Tires Nokian Hakkapeliitta 5: reviews of the owners

Every self-respecting motorist, who has at least a little experience of owning his own car, knows some well-known brands of tire manufacturers. Finnish companyNokianis one of the most famous in the segment of middle and premium-class. And her models, created for the winter months, have become a legend for a long time. We will talk about one of them, namely aboutNokian Hakkapeliitta 5.Reviews about it will help to understand how muchsuccessful it turned out. And they have accumulated over the years, due to the special popularity of the manufacturer and this model line. However, first, pay attention to the main characteristics.

The purpose of the tire

The lineup under this name already countsnot one generation, only the numbers in the end change. From the very beginning it was intended for use on passenger cars in the winter season. However, with each new version, development occurred, new sizes appeared, and as a result, the tires began to be produced for almost any car, from light budget sedans to powerful sports coupes or heavy SUVs.

This versatility and high quality, confirmed by years, allowed the manufacturer to win the heart of many motorists, both amateurs and professionals,which is confirmed by numerous enthusiastic reviews of the owners aboutNokian Hakkapeliitta 5

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The presence of spines

A distinctive feature of the model range, manufactured by the manufacturer, is the installation of studs for all sizes. This approach,according to reviews onNokian Hakkapeliitta 5,allowed to achieve good controllability and couplingwith the route during the winter weather, when driving on slippery surfaces. With each new version their structure is improved, the forms change, a variant is chosen that allows to squeeze out the maximum productivity from them. This model was released before the requirements for the number of spikes in each tire were updated in Europe, so they are much more numerous than in modern versions. Together they combine into practical rows of metal elements, qualitatively bite into frozen ground or ice, depending on which road you have to go at the moment. They guarantee and excellent braking during the ice, which inspires confidence and allows more uninhibited control of the car.

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Tread pattern

Over the years, the appearance of the lineup of tires,as the reviews sayNokian Hakkapeliitta 5Sport Utility,practically did not change. Of course, changes are made to the shape of the protective elements, which allow to follow new trends and make them work more practical. However, immediately notice them is not so simple.

The basis is the standardshaped form of treadelements, which has proved itself from the positive side for many years of application. The simple fact is also a testament to this: cheap budget rubber manufacturers often copy the design of branded tires of a well-known brand, making minimal changes to it. This testifies to its practicality and reasonableness, which was achieved thanks to many years of research and application of modern computer technologies.

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Stability preservation

First of all, when driving on a winter roadit is necessary to avoid drifts of all kinds, since it is very difficult to get out of a chaotically sliding car along the road surface from such a state. Therefore, one of the main tasks facing the developers was the preservation of the exchange rate stability under any circumstances.As show reviews about tiresNokian Hakkapeliitta 5,This was achieved thanks to the availability ofthought-out middle rib, which surrounds the tire along the entire length of the working surface. It plays several roles at once, but the main one is preventing the change in the course of the car as a result of external factors, whether it's going along the rim of the track or hitting a small obstacle like a stone or a piece of ice.

The second, no less important task facingThis protector element is the preservation of the shape of the tire. Its presence allows us to constantly use the entire working surface. This increases the area of ​​the contact patch with the track, which leads to improved adhesion, and also significantly reduces the abrasion of the surface of the tread blocks. This approach allows the tire to work more qualitatively, and at the same time it lasts much longer.According to reviews of winter tiresNokian Hakkapeliitta 5,Rubber on average is enough for three seasons.

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Shoulder areas of the tread

Have not been neglected and detailed studylateral blocks. Each of them has an uneven structure, allowing you to create as many sharp edges as possible. All of them help to deal with problems of a slightly different nature - it is a deep loose snow or a snow porridge. It is these edges that form the main repulsive force, as a result of which the rubber is capable, without stalling and risks, to get stuck even in very deep undeveloped snow. By the way, this property is useful during thaws, and not only on snow porridge and water, but also when driving on soggy dirt roads, where the tire,as the owners say aboutNokian Hakkapeliitta 5also feels great.

