The newest and most interesting cartoons in the world

The most interesting cartoons in the world will be interesting to see not only children but also adults. Many of them entered the golden fund of cinema and are still popular with viewers of all ages. All the above applies equally to both foreign and domestic tapes. This article will present a brief overview of only the most significant paintings, which either had a revolutionary significance for the development of animation or received universal recognition and special audience love.

"Steamboat Willie"

The most interesting cartoons in the world began to appear in the days of black and white cinema, which, however, did not prevent them from gaining popularity. The specified tape is the first preserved cartoon from the U. Disney studio. It was she who initiated the popularity of the famous Mickey Mouse, who was the main character of the tape. Despite the fact that the short film was released back in 1928, it still retains its popularity.It was in this animated film that the main principles of the work of the Disney artists were manifested: special attention to high-quality animation, humor, and the great importance of musical accompaniment. Nowadays, it is the frame of a cheerful little mouse whistling a song at the wheel of a steamship, became the studio's logo.

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

The most interesting cartoons can attract the attention of not only the ordinary viewer, but also professional critics, as they are part of the history of world cinema.

most interesting cartoons in the world

Named tape studio Disney had for its time of revolutionary importance. This was the first color cartoon of the company, which for several decades ahead determined the development of animation art in the whole world. The picture showed a great opportunity to use color, music in animated ribbons. Filmed in 1937, the tape is still loved by viewers of all ages.


The most interesting cartoons based on classic European fairy tales, as a rule, immediately win the sympathy of children because they are original adaptations of familiar stories.

the most interesting cartoon in the world 2016

This tape was released on screens in 1950 and immediately gained worldwide recognition due to the carefully crafted main character, as well as great animation based on copying movements, facial expressions and gestures of actors who played their roles live. Innovation of the picture was that it was an adaptation of old history in a new way. There are a lot of witty humor, lyrical and comedy songs in the tape, which, on the one hand, conveyed the magical atmosphere of the fairy tale of S. Perrot, and on the other hand, brought the viewer closer to his modern time.

"The Lion King"

This cartoon has become a real classic. It presents the wild world of the African jungle, in which the struggle for the throne has broken out. Some critics compare the plot of the tape with Shakespeare's plays. Great animation was achieved thanks to the fact that artists painted animals from nature. In the tape sounded a great song performed by E. Jones, which became a hit.


The most interesting cartoons gained popularity among the audience, largely due to the variety of themes and original subjects. Named picture of the studio "Disney" was released in rent in 1992 and immediately became a hit. The innovation of the screenwriters consisted in a very ingenious adaptation of Oriental fairy tales "A Thousand and One Nights".The picture unfolds in the Arab East, but the behaviors of the characters, their actions and characters are as close as possible to the realities of modern reality. The original soundtrack conveys the flavor of the eastern atmosphere, but its musical processing is sustained in a modern style.

"History of toys"

The most interesting cartoons were created by another, no less well-known American company "Pixar". This studio specializes in computer animation, the use of which for the 1990s was a real breakthrough in cinema. The first full-length film of the studio was called Toy Story and was released in 1995. This cartoon was a breakthrough for its time, not only thanks to computer technology, but also the original plot. In the center of the story were not people or animals (as in Disney ribbons), but toys, each of which was endowed with its own character. The tape was a huge success worldwide and spawned a number of sequels.


Interesting cartoons for children from "Pixar" at the time were breakthrough in terms of technology, and in terms of story stories. This tape told about sports racing cars, which were endowed with completely human qualities: ambition, pride and kindness.The originality of the idea was that this time the machines became heroes (in general, Pixar studio experimented with the characters, trying to make them as unusual as possible, choosing toys, monsters, thoughts, feelings and experiences of the person as the main characters) . The tape was a huge success, and the merchandise took an unprecedented scale.

"Antts Ant"

This is one of the first cartoon from the studio DreamWorks, created in the genre of computer animation. He had a great influence on the development of cinema, as it showed how new technologies can be successfully applied when creating children's tapes. The plot of the picture can not be called original, but the detailed drawing of the microscopic world of insects, their habits and lives immediately brought her popularity and love of the audience. Those who choose interesting cartoons for the whole family, can stop at this picture, which not only entertains, but also teaches.

Soviet ribbons of 1950-1970s

At the domestic studio "Soyuzmultfilm" a lot of wonderful animated films were created that deserve mention. Back in the years 1930-1940, the artists laid the foundation for animation, which became the benchmark for their followers. At the specified time, the rotoscoping method was widely used.When using this technology, the artist sketched figures from the actors. Many wonderful cartoons were created using the game of professional performers. One of the best works of the studio is the “Snow Queen” tape, which was released in 1957. This picture has been recognized not only in our country, but also abroad.

 the most interesting cartoons

With the onset of the thaw, the creators began to experiment with animation. Instead of three-dimensional 2D graphics, artists began to use flat and sometimes even sharp drawing. It is in this style made the mini-series "Mowgli". The same can be said about the three little cartoons about Winnie the Pooh, which is made in a very concise and restrained style. The new technology had the advantage of allowing authors to focus on the main characters.

