Tomato Persimmon - a determinant plant

Description of the variety

Tomato Persimmon belongs to the category of large-fruited varieties, since the mass of its fruits is quite large. Sometimes tomatoes weigh more than half a kilo, although the average is 250 or 300 grams.Tomato PersimmonTomato Persimmon is a medium-sized gourd crop that grows up to a height of one and a half meters, but most often in home gardens it does not even reach eighty centimeters. At the same time in the greenhouses and greenhouses this plant reaches a considerable height. Tomato varieties "Persimmon" refers to the determinant type: it is abundantly covered with leaves. Its bushes grow quite powerful, and the stems with leaves have a light green color. Most often, this vegetable is used in the preparation of main dishes and vegetable salads, although canned goods - juice and sauces - are also very tasty.

Tomato variety PersimmonSpecial features

Although the tomato variety, Persimmon, is an excellent fruit in the open air, it is more often grown in a greenhouse. This vegetable culture has a simple inflorescence, a flat-round shape.Its distinctive feature is the existence of a green spot on tomatoes. The juicy and tender pulp of its fruit contains beta-carotene. At the same time, there are some organic acids in this vegetable, so it is excellent for dietary nutrition. Tomato Persimmon, the feedback on the taste of which is mostly positive, is slightly sweet, although it becomes slightly sour when overripe. By its color tomatoes are bright orange. They resemble a persimmon, why, in fact, got its name.Tomato Persimmon ReviewsThe yield of this variety is average: at each square meter, at best, you can collect six kilograms of tomato. This tomato fructifies four or five months, until frost. Vegetable growers have the highest yields, growing a tomato in unheated greenhouses. It is possible to harvest the fruits of the “Persimmon” variety somewhat immature, since they practically do not lose their taste and nutritional properties.


To harvest vegetables from the bushes was high, this plant must be carefully looked after. While the tomato is in the process of growth, it needs to be regularly fed with various fertilizers, constantly watering, loosening the beds and removing weeds.Tomato persimmon fruit in early August, although in the south at this time it already produces fruit. Vegetable growers sow seeds for seedlings in March. Germination of seeds of this variety is almost 90%, which is a good indicator.Tomatoes varieties PersimmonFrom the time of sowing and fruiting should take an average of four months. Seeds are planted in a sufficiently compacted soil, after which mulching with peat is carried out. Seedlings are watered through warm water. It is better to cover the box, in which the seeds germinate, with plastic wrap and leave it in a lit place. Dive seedlings after the appearance of one or two sheets. Strengthened and already hardened, it is transferred to the open ground in early May, when the threat of frost has already disappeared. Plants are planted with a density of maximum four sprouts per square meter. Tomato Persimmon has a not very high resistance to various diseases. Although with proper care and timely prevention of many diseases can be avoided. Chemicals Tomato Persimmon is processed in the same way as other varieties of tomatoes.

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