Lamella system

However, all this would be useless if the snow,and during the thaw - water, could not be easily removed from the working surface. To this end, the manufacturer has thought through a simple, at first glance, but quite effective system of lamellas, combining into one powerful mechanism, capable of qualitatively resisting aquaplaning. During the thaw of water on the road is always a lot, and the lamellas, collecting it in the center of the tire, immediately pushed to the edge, where, through the slots between the side blocks, it calmly leaves the contact spot with the track.As the reviews sayNokian Hakkapeliitta 5,this process goes unnoticed, and it is not even always possible to understand if you are going on a dry or wet surface.

Under such conditions, the bus capability is successfulcheck for a full, because often under water is frozen ice, which has become even more smooth and slippery. Due to the presence of edges and slats, the surface tension of water can be overcome, and break it into small groups, which in turn allows the thorns to be worked out as efficiently as possible. Such a tandem helpsdrivers who write reviews about tiresNokian Hakkapeliitta 5,feel confident under any conditions, of course, if heobservedt of traffic regulations in terms of speed andsoberly and with caution assess the situation.

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Number of standard sizes

Care of the manufacturer about the buyer immediatelyIt catches your eye when you learn about the number of options available to each driver. In total, the developer was provided for almost three hundred different sizes, among which you can certainly pick the right one for your car. The difference between them is in the index speed mode, as well as the presence of reinforced cord and sidewalls for heavier cars.In the feedback of owners aboutNokian Hakkapeliitta 5it is often mentioned the surprise of drivers when they learned about such a rich choice.

The choice of tires with an internal diameterfrom 13 to 22 inches. Few manufacturers can boast of the same wide range. In addition, especially for ATVs and similar vehicles there is one type with a disk diameter of only 10 inches. Obviously, the developer tried to achieve maximum universality for all its users,and on the positive reviews of winter tiresNokian Hakkapeliitta 5it can be seen that he managed to achieve tangible results

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Positive reviews about rubber

It's time to get acquainted with the opinion of ordinary drivers about how well this rubber is suitable for domestic roads and the conditions prevailing on them. For this, reviews were analyzedaboutNokian Hakkapeliitta 5, and among the main positive points can be identified the following:

  • Good adhesion to the road surface regardless of weather conditions.The manufacturer was able to achieve excellent results, combining all the advantages in one model and giving it the opportunity to work equally well both on the ice surface and on dry clean asphalt.

  • Predictability of management.Drivers practically do not face situations when the car suddenly stopped "listening to the steering" as a result of deterioration in the quality of the grip of the working surface of the tire with the track.

  • Passage through the snow.In reviewsaboutNokian HakkapeliittaIt is often possible to meet drivers whohad to pioneer the road on freshly fallen snow, and with this task the tires coped perfectly, showing excellent results and preventing cars from being simply stuck or stalled.

  • Good abrasion resistance.As practice has shown, until the moment whendynamic characteristics start to deteriorate, drivers manage to drive an average of 40-60 thousand kilometers, which is a very good indicator for winter tires. In this case, physical damage like punctures or cuts are extremely rare, which indicates a high strength and thoughtfulness of the tire.

As you can see, rubber basically can fully justify its fairly high cost. As some say in their reviewsaboutNokian Hakkapeliitta 5, even newer generations hardly manage to reach the quality level until this development, which has proved itself over the years. However, it has several disadvantages that can not be ignored.

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Negative aspects of the model

First of all, many driversin reviews ofNokian Hakkapeliitta 5complain about the quality of the studs and their fixing. In some, they simply drop out, others break off at the level of the "skirt". This indicates that it will be necessary to periodically call on the SRT and add spikes in those places where they already do not exist, which will entail small additional costs.

The second minus, also associated with spikes, isquite high noise. Despite the fact that the manufacturer tried to reduce it to the maximum, the unpleasant sound effect, which is most apparent on dry asphalt, still remained.


This model is good for those who do not likesave on your safety. It copes with all the main tasks arising during the movement on the winter roads, but it requires some care, which is associated with additional financial costs. If you are willing to put up with some of the disadvantages listed in the reviews aboutNokian Hakkapeliittayou can safely rely on a long service life and reliability in terms of management in any situation.

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