Truck crane

The people, where for a day or two in Surgut, you can rent a crane? It is necessary to move the construction trailers to the next site.
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Answered on July 1, 12:11
You can negotiate for a small fee with the crane operator from the construction site, which is not far from you. I do not think that someone will refuse to earn a pretty penny in his pocket.
Answered on July 1, 12:38
It has always been surprising to me why it is impossible to immediately place the builders' cabins in such a way so that later you don’t have to go back and forth all over the site? And for your question, look at the site of this office here, which provides rental services for a truck crane in Surgut
Answered on July 1, 12:43
Alias, this does not always make sense. After all, the work will be conducted throughout the site. And in the place where the cabins are now, including. Now, if it were possible to put out of territory, is another matter. But this is also not an option, because inside the perimeter they are under surveillance, but come outside whoever you want and take what you want.

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