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Should the rods be "perpendicular"?

On an autumn day, which was not distinguished either by the sun or the warmth, two people walked on opposite sides of the street - he and she.
He walked and thought about how cold (although he was warmly dressed), what a nasty wind blows in his face, how everything is gray around and how disgusting it is, it is the same from year to year, and how it all bothered him ...
She walked and breathed the transparent autumn air, rejoicing in the feeling of a soft sweater, sometimes feeling the chill running across the face with freshness and giving the impression of purity and something new that this wind carries with it. She was pleased with the colors of autumn, in which, against the gray sky, the bright leaves of trees, raised by the wind and creating a red-yellow-orange dance, flashed especially clearly ...
Once upon a time, they equally believed that the world was full of wonders and secrets, but then “someone sly and big” (and, probably, very offended and dissatisfied) began to tell each of them that
all this is nonsense, and the sticks, from which it was possible to build anything, that is not all, but simply sticks, and they "should be perpendicular."
Then he was so frightened (after all, the big one was so cunning, and he was so frightened) that he refused to believe himself and began to believe what he was told. She, too, was at first frightened and even cruelly laughed at her, but she decided that she would not tell anyone that the sticks (and the figures of them) might be different, and she thought: Yes, let them be perpendicular where this big one teaches, and the rest of the world will be as I see it. ANDcontinued to believe myself.
And the farther they grew and looked around, the more he saw in all that "perpendicular", then parallel sticks - in blades of grass growing on the ground, in the trees standing in the depth of the yard, and especially in the horizontal bar, on which it was possible to tumbling and create different shapes from your body. But,
for him, life turned into sticks, which rarely intersected, or vicious circles, from which there was no exit.
She continued to see things as she could open the world to a person who wants to see if he believes. And the grass with the trees did not turn into sticks for it, butthe circles opened and became straight when she stood on the edge of the vicious circle and began to walk along it.
Both were familiar with notes, but he heard only sounds for notes, and she heard music. The harder the melody became, the faster for him this melody turned into an incomprehensible cacophony. Her polyphonic sound of melodies was always admiring, becauseshe heard not only with her ears, but with her whole body and soul.
She read about Robinson Crusoe and the two captains, about travel, love and friendship. He counted the sticks, wrote down the numbers in a notebook and looked incredulously around, waiting and very afraid of the trick ...
So it happened that they walked on different sides of the same street on the same autumn day and each of them saw only what they had learned to see and feel. They might even walk along one side of the street, butdue to the fact that they saw differently, could not go together far away.
I know the stories of those who tried. For those who did not want to change their vision in the direction of its expansion, nothing happened to those who really wanted to convey to the blind one all the beauty and breadth of the surrounding world.
Why did not work out?
everyone can see the world as much as he can(until they believe otherwise). However, the less someone sees, the more confident that everyone else, like him, sees. For how could it be otherwise, because "the sticks must be perpendicular"? You see, MUST. And those who see quite differently know that they should not. They just can. And do not want to be owed.
So they went - each their own way.
In each sign from the surrounding world, he saw only something familiar for a long time and, importantly, understandable and not frightening. And I thought - there will be nothing new here and there will be no other way in this life.
Maybe differently - she knew, at least in her own experience.

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