How many religions are there in the world? This question still baffles even scholars who deal with issues of religion. Therefore, the exact answer can not be found. According to one estimate, adherents of two hundred different religions live on five continents, and on the other several dozens. Today there are plenty of examples when a certain person declares himself to be a certain “deity” and establishes his own rules of belief. And, oddly enough, there are quite a few followers of the new religion.
Anyway, there are four major religions in the world. These are Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Christianity. They have spread among the peoples of different countries, and unite people by faith, regardless of their linguistic, ethnic and political connections. And these major religions are among their oldest. And in parallel with them followers are gaining and other beliefs. The youngest religion is considered the Bahai. She appeared in Iran just over a hundred and fifty years ago. The religious movement was founded by Sayyid Ali Muhammad Shirazi in 1844. According to the canons of the new trend, it was Muhammad (or the Bab, as he called himself) who was the last prophet of God at that stage of the development of the world.Islamic spiritual leaders met Muhammad with hostility, and began to persecute him and his followers. Baba was arrested, imprisoned and shot in 1850 in the city of Tabriz. And in a few years, about 20,000 of his followers were executed throughout Persia.

Nine-pointed star - a symbol of the Bahá’íNine-pointed star - a symbol of the Bahá’í
However, according to legend, another leader was to come after Muhammad, but his name remained unknown.
A little later, a man named Mirza Hussein Ali, who called himself Bahá'u'lláh, began to assert that it was he who became the second envoy about whom Muhammad spoke. Mirza, a man from a noble family, refused a rich inheritance and comfortable life. He began to lead the life by which the rest of the people lived, at the same time experiencing all the poverty and class injustice.
Bahá'u'll believed that the main purpose of her life was to protect the poor. Therefore, he promoted the principles of social equality. Balaulle became the first and brightest follower of the Bab. But he was waiting for persecution, imprisonment and torture. In 1852, Bahá'u'lláh offered political asylum to the tsarist government of Russia. However, he refused the offer and went into exile in the Ottoman Empire.Baha'u'llah was absent on May 29, 1892. By that time, the teachings had spread far beyond the borders of the Middle East.
His faith began to follow the children and grandchildren, who translated into English the writings of Murza, as well as helped them spread throughout the world.
One of the Bahá’í charactersOne of the Bahá’í characters
In particular, the eldest son of Bahá’u’lláh Abbas Effendi, who was born in 1844 and accompanied his father in all references, became the sole interpreter of the Bahá’í teachings. As such he was appointed before the death of Baha'u'llah himself. Abdu'l-Bahá, as Abbas called himself, began to perfect the way of life of Bahá'í. He strengthened the foundation of faith and spread it throughout the world. Abdu'l-Baha died in 1921.
And in his will, he appointed “Guardian of the Bahá’í Faith” and interpreter the grandson of Shoghi Effendi Robbani. Shoghi was engaged in the business entrusted to him until his death in 1957.
Over time, the small religious sect of the Bahá’ís became a powerful religious movement. He has a lot of supporters in different countries of the world. Now Bahá’í is a separate religion, about 5 million people preach it.
The doctrine is sometimes considered as a syncretic combination of previous religious beliefs.Initially, the current arose in the wake of Shiite Islam, but today almost all religious scholars consider the Baha'i faith an independent religion.
There are three basic canon teachings in Bahai - the unity of God, the unity of religions and the unity of humanity. And the main goal of religion is to unite all of humanity. There is also a connection in Bahai between people and God, and the only one. According to religion, the messengers of God, that is, the Prophets and Manifestations, serve as the bridge.
According to the Bahá’ís, religious, political, racial and national prejudices should be a thing of the past. New religion does not call science contrary to the true faith. All because they are different ways of comprehending one reality. In Baha'i, the equality of women and men, rich and poor, is preached. According to the canons, every person should have equal opportunities, in particular, in the field of education.
Bahá’í has ​​many followersBahá’í has ​​many followers
Modern Bahá’í preachers believe that it is necessary to create an international language that people throughout the world will use.
The Bahai religion, like the majority of world religions, speaks of the concept of monotheism, that is, of Monotheism.And he believes that all religion should be basically the same. The existing differences in the Name of God are explained quite simply: by the peculiarities of the languages ​​in which the scriptures were written.
In 2001, the highest collegiate body of the Bahá’ís, the Universal House of Justice (it was established in 1963), appealed to all religious leaders. The message said that it is necessary to eliminate existing differences that may pose a threat to the well-being and safety of people.
The generally recognized Bahai characters are the 9-pointed star, the calligraphic spelling of the name Baha (“Glory”), as well as the calligraphic spelling of the Greatest Name “O Glory to the All-Glorious!” The symbol "Bach" means a continuous connection between the worlds of people, God and the Manifestations, which are connected by the Holy Spirit.
The calendar
Religion has its own calendar. It consists of 19 months to 19 days. And each month is assigned a certain name of the attributes of God: Bach, Jalal, Jamal, and so on.
Basics of Bahá’í Religion
There are two types of prayers for Bahá'ís, these are general and obligatory.
Baha’i fast in the last month of the calendar (March 2-20 March).Believers refrain from drinking and eating from sunrise to sunset every day. At the same time, there are no restrictions on the composition of the food. Should stop smoking. But marital debt can not refuse, because in Bahai sex is not considered reprehensible and dirty.
Bahá’í Principles
Bahá’ís greet each other “Allah-u Abha”, which means “God is Glorious” At the initial stage of the formation of religion, the greeting sounded differently, "Allah u Akbar."

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