Tingles heart. Causes of pathology


The causes of the existing pathologies of myocardial muscle are varied. But all of them are accompanied by pain syndromes of various kinds. A special feeling of anxiety causes a person to have a tingling heart. And not without reason. The fact is that such pain is often the very first and at the same time the only symptom of various serious illnesses. But it is worth bearing in mind that it tingles the heart in half of the cases due to pathologies not connected with this organ. That is why the first manifestations of pain in the myocardial muscle should be the reason for the visit to the specialist and the examination. And only after identifying the true focus of the disease, an appropriate course of treatment should be prescribed.

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Types of pathologies

Pricking the heart in ischemic disease. The same pain syndrome is observed with its complications, causing myocardial infarction. This disease causes heart pain in twelve percent of cases.Improve the well-being in this pathology will help receiving the funds "Nitroglycerin", as well as other drugs for the treatment of angina. However, it should be borne in mind that a patient with this ailment needs emergency care from a cardiologist. Pricking the heart and with precordinal syndrome. This pathology very often occurs in adolescence, when there is an intense growth of the body. At the same time, developing vascular collaterals are somewhat delayed in their development with an increase in the tissue of the heart muscle. Pain syndromes are provoked by emotional or physical exertion and can occur even during inactivity. Such tingling in the region of the heart lasts for several minutes and, as a rule, pass independently. The initial stage of vascular atherosclerosis is the cause of acute coronary syndrome. This pathology is observed in most cases in people of young age. Stitching pain in the heart with this pathology can go away on their own or after taking the "Nitroglycerin". If the spasm of large arteries feeding the myocardium lasts a long time, it can cause a sudden death.Tingling in the region of the heart muscle may indicate the presence of myocardial dystrophy.

heart pains causeThis pathology is a consequence of climacteric hormonal changes in the body or the abuse of alcoholic beverages. Stitching pain in the heart also occurs when such ailments:

- acute myocarditis of an infectious nature;

- allergic or viral pericarditis;

- thoracic or ascending aortic aneurysm;

- hypertrophic cardiomyocardia.

Other pathologies

Pricking in the heart and in diseases of other organs. This pain syndrome may result from:

- pathologies of the central and peripheral nervous system (with intercostal neuralgia and vegetative-vascular dystonia);

- diseases of the musculoskeletal system (with thoracoalgia, acute intercostal myositis, Tietz syndrome);

- pathologies of the respiratory system (with dry pleurisy, acute pneumonia, diaphragmatic hernia);

- diseases of the digestive organs (with acute cholecystocholangitis and dyskinesia of the biliary tract);

- pathologies of the endocrine system (with thyrotoxicosis).

tingles in the heart


In the event of tingling pain in the heart,should consult a specialist who identifies their cause and prescribe appropriate treatment for the patient's condition.

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