Treatment of diarrhea in adults. Antibiotics for diarrhea

Probably everyone at least once faced with such an unpleasant phenomenon as diarrhea (diarrhea). There are many reasons for indigestion. This, for example, can occur due to poisoning or any infection that has entered the diarrhea treatment

General information

During diarrhea, mucus, harmful microbes, and fermentation products are excreted from the body. Very often it may indicate a different, more serious disease. For example, diarrhea is a frequent companion to colitis.

Treatment of diarrhea in adults: dehydration

There is nothing pleasant about the symptoms of diarrhea. In fact, the danger of any such disorder lies primarily in dehydration (drying, dehydration). During diarrhea, the body loses a huge amount of fluid. In total, it is approximately 15% of the total body weight. Dehydration is characteristic of acute salmonellosis and cholera.

Increased risks

Abundant and frequent stools may contribute to the onset of dehydration.This is especially true when severe diarrhea is accompanied by vomiting and nausea. Then the patient cannot drink enough liquid. If a person has long-term diarrhea, accompanied by the above symptoms, it is necessary to urgently seek medical help. Most likely, the patient will be hospitalized. When degradation occurs, the blood thickens. Perhaps the formation of blood clots. Disrupted metabolism, elimination of toxins and microcirculation. All this can be fatal.diarrhea than treat

Basic drugs

If a significant loss of fluid is not observed, and the patient does not vomit or feel sick, then the treatment of diarrhea in adults can be started with the following medications: "Tour" or "Regidron." They were designed for oral rehydration. These remedies for diarrhea contain glucose, sodium and potassium chlorides. They can be used for prophylactic purposes in the steam room, with intensive exercise and so on.

Application features

To treat diarrhea in adults is effective, you must follow the instructions. Preparations "Gastrolit" and "Regidron" are sold in pharmacies in the form of bags.Their contents need to be diluted with water. For the preparation "Gastrolit" 200 ml is required, and for the product "Regidron" - 1 l. It is recommended to drink often and in small sips. It is better to take these remedies for diarrhea chilled. The fact is that warm fluids can increase vomiting. Hospitalization is required in the event that the latter does not stop. Otherwise, vomiting will lead to large fluid losses.diarrhea symptoms

Other effective drugs

When acute diarrhea suddenly occurs, “What is to be treated?” - the very first question of the patient. In this case, the drug "Smekta" - the main assistant. This remedy for diarrhea has other trade names, among them:

  1. "Neosmectin".
  2. "Dioctitis".
  3. "Diosmektit".

Features of the composition

The drug "Smekta" is included in the group of enterosorbents. This means of natural origin. In the composition of the medicine there is a special type of shell rock. The drug adsorbs and removes toxins from the body. It is also active in relation to hydrochloric and active bile acids. With regard to the principle of the work of this remedy for diarrhea, the drug "Smekta" in the process of removing toxins and pathogenic bacteria, creates a favorable environment for the development of beneficial microorganisms.When dysbacteriosis helps restore normal microflora.severe diarrhea

The main advantages

This drug has a unique structure. Due to this, he gently lines the intestinal mucosa and stomach. In this way, cells can recover after damage. Increases the barrier function of the gastrointestinal mucosa. This is a cytoprotective effect. In normal doses, the drug is not absorbed and does not change the intestinal motility. The drug "Smekta" quite pleasant to the taste. In addition, the tool has very few contraindications. In particular, this applies to intestinal obstruction and hypersensitivity to the components. With this drug, you can treat diarrhea in adults as well as in children. It is allowed to take pregnant and lactating mothers.

