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Nominally, the TV Shivaki STV-40LED14 can be attributed to the decisions of the middle class. But the absence of such a function in demand at the current moment, like Smart TV, does not allow him to compete on an equal footing with representatives of this level. It is about this affordable television device and will be discussed in this article.

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Most television solutions are distributed as follows:

  • The most affordable ultrabudget-class devices have a small diagonal (less than 32 inches), an HD matrix type and the lack of the Smart TV software option. As a result, their cost is low and ranges from 6,000 to 11,000 rubles. The most optimal such devices are used as a second TV or information panel.

  • The key differences between mid-level and initial devices are the increase in resolution of the matrix to Full HD, diagonal up to 32-40 inches and the presence of Smart TV. The price in this case is already increasing from 11,000 to 27,000 rubles.

  • Flagship solutions have 4K resolution, diagonal from 40 inches. In this case, the presence of the Smart TV function in the software is a must.

If you carefully examine the previously given classification, then considered in this article, the Shivaki TV almost completely fits into the criteria for devices of the average price range. Only an unfinished software component does not allow it to be considered a full-fledged representative of this class. In essence, this is its only flaw.

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The multimedia device under consideration has a familiar delivery list. The manufacturer included everything in it that allows you to start using the TV immediately after purchase:

  • Directly considered multimedia and universal device.
  • Remote for TV Shivaki, supplemented by a set of batteries.
  • Power cord.
  • Coupon with a corporate guarantee. The term last - 1 year.
  • User guide.
  • Support with a set of mounts.

The disadvantage of this list is only that there is no vertical installation system. It will have to be purchased in any case separately.

The main characteristics of the device

A serious advantage of the Shivaki STV-40LED14 is the versatility of the tuner. When receiving terrestrial transmissions or cable channels, it can receive both analog signal format and digital. There are no limitations: the TV can handle both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. The dimensions of the device, according to the instructions, are 909 X 516 X 210 and weight 8.9 kg. In active mode, this TV consumes 70 watts. Energy class - A.

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Screen. Image quality. Sound

The presence of a large enough screen boasts a LED TV Shivaki. Its diagonal is 40 inches solid by today's standards. The image format in this case is declared by the manufacturer at the level of 1920 x 1080 or, as it is sometimes referred to, 1080p. The contrast of the LCD display Shivaki TV - 5000: 1. Brightness corresponds to 350 cd. The model is equipped with LED-backlit. The frame refresh rate is only 50 Hz. The latter value, in turn, indicates that when playing back the most dynamic scenes, the image quality may deteriorate.

The presence of two built-in speakers can boast this model of a television device. Each of them in the course of work gives out 20 W, and in the total it allows the owner to receive 40 W.


The strength of the TV Shivaki STV-40LED14 is a communication list. With its help, the functionality of the considered solution can be improved by several times. In this list, the development engineers of the manufacturer included the following:

  • The main communication port in this case is HDMI. It allows you to connect to the TV any modern personal computer, satellite tuner in the new version or any other relevant multimedia solution. Their number is 3.

  • Another important communication interface is USB. Most often it is used to display information from flash drives. Only one such port is in the considered multimedia device.

  • Complements this list of component connector. Another way to connect in this case is the composite port. Apply it when connecting old receivers and tuners.

  • For sound output to external acoustics, the TV is equipped with one 3.5 mm jack. It can produce a signal on headphones or a stereo headset, and a set of speakers. Even a subwoofer can act as a sound receiver from such a TV.

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Connect and configure

It is very easy to assemble and configure the TV Shivaki STV-40LED14. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. We assemble a multimedia device in accordance with the instructions that come in the kit.

  2. We carry out all the necessary connections: we connect the power cord and the TV cable.

  3. The next step comes down to phased software configuration. After switching on, the current date and time are set. Then, an auto scan of all available TV shows is performed. Upon its completion, save the resulting list.

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The cost of the device and customer reviews

Quite high-quality, functional and reliable are Shivaki TVs. Most of the reviews describe them exactly that way. This is all fully true for this model. In addition, in this case it is necessary to note also the communication set, the quality of the image and sound.

The minus of the model is only one - the lack of "Smart TV". In turn, the communication kit allows you to connect a miniature personal computer to it, which will expand the capabilities of the system software and complement it with the Smart TV function.The cost of this solution today is 17,000 rubles.

It should be noted that this TV model can be used as a PC monitor. Then gamers will enjoy a clear picture of the game.

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A truly versatile and highly functional solution is the Shivaki TV in this article. The main scope of its application is low-cost home multimedia systems. The only caveat in this case - there is no need for such software functions as "Smart TV". Another possible place for the use of such LED-panels are information boards at bus stations or railway stations. In these cases, the possibility of such a solution will also be sufficient. TV can also be used as an advertising screen. And in this case, it will look quite decent.

It turns out that this is a universal device that can be used in almost any situation and place. At the same time, the cost of the TV is not so high, and a similar approach to pricing from the position of a potential owner looks justified.

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