Our ranking included hundreds of lonely Beyonce on Piccadilly Square, gigantic emoticons and the Internet Bee-Challenge, which forced the girls to shine with bare breasts. What are the collective ventures settled in the neighborhood?

Who and how organized the first flash mob?

When sociologist Howard Reingold published his work “Smart Crowds: The Next Social Revolution” in 2002, he didn’t assume that the idea of ​​using the Internet for self-organization would become so popular. In the summer of 2003, Rob Zazueta, having developed flocksmart.com, decided to start the chronicle of the “instant crowd” (this is how flash mob is translated from English).
The world's first flash mob was held in New York in 2003.The world's first flash mob was held in New York in 2003.
Although the first event, scheduled for June 3, was thwarted by New York police, people liked the idea. On June 17, 2003, two hundred activists gathered at the exclusive Macy’s carpet and told the sellers an amazing story. The pitiful tale of people living in a warehouse somewhere on the outskirts of New York and looking for a “love mat” shook the whole world.Very soon, flash mobs, organized by LJ, were held in Moscow, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Odessa and St. Petersburg.
The planet was captured by a flash mob euphoria. Competing in ingenuity and passing the baton to each other, active earthlings surprised their passive brethren, who follow the life of the media.

Top most famous flash mobs

In just a couple of months, classic stocks, designed not to cause rejection or laughter, have several subspecies. Socio-mobs engaged in political influence on the masses, advertising - promoting the necessary goods and services, and extreme - mobs - a demonstration of hooligan "tricks". People began to collectively sing, dance, draw or just smile.
Flashmob organizers surprise with their imaginationFlashmob organizers surprise with their imagination

Optical illusion

15 pairs of twins, like two drops of water, made a small psychological attack in the New York subway. Sharpening the movement to the smallest detail and dressing up in identical outfits, the guys sat opposite each other in the cars. Depicting ordinary passengers, they copied to the smallest detail every movement of each other.
Unusual flashmob in the New York subwayUnusual flashmob in the New York subway
Not surprisingly, their unlucky neighbors in the compartment, tired of looking at the same time raised hands and turned pages of newspapers, landed ahead of time.

The sea is worried once ...

In March 2007, 50 English flash mobers sent a small hello to the cameras, which provided security at one of the Manchester supermarkets. At the time agreed in advance, the activists who had made the purchase were frozen in place, as if by magic. After standing for four minutes, the "sea figures" came to life and, as if nothing had happened, continued their movement to the checkout.
Flashmob in the supermarket AUCHANFlashmob in the supermarket AUCHAN
It is surprising that ordinary people who turned out to be in the same store did not notice anything remarkable.

Mr. Mandela, you will not die this week.

“The heroes do not go away,” the employees of the Woolworthsfood store decided and honored the great fighter for the rights of people with an unusual flash mob. Right in the middle of the working day, they, having sung with the vocal church choir, stopped working. The composition “Gospel Flash Mob”, which sounded out of tune, but with a soul, shook visitors to tears. No wonder that the memorable action was captured on video and caused a storm of applause.

Company of lonely Beyonce

On April 20, 2009, the usual rhythm of the morning London, hurrying to work, was broken by deafening music. Under the rhythms of the hit "Single Ladies", which beat all records of the radio charts, a whole hundred girls jumped out onto the square. Ladies, throwing off their cloaks and flaunting tight-fitting leotards, twisted their bodies and waved their legs. All traffic in the district was paralyzed: pedestrians, cyclists and bus drivers, mouth-open, gazed at an unusual view. It turns out that this dancing flash mob was intended to draw attention to the draw of free tickets to the Beyonce concert and had a commercial basis.

The most interesting flashmobs in Russia

The world, dragged into the dizzying whirlpool of flash mobs, can only envy the sweep and imagination inherent in our domestic mobbers.

The smile will make the day brighter

On September 14, 2008, residents of Dmitry Medvedev were captured by a QuickBird satellite and hit the Google maps.
Flashmob with a smile in ChelyabinskFlashmob with a smile in Chelyabinsk
Unfortunately, the weather that day was clearly out of sorts: because of the piercing cold, the participants of the good-natured flashmob were forced to retreat to their homes.

Pillow fights

The popularity of children's fun, overgrown in a classic flash mob, is truly cosmic scale. The activists, who hid behind the pillow in their bosom, start a real war with a sound signal. A fierce battle, immersed in fluff and feathers, can end in a matter of seconds or last for hours. For fans of pillow fights, special clubs were created, and flash mobs, regularly held in Moscow, Ufa and St. Petersburg, are so noisy that they can’t do without detentions.
Flashmob with douche is now at the peak of popularityFlashmob with douche is now at the peak of popularity

Put me bra

This virtual flash mob, which occupied the Odnoklassniki and VKontakte networks, is very fond of the male half of Russian society. Ladies who are not particularly modest, remove bras from the place where they should be, and put them on the eyes. So they replenish the population of an erotic swarm of large bees or dragonflies. Unfortunately or fortunately, 85% of girls who participated in online surveys reacted negatively to BeeChallenge.
Flashmob dedicated to Michael JacksonFlashmob dedicated to Michael Jackson
Participants of the flash mobs managed to walk their invisible dogs in Brooklyn and fall victim to a nuclear explosion in Switzerland.They sang for Oprah Winfrey and took off their pants in the subway. But what kind of mass action was even more unusual?

The most interesting flash mob in history

The American comedian Jimmy Kimmel became the father of the most evil collective event in history. As part of his evening show, this woeful organizer suggested that parents give the children for Christmas any unwanted nonsense and capture their disappointment on the video.
Giraffe on the avatar - memorable flashmob VKontakteGiraffe on the avatar - memorable flashmob VKontakte
The Americans, inspired by the venture, wrapped everything in a colorful package: light bulbs and canned goods, toilet paper and a stick of sausage. There was no limit to children's discontent. The girls, who received a fire truck instead of dolls, were beating their heads against the wall, and the boys who fired the Barbie doll, swearing innocent Santa, in vain. Collective torture over the immature psyche has become the leaders of YouTube.
Not only flash mobs, but also other events are tremendous. The site uznayvse has an article about the most.

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