Respectable - this means respected

The word "respectable" is enoughwidespread, and use it with reference to many spheres of business and social life. What do people put in this concept? In short, respectable means respectable.

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Looking back to the past

External appearance was given significant significanceat all times and ages. In each national culture, there are many confirmations to this, but it is enough only to recall the Russian proverb "Meet on clothes, but see off on the mind". In this folk wisdom, everything is arranged in its place: one should not rely on appearance, but in the end all the same pay attention to the inner beauty and personal qualities of a person. Yes that's right. But they meet something "after the clothes", and with this circumstance it is necessary to reckon. The principle of object codification for a set of external features is universal for the entire human civilization. It not only reflects the existing social hierarchy, but also facilitates the orientation on the grounds of "one's own - someone else's". And there is nothing surprising in the desire to look good. Of course, in itself a respectable appearance is in no way able to ensure a person's success and career growth. But his absence can become a very serious obstacle and cause significant problems in any kind of professional activity.

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The meaning of simple things

The ability to neglect your appearance and notgive him considerable attention - this is a kind of privilege of the social lower classes and artistic bohemians. Each stratum of society has its own concepts of what is good and what is bad. Above all, respectable - this means corresponding to the level of the social circle in which a person pretends to occupy the appropriate place. Of course, as we move towards the heights of the social hierarchy, the requirements for image only increase and become more complex. That, by the way, provides job and good earnings for various stylists, make-up artists and designers, consultants, etc. A respectable man from an advertising poster is the visual image that sets the standard of external conformity and makes people pay for everything that they are to it most matching brings. Few people think about how cleverly they imposed this game and with what amounts have to part because of the desire to respond to the advertising image. But too many people want to think that respectable is the person they see in the mirror.

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Dress code

For compliance with specified standards,to pay. For a long time no one is surprised by the so-called dress code, when a person because of his unseemly appearance can simply not miss out on any institution. And compliance with this code is rarely established documentarily. Most often it is determined on the principle of "respectable - it is outwardly characteristic for this circle." Strict requirements for the dress code are set mainly for status events, various official ceremonies and the state diplomatic service. The military form is the ultimate option.

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