Transplanting strawberries. Ways to increase strawberry yield

Strawberries are often called berry-fidget. If it grows in one place for a long time, it ages and ceases to bear fruit. Its main whim is a transplant. Replace it is necessary every 4 years. In order to achieve maximum yields, you first need to figure out where and how to transplant.

strawberry nursing transplant

Strawberry varieties: which is better

The best varieties of Russian breeding are the following: Amber, Atlantis, Kiev, Present, Rosana, Hercules, Desna.

Of the foreign varieties, Selva, Everest, Corona, Zenga, Honey, and others are most valued.

Each of these varieties has its own flavor, taste, ripening, pros and cons. When choosing a variety, the size of the berry plays a significant role:

  • Large berries give varieties Krymson, Stark, Vikant, Chamora-Turusi, King.
  • Oblong berry in wondrous variety.
  • Fan-like - at Chemie-Grant.
  • Heart-shaped - at Pegasus.
  • Round - at the Black Prince.

Individual varieties (Vikat) tendrils generally do not give, so they grow on the same area for a long time. For the successful cultivation of this delicious berries, select three different varieties, but with different periods of fruiting, this will be quite enough.

  • The board: If the first flower stalks are removed on a bush in the spring, then the ripening period of the berries will move by 2-3 weeks, and the harvest will be larger.

strawberry transplant

Choosing a place

The soil in which you are going to transplant strawberries should be well hydrated and enriched with minerals. Transplanting strawberries requires compliance with the soil; its predecessor is important for it. It is advisable to make beds of strawberries in those areas where they grew before it:

  • Radish.
  • Carrot.
  • Beet.
  • Dill.
  • Onions or garlic.
  • Celery.
  • Salad.
  • Parsley.

Unfavorable for strawberry soil, if it grew:

  • Pepper.
  • Eggplant.
  • Cucumbers.
  • Potato.
  • Cabbage.

strawberry transplanting in summer

Preparing ridges

Transplanting strawberries to a new location should be performed correctly. What does this mean? The wells under the berry should be located no less than 30-40 cm apart. The depth should correspond to the root of the plant in the expanded form, it is about 10-15 cm.

Choosing a season

Strawberries are transplanted at any time of the year, the main thing is to correctly adjust the weather when transplanting.

Transplanting strawberries in spring is better in early April. If you do this at the end or at the beginning of May, the bush will slowly grow and form.

Transplanting strawberries in the summer is carried out in July-August. In this case, the weather should not be sunny and hot, but cloudy and cool. It is very important to protect the seedling from the scorching sun. For this strawberry after transplanting in the summer should be under the awning.

Autumn is the optimal time of year for transplanting. You can start to replant in September. The main thing is to catch a month before the first frost.

transplanting strawberries to a new place

Ways to transplant berries

Transplanting strawberries to a new place is more like seating. Because for planting it is more expedient to choose an annual or biennial. Divide the bushes into parts or use the growth that formed on the antennae. This is done to rejuvenate the landing. It does not make sense to replace old bushes.

  • Transplanting strawberry bushes. If you decide to go this way, it is better to choose the shoots-biennials. Make sure the root remains intact. Do not dig it in advance so that it does not wind down.If you still prepared the root in advance, then do not shake the ground off it. Spray with a spray bottle and cover with cellophane. Plant in the prepared well so that the root remains in the straightened state.
  • Transplant strawberry summer mustache. To do this, they first need to get. This is done very simply. In the period when the bushes bear fruit, you need to mark the most fruit-bearing and with large berries. After cutting off the strongest antennae, drop them into small pots and wait for the root system to get stronger and the first 4-6 leaves will appear. After that, the plant can be safely planted in open ground.

How to transplant strawberries

Strawberry transplantation is a very important and responsible process for the berry, follow the tips and you will be able to achieve high yields. If you want to get the harvest next year, then you need to choose biennial bushes. A seedling seedling should have at least three leaves and a developed root 5 cm long. It is better to dig out a plant for transplanting just before planting.

strawberries after transplanting

It is necessary to fertilize the soil beforehand in about 1-2 months. At 1 meter bed with a width of 100 cm will need:

  • Organic fertilizers - 8-10 kg.
  • Superphosphate - not less than 60 g.
  • Potassium sulfate - about 20 g

You can also use special mixtures for berries. They need to apply no later than 7 days before the procedure. Before transplanting, the soil should remain empty for about 2 weeks for precipitation.

Before you place the plant in the hole, pour water into it (almost to the brim). The seedling is placed in the hole with water and carefully straighten the root system. After the water is absorbed into the soil, the seedling is covered with earth and slightly pressed.

It is possible to transplant strawberries under non-woven material, for example, Lutrasil. First, you need to spread it on the garden, pin the edges tightly. Above the wells to make cross-shaped incisions. This method is unique in that it protects the plant from freezing in winter, and during the warm season it guarantees the absence of weeds.

Water the strawberries correctly

Generous harvest can be achieved only if the soil on which the berry grows, will be evenly moist 40 cm deep. With slight precipitation, strawberries need additional watering. Especially carefully you need to follow the watering during the flowering period, during the formation of sprouts, as well as during the harvest.

strawberry fertilizer

What fertilizers are needed

The main nutritional components of strawberries are: phosphorus (P), potassium (K), nitrogen (N2), calcium (Ca). The most important trace elements are boron (B) and magnesium (Mg).

  • Nitrogen- an indispensable element for the formation of the plant in question, as, indeed, any other. Its shortage is a slowdown in the growth and formation of a bush. In strawberry leaves become red. This berry prefers potash saltpeter. Do not apply fertilizer before planting.Important:nitrogen reduces the transportability of berries. Do not feed them plant in the spring transplanting. Nitrogen fertilizers are introduced only until mid-August.
  • Phosphorus. It is quite enough in black soil. With a deficit, the leaves acquire a dark green hue. It is very important that it was in sufficient quantity after transplantation.
  • Potassium. His plant can borrow from the ground. An excess of potash fertilizers will lead to a magnesium deficiency.Remember:inexpensive potash fertilizers contain chlorine, and it has a negative effect on strawberries.
  • Calcium- This is the most important component for the cell walls of the plant. Deficiency affects the density of the berries, the tips of the leaves are brown.
  • Boron and Magnesium, other trace elements strawberries are needed in small quantities, but their presence is mandatory. With a deficit, you can apply complex fertilizers.

Everyone's favorite is strawberry. Care, transplant - the processes are important. Although it is necessary to tinker with the berries, it always responds with generous harvests to skilled and laboring hands.

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Transplanting strawberries. Ways to increase strawberry yield 18

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Transplanting strawberries. Ways to increase strawberry yield 57

Transplanting strawberries. Ways to increase strawberry yield 87

Transplanting strawberries. Ways to increase strawberry yield 71

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