Soviet cartoons of the 1980s

Those parents who are looking for interesting cartoons for boys, can pay attention to the series "Well, wait!". For its time, it was a landmark project, as it was the first to introduce the bully Wolf as the main character, who was constantly in comedy situations.The creators of the tape executed the drawing in a schematic, flat graphics, which “modernized” the picture. In the indicated decade, experiments with means and methods of creating tapes continued.

interesting cartoons for children

Artists began to use clay, and one of the first successful works with the use of new technology was the tape "Plasticine Crow". Puppet ribbons were very popular (a series of cartoons about the crocodile Gena and others).

Recent projects

In conclusion, you should consider the latest and most interesting cartoons. One of the recent high-profile projects at Disney Studios is The Cold Heart, which won an Oscar in the main nomination. The originality of this tape is a new approach to the traditional story of the love of the prince and princess. This line receives a completely new and unexpected outcome, atypical for classic pictures of the company.

Largely due to such experiments, the company creates the most interesting cartoons in the world. Disney currently has almost no competitors in this regard. The only exception is the studio "Pixar", the creators of which two years ago went on an unusual experiment, presenting in the form of living beings the feelings and emotions of people who are fighting in the human head.In the Russian translation of the picture was called "Puzzle". An unusual plot, many interesting finds allowed the tape to win an Oscar in 2015.


This is without any doubt the most interesting cartoon in the world of 2016, which proves that Disney Studio is trying out new stories and revealing unexpected stories.

cartoons are the newest and most interesting

And although the line of the main character, Judy the rabbit, who decided to become a policeman despite the obstacles, is quite traditional, however, the social and cultural content of the tape was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. In the picture, the animal world fully copies the modern reality, which allowed the authors to ridicule and condemn many of the entrenched stereotypes of our time. Another plus of the tape is an interesting detective line, which has many references to cult TV shows and films. The ending also turned out quite unexpected and interesting. Thus, the creators almost broke the templates, presenting something completely new to the court. Another difference of the tape was that its characters do not sing. The only musical number in the film is a song performed by Shakira, which sounds in the smartphone and at a concert in the finale of history.Thanks to a detailed study of every little thing that makes the plot so recognizable, the tape has received world recognition and the Oscar in the main nomination.

Other tapes last year

After the release of Zveropolis, it would be difficult to say which was the most interesting cartoon in the world of 2016. However, at the end of last winter, an unusual philosophical tale “Kubo. The Legend of Samurai ”, which received a very warm welcome from viewers and critics. The mere fact that the tape was a puppet film with minimal use of computer graphics immediately attracted attention to the project. The plot also received many positive reviews. It is based on a philosophical interpretation of a number of phenomena of the Japanese cultural space, which, in combination with a dynamic plot, made the picture one of the most memorable cartoons of the past year.

Those who choose the most interesting cartoons in the world for girls can pay attention to the Disney studio's new film “Moana”, which tells about the brave princess of one of the Polynesian tribes who decided to save her people from death.This tape is quite a typical picture of the company: the plot is based on the formation of a hero defending his right of choice, there are many musical numbers and grotesque humor in it. However, the Polynesian flavor, delightful animation and pretty main character allowed the tape to collect a very good box office and earn the approval of the audience. Representatives of the beautiful half may also be interested in the tape “Finding Dory”.

interesting cartoons for boys

This tape tells about the adventures of a small fish, which once remembered that she has parents, and decided to find them by all means. Having overcome many obstacles, with the help of her friends, she finally finds a family.

Recent premieres

The most interesting cartoon in the world of 2017 - "Batman-Lego", created in the style of this popular designer. This is a sequel to the previous part, which appeared on the screens three years ago and immediately won the popularity of the audience. This picture is a solo album of this superhero, who appeared in the first tape only as one of the characters. The new film has more humor, adventures, grotesque scenes and, of course, advertising, not only the designer, but also various gadgets. The tape has collected a very decent cashier, which implies a continuation.

With some delay, the cartoon “Zveropoy” hit the Russian screens, which, however, has nothing to do with the tape of the same name from Disney’s company. New tape is dedicated to the world of show business. This picture has become a kind of original adaptation of modern music shows like “The Voice”. The main characters - the beasts - live in an anthropomorphic world, which, however, is not very carefully crafted. One of them, wanting to pay off his debts, organizes a music contest in which each of the participants can express themselves fully. Each of the characters has its own history and is written very well and convincingly. The soundtracks have become a pleasant addition to the main action, which, although it does not differ in particular originality, but still turned out to be quite colorful and spectacular.

Most recently, the premiere of the rather unusual cartoon “Boss-Milk Suit” was successfully presented on the screens.

what is the most interesting cartoon in the world

The originality of the idea lies in the fact that the kid has been chosen as the main actor, who is introduced into the family to perform the super-task. The company he is a teenage boy, and together they have to reveal some kind of intrigue associated with raising children. The picture has a lot of humor, and it is made in a fairly high-quality animation.

In conclusion, we can mention the domestic adaptation of the famous fairy tale by A. Volkov “Urfin Jus and his wooden soldiers”. Despite the fact that the picture received mixed reviews from both viewers and critics, it nevertheless lasted well at the box office, although it was clearly inferior to its prequel, which was released in the distant 1990s.

So, what is the most interesting cartoon in the world? It is difficult to say, because the taste and color, as you know, there are no comrades. The fact that parents have a rich choice and, of course, will be able to choose more than one wonderful project for viewing is good news.

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