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The tick season starts!

Ticks are very small insects, bite without pain and attack a person completely unnoticed - and this is their serious danger.


The tick season starts in April.

As soon as it begins to conceal snow, ticks wake up in last year’s grass and leaves. These blood-sucking insects for ten meters take into account the smell of warm-blooded animals and, after a cold winter, need food intake, rather than the blood of animals and humans.

We will not list all the dangerous diseases tolerated by Ixodes. Almost everyone knows that some diseases are deadly to human animals.



How to order the treatment of the dacha from ticks.


Ticks are very small insects, bite without pain and attack a person completely unnoticed - and this is their serious danger. Therefore, a very important event of every spring is the acaricidal treatment of their summer cottages from the appearance of ticks there. In early spring, obligatory centralized acaricidal treatment of the area from ticks is carried out in public parks and squares.It is better and more reliable to treat the site once from the possible appearance of these vampires than to put at risk themselves and their loved ones every day.

Acaricidal treatment area is performed by the method of fine spraying of acaricide - Taran.


For humans, a ram does not pose a danger on contact, only when spraying it is necessary to use a mask to protect respiratory organs. Therefore, we recommend contacting our tick acaricide treatment professionals. Many non-professional tools for the treatment of their land can be bought at a retail store, but they need to be used very carefully, first of all carefully read the instructions for this drug. After you have processed all your territory, it is advisable not to walk barefoot on the grass and not to let out cats and dogs for at least two or three days, in order to avoid tick bites. After this period has expired, you can safely walk through the treated area.
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It is better to call ixodus ticks8(495)055-42-87and order to process your territory.


If you are going to the beginning of the season ticks walk through the forest.

If you want to take a walk in the woods or walk your dog in a territory where there may be ticks, and you do not know whether there is an acaricidal treatment in this area, then you better prepare for the walk.
It is necessary to wear closed high shoes. Do not allow free access to pants or trousers, tuck your pants in shoes, thereby restricting ticks to climb under your clothes. Buy sprays of tick repellents at the store and treat them with clothes just before the walk, this will help you avoid bites.
Ticks, as a rule, wait for their prey sitting on the tall grass and do it with particular patience, they can wait several hours by stretching their legs forward. So, if possible avoid tall grass and remember that the greatest concentration of ticks will be along the paths trodden in the forest.
Having taken all the necessary precautions you can safely go for a walk in the forest or a clearing. Remember that the season of tick hunting will end only in September. Be careful!

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