Biography of Boris April

Childhood and adolescence of Boris April

Singer and songwriter, a participant in the television projects of Ukraine "Star Factory 2" and "Factory. Superfinal" Boris April (real name Boris Kruglov Maxim) was born in Crimea, in the city of Chernomorsk. Father, Maxim Valerievich, was a shipbuilder.
Musical abilities opened with Boris in childhood. When he was in the 5th grade, the parents decided to assign the boy to a vocal school. However, his son's passion for music was not approved.
Therefore, mother and father believed that he needed a more relaxed profession, for example, a lawyer, economist or ecologist. A passion for music will pass with time. But Boris knew that he would certainly be a star.
Boris April is very popular in ChinaBoris April is very popular in China
In order not to quarrel with his parents and not to upset them, the young man collected things and quietly went to conquer Kiev. In the capital, he had a chance to pretty much join in without shelter and acquaintances, however, he takes the courage of the city.
Boris entered the Kiev National University of Culture.Parents, having learned about it, were delighted. Since then, they have resisted the choice of their son. First, he studied at the faculty of training managers of show business, and after a short break he moved to the department of translators.

The beginning of the career of Boris April, "Factory"

In Kiev, Boris took part in all sorts of castings, tried to get closer to the artistic world, looking for any opportunity to declare himself. The persistence of a guy could only envy. But he had a dream. And he persistently went to her.
The Ukrainian Star Factory 2, produced by Natalia Mogilev, marked the beginning of Boris’s career. Thanks to an extraordinary and mysterious image, internal and external charisma, beautiful vocals, viewers fell in love with a young artist and gave him their voices.
As part of the project, Boris was lucky to sing on the same stage with Valeria, Evgenia Vlasova, Ruslana. And the support of Natalia Mogilevskaya, who believed in the artist, inspired the young contestant even more.
Boris April makes fun :)
According to the audience voting, Boris became the third finalist. Next, the 17-year-old singer went on an All-Ukrainian tour with ex-manufacturers.After graduation, Boris became interested in the media, radio, and famous clipmakers.
The first solo concerts were held in nightclubs. He was invited to various presentations, beauty contests. Already having the title of “The Most Outrageous Artist of Ukraine 2009”, Boris April was awarded the All-Ukrainian prize “Crystal Microphone”. His work was highly appreciated by the Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva.
The popularity of the artist began to grow rapidly. He took part in the rating TV shows, tried to force in the role of the talk show host "Nashchadki". Boris April's song "I'm Healed" entered the repertoire of Natalia Mogilev. This composition accompanied her dance at the gala-concert of the project “Everybody Dance”. A little later, Alan Badoev shot a clip for the singer for this song.
General Director of "Real Records" Sergey Zhukov (In the past, a member of the "Hands Up" group) planned to start producing Boris April in Russia. In February 2010 in Hong Kong, Boris shot a new video for the song "We are white."
Boris April - We are white
The debut of Boris April on the stage and in the artistic world took place in the image of a mysterious stage hero with long blond hair.He was more like a girl than a guy. And in childhood, as Boris recalls, he was often mistaken for a girl.

Boris April today

In 2010, Boris changed the image. He has dark hair and short haircut, a completely different style of clothing and restrained demeanor.
The singer himself creates his image, he is his own stylist and fashion designer. And when they ask him, what caused the femininity of the first image and where he is present answers that he was always present. A stage image is a manifestation of the perception of oneself as such at that very moment.
Participation in the “Star Factory. Superfinal” did not bring him the expected results. The artist dropped out of the project and experienced it quite painfully, which seriously undermined his health.
Boris's fans were waiting for their idol to return to the project. Having healed and restored physical and moral health, on May 23, April sang at the final concert of the project, presenting his new song "Incognito".
After the end of the project, the singer gave concerts in the new all-Ukrainian tour. This strengthened the strength of the artist and helped him recover. October 7, 2010 in Kiev, the presentation of the new album "Incognito".
Boris April has dark hair todayBoris April has dark hair today
As Boris himself says, this album marked the beginning of a new round in the life and work of the young singer. In 2012, the singer gave concerts in cities in China. In the same year, a joint project was presented with the writer Lada Luzina, which was dedicated to the collapsing historical and architectural values ​​of Kiev.
In 2013, Boris went to China with new concerts, after which he went to America to conquer the summits of Hollywood. A new absolutely adult life has begun.

The personal life of Boris April

In the personal life of Boris April is not the only one that would belong to the heart of the singer. It was rumored that he liked the model of Evgeny Diordiychuk. Yes, and Boris himself admitted this more than once. They appeared together at various events.
However, as with every talented person, and especially with such a mysterious and unusual, as Boris April, in the first place is always a career. And love will definitely come.

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