehicle has not drawn up the documents in due form. In order to get a TCP, you need to familiarize yourself with the PCT regulations. Unplaced cars must meet the necessary requirements.

The problem is that wherever you buy a car, if it is not suitable for customs clearance under current legislation, then after the allotted time period it will be suitable only for parts. As a result - you lose money, and you still do not have a car.

RST unclaimed cars

If you went abroad and decided to drive the car yourself, then in this case you also need to be as attentive as possible. In the CIS countries, where Russians most often buy second-hand foreign cars, you can often run into fraudsters who offer to issue all the necessary documents for obtaining a TCP at customs for a small amount. In this case, no registration is happening, and when crossing the border you will need to collect all the papers again, and most importantly - to pay money for customs in full. You also need to be prepared for the fact that the sale of non-cleared cars will result in a big problem.

Who can be useful non-cleared cars

Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that nobody needs cars that have not been cleared, but this is not so. Very often the purchase of such a car is much more profitable than the purchase of spare parts for a serious repair.

Cars from abroad are often brought in order to disassemble for parts. This is especially true for old cars that are no longer subject to customs clearance, but there is a stable demand for spare parts for them on the market. So, for example, German cars of the times of the 90s, which do not meet the standards recognized by the PCT, are very popular.Unplaced cars, brought for parts, can be divided into 2 large groups: European cars and Japanese. The first appear in the European part of Russia, and the second - in the east of our country.

There are also cases when a car is bought for specific documents or a car that cannot be restored after an accident or for other reasons. The car accelerates the cut, is issued as spare parts, and then restored with the substitution of numbers. This method is illegal, but nevertheless, such cars are still found on domestic roads.how to ride a non-cleared car

Where to buy a car abroad

If you have firmly decided that you need a car that is not cleared, then you need to decide where to buy it. Japanese cars are most often bought at auctions. There are a lot of companies that are engaged in the delivery of such machines. You do not need to think about how to bring the car, what documents you need to collect and what to do to bring the goods without any problems. From Japan, the vehicle is most often brought to the cut. This is a machine that must be half disassembled and sawn on the body. Often cut rack or rear fender - such a car can already be recognized sawing. The cost of customs clearance for such an instance is about $ 600.In comparison with buying a car in Russia, even taking into account customs and shipping costs, cutting costs 2 or even 3 times more profitable. European cars cut buy extremely rare.

 non-customs cars Price

From Europe, cars are most often driven under their own power, ostensibly for further clearance, but instead of customs, the car is sent for demolition or as a donor to restore the car to a specific customer. Independently it is better not to risk and not to import motor vehicles illegally. Companies that are professionally engaged in the supply of such machines, bring them in large quantities and draw up as spare parts. This is all completely legal, and no one has any problems with the further design and sale of spare parts.

Buying parts

To customs clearance parts, you must submit to the customs application. The cost of customs clearance is 30% of the value of the goods specified in the declaration, but not less than 4 euros per kilogram. It is impossible to drive a fully serviceable car and declare it as a spare part, it must be cut. In this case, it is profitable to buy non-cleared cars. The price for them may be lower than the cost of the necessary parts.

Import of cars from the countries of the Customs Union

There is one legal way to drive a car so that you can drive it without having to pay a huge customs fee. To do this, you need to buy a car in a country that is part of the Customs Union. This is Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. To bring a car from these countries, it is necessary that it necessarily meet the Euro-4 standards and be produced no later than 2010.

When you make a car, you need to provide a list of necessary documents, after which you will immediately be issued a Russian TCP. Documents will need the following:

  1. A document confirming registration in the territory of a member country of the Customs Union.

  2. Receipt of payment of duties for the import of a car (for cars that have been registered after 2010).

  3. Certificate of Compliance of the Chamber of Commerce of the country-seller: Certificate ST-1.

Riding a car without customs


Buying a car is something that, with the right approach, can save a very large amount of money. Buying a car not in Russia, you will get a vehicle that does not yet know what bad roads are, poor quality gasoline and reagents in the winter.However, the cost of registration in some cases is higher than the difference when buying a car abroad and with us. Many decide to drive a car with foreign numbers, but this can only be done by holders of a residence permit or citizenship in another country. But even such people are given only a temporary opportunity to drive a car that has not been cleared.

Driving a car that is not cleared for citizens of our country can turn into a fine and confiscation of a vehicle, therefore it is highly undesirable to break the law or buy a car from suspicious people, wanting to save. In the future, the sale of non-customs cars will bring you much more problems, because quickly get rid of such a machine will not work.

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