Application features

What to do if a patient has food poisoning that is accompanied by vomiting or nausea? In this case, it is necessary to first wash the stomach. A one percent soda solution or warm water will do. You can also use a solution of potassium permanganate.When food poisoning with vomiting, diarrhea, the symptoms of which are not the most pleasant, can be very strong. In this case, after washing the stomach, the patient will be much easier. After that, it is recommended to take enterosorbent. For an adult, you will need 2 sachets of Smekta. Further intake - 1 pack every eight hours. The course can last up to five days. It is necessary to respect the time interval. The fact is that this drug has adsorbing properties. That is, it can contribute to the violation of the absorption of other substances from the intestine. Therefore, it is not recommended to take the drug "Smecta" more than a week. This is due to the enhanced elimination of certain nutrients and vitamins. In the future, their deficit may begin.antibiotics for diarrhea

additional information

In case of irritable bowel syndrome, this drug will not reduce diarrhea. However, due to the sorption of gases will occur a decrease in flatulence. This will ease the condition of the patient. When diagnosing osmotic diarrhea, the Smecta drug is not recommended. The fact is that there may be an increase in the syndrome of "poor absorption."This is due to the additional absorption of nutrients.


Sometimes it happens that the patient does not like the taste of the drug "Smekta". In this case, it is possible to replace it. Currently, there are many similar enterosorbents. The ideal option is the drug "Enterosgel". The active ingredient in its composition is polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate. This drug can be used at any age. For pregnant women, there are also no contraindications. This medicine can be taken in the same way as the drug "Smekta". Another alternative is Polysorb MP. In this case, it is unacceptable that the course of treatment exceeds two days. Only a doctor can prescribe this drug to children and pregnant women.prolonged diarrhea

Another effective drug

We are talking about the tool "Enterol". In its composition there are special fungi, which are called bollard saccharomycetes. In accordance with this drug belongs to the group of probiotics. These are medicines that contain live microorganisms. It is about fungi and bacteria. They contribute to the restoration of natural microflora.However, the biological properties of this medicine are unique. Thus, the drug can be used in the complex treatment of any diarrhea. Means "Enterol" has a direct antimicrobial effect on the following organisms:

  1. Yeast (belonging to the genus Candida).
  2. Bacteria of the intestinal group: Klebsiella, Escherichia, Shigella, Salmonella, Yersinia.
  3. The simplest (lamblia, amoeba).

The drug contributes to the suppression of the development and reproduction of many pathogenic bacteria. However, it does not affect the beneficial microorganisms in the intestine. The drug has antiviral activity, immunomodulatory, trophic, and antitoxic action.

Application features

The release of this drug is in the form of capsules (250 mg). There is also a form of powder that is used to prepare the suspension. The drug is intended for the treatment of adults, as well as children who have already reached the age of three. Reception is carried out in the mornings and evenings in 1-2 capsules. You must use the medication one hour before meals. The course of treatment can last up to ten days.The use of the drug in pregnant women without special instructions is not recommended. The tool "Enterol" virtually no side effects. In some cases, there may be a slight discomfort in the stomach, as well as a slight allergy. Manufacturers do not recommend the use of the drug to those who use a permanent catheter in a vein. This is due to the risk of its colonization by fungi. In this way, they can enter the bloodstream. This problem does not apply only to this drug. Many dangerous germs can settle in venous catheters. For example, the pyocyanic stick, staphylococcus and others.infectious diarrhea

Features of the drug "Galavit"

In some cases, mucus, pus or blood can be found in the feces. In such a situation, you must immediately seek medical help. Most likely, the patient has an infectious diarrhea. He needs hospitalization. If a patient has a serious disorder of a bacterial nature, the appointment of special drugs is necessary. Antibiotics for diarrhea are prescribed by specialists. Most often, these are systemic drugs that affect the entire body.The fact is that some bacteria can enter the blood. This will lead to their spread throughout the body. Thus, extra-intestinal purulent foci may form. It's about jersinia and salmonella. The drug "Galavit" is a versatile effective anti-inflammatory immunomodulator. It was developed in Russia in the 90s. There are many indications for its use. In particular, the medication is prescribed for infectious diarrhea. They are usually accompanied by symptoms of intoxication and fever. The following phenomena are also often observed:

  1. Palpitations.
  2. Vomiting.
  3. Nausea.
  4. Dizziness.
  5. Weakness.
  6. Headache.

Thanks to the “Galavit” preparation, the activity of hyperactive macrophages is normalized, the excessive inflammatory reaction is reduced and recovery is accelerated.

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