Tires GT Radial Champiro IcePro: manufacturer, reviews

Choosing winter tires, Russian drivers may face a large selection of models. To make it easier to determine the best option for your car, you need to consider the recommendations of experts and customer reviews.

The model of winter tires GT Radial Champiro IcePro is in demand. Country of origin and reviews will be discussed below.

Manufacturer Details

The presented model of winter tires is produced by the world famous corporation Giti Tire. She owns factories in different countries. Depending on the direction of supply, products of this brand can be manufactured in different factories. The GT Radial Champiro IcePro tire manufacturer could be the United States, China or Indonesia.GT Radial Champiro IcePro Country Manufacturer

The main office of the corporation is located in Singapore. This is a famous brand. Giti Tire has been working in the field of tire design and development for over 60 years. This allowed her to gain extensive experience in the industry. Today, the products of the corporation are supplied to countries in Europe, Asia and America.

When developing its products, the company pays special attention to the climateconsumer country. This allows you to create models of tires, the most adapted to the conditions of operation. For our country, the tire company represented in China produces. Many brands of cars are completed with products of this brand, which is produced in Indonesia.

Production features

From the country of origin of GT Radial Champiro IcePro, according to experts, the quality depends to a lesser extent. However, for each category of climatic conditions, special tire series are developed. The factory in China produces high-quality products that are supplied to the countries of Europe, Asia and Russia.Tires GT Radial Champiro IcePro country of manufacture

The production conditions for the creation of high-end products. Technologists of the company are developing new models, taking into account the peculiarities of demand in each particular country. It also takes into account standards that are put forward by automotive manufacturers and consumers.

For our country, the represented corporation manufactures special types of tires. They are designed to operate in the harsh northern climate. When winters are snowy and temperatures fall below -30 ºС, not all models of winter tires will do.This fact was taken into account by the manufacturer when creating his new Champiro IcePro.

Types of tires in the line

For the winter season of 2017-18. The presented brand has developed and launched the third generation GT Radial Champiro IcePro SUV tire model. The country of origin is China. This has reduced the cost of tires. Moreover, the use of patented production technologies and quality control allows you to create high-quality products.GT Radial Champiro IcePro manufacturer country reviews

Buyers who have already appreciated the quality of the first two generations of models of winter tires of this line, note many positive qualities.

The novelty of the season is presented in two groups. The first category of tires is made for passenger cars. For SUVs and other similar overall equipment model SUV was developed. These are studded models that show high performance on a wet, icy and snowy road.

Reviews of the passenger series

Knowing who is the manufacturer of tires GT Radial Champiro IcePro, you should consider the reviews on the presented product line. The third generation passenger series is of the Scandinavian type. The protector received a directional design.This decision allowed to increase traction on a snowy road, as well as traction characteristics.GT Radial Champiro IcePro manufacturer

Developers paid special attention to creating spikes. The teeth are located in the center and shoulder of the tread. The scheme by which the spikes were placed on the tread surface, was carefully calculated by machine. A computer program made it possible to choose the most suitable arrangement of teeth.

Passenger tire tread includes 14 rows of studs. In addition, each of these elements received a new configuration. Finnish technologists have developed a tooth configuration that is able to increase the grip of the wheels with the icy road. However, such structural elements do not destroy the pavement. It meets the modern requirements of consumers and manufacturers of European countries.

SUV Series Reviews

Manufacturer GT Radial Champiro IcePro SUV has provided in its new model several new factors that allow you to increase the car's grip on the winter road. It is also a Scandinavian type model. She got an innovative stuck.GT Radial Champiro IcePro SUV manufacturer country

The teeth are located on the tread also in the central and shoulder zones. However, in this variety of tires there are 15 rows. The location of each element on the tread surface was also calculated by a special computer program. This approach allowed the manufacturer to achieve faster brakes even on ice.

The configuration of the spikes was done using Finnish technology. This is the most modern technique that is used today in the creation of winter tires. This technology has reduced the noise level of the car. At the same time indicators of adhesion to the surface increased. Driving comfort has increased significantly, which can not be overlooked by drivers.

Reviews about the material

GT Radial Winter Champiro IcePro winter tires (manufacturer's country is China) show high performance in tests for handling on icy, wet and snowy roads. This is possible not only thanks to the improved tread design, but also the characteristics of the material of tires.GT Radial Champiro IcePro tires who manufacturer

The composite material from which the presented products are made does not lose its original qualities even with a significant decrease in temperature.Rubber remains soft, providing a wide tire contact spot with the road surface. The composition includes a special polymer. It is he who is responsible for preserving the original qualities of the products even in the bitter cold.

Presented tires were tested in real conditions. They showed high results. Therefore, on the side of the tire are indicated the Alpine mountains icon and the designation “M + S”. This confirms that the material meets the highest requirements of world standards.

The advantages of the line

Manufacturer GT Radial Champiro IcePro has provided a lot of advantages over previous versions and products of competitors. First of all it should be noted the acceptable cost of the presented products. They are available in diameters from 13 to 19 ''. In this case, their cost varies from 2,100 to 6,700 rubles.GT Radial Champiro IcePro SUV manufacturer

The special tread design, high-quality material and innovative configuration of studing made it possible to reduce the stopping distance on different surfaces of the winter road. Traction characteristics have also been increased. In the center of the tread there is a stiffener, which increases the stability and controllability of the car. Maneuvers are carried out simply.

Shoulder zones are characterized by high strength.This allows you to turn, even being in a deep loose track of snow. Drainage system deserves special attention. She thought out to the smallest detail. This allows you to quickly remove the wet snow porridge and water from the zone of contact of the tire with the road. It also increases the performance of the model.

Negative reviews

Reviews of the manufacturer GT Radial Champiro IcePro mostly positive. However, there are negative remarks. Some buyers in our country believe that Chinese-made products cannot be of high quality. However, it should be said that the factories of this country today produce very different products. It can be cheap or fall into the category of elite segment.

Computers, phones, televisions and other goods made in China are in demand. It should be said that the brand Giti Tire is very sensitive about its reputation. Therefore, only high-quality, high-tech products enter the market.

Distrust of buyers to manufacture in China in this case is absolutely not justified. These are high-quality products that are not inferior to the quality of tires produced at other plants of the brand, or products of famous competitors.

One of the few disadvantages of a tire is its slight noise when moving on dry asphalt. This feature is characteristic of all tires in the winter category. The noise figure is within limits. It has been significantly reduced in the third-generation model compared to previous versions.

Positive customer reviews

GT Radial Winter Champiro IcePro winter tires (you already know the country of origin) receive a lot of positive reviews. This is a high-tech product that demonstrates high controllability, traction characteristics on any surface of the winter road.

Tire material does not become hard even in the most severe frosts. This allows you to apply the presented model even for the most northern regions of our country. Regardless of the weather, the driver can comfortably operate his vehicle. The presented model is characterized by high controllability, good adhesion on any surfaces.

Also, buyers point out the acceptable cost of products presented by the brand. This makes tires available for different categories of drivers. The model looks good on different brands of cars.For each model, you can choose the appropriate size of winter tires.

Considering the features of GT Radial Champiro IcePro, the country of origin and reviews, we can note the high quality of the presented model. At the same time, its cost makes Chinese-made winter tires available to all categories of customers.

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