The life and work of Lomonosov

Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov is a very interesting and versatile personality. This is one of the first Russian scientists about whom the whole world spoke. His contribution to the development of science is difficult to overestimate. If you set a goal - to list all the achievements of this outstanding person, there will not be enough pages. The life and work of Lomonosov is replete with various events that have become significant not only for Russia, but also for world science and culture. Founder of the most famous university in the country, teacher, physicist, astronomer, chemist, geologist: this is how a cult person can be described in our history. In this article we will try to consider the most significant moments in his life, and also to reveal the personality of Lomonosov.

Family scientist

Mikhail Lomonosov was born in 1711, November 19, in the village of Mishaninskaya. Now it is a neighborhood of the Arkhangelsk region. The inhabitants of this region are very proud of the fact that a man was born on this earth who turned the minds of many people with his discoveries and achievements.

creativity lomonosov

Vasily Dorofeevich, who belongs to Michael to his father, was a native of the coast-dwellers. These are the people who managed to escape serfdom. His mother's name was Elena Ivanovna. She was the daughter of a mallow in the churchyard. It is worth noting that the Lomonosov family belonged to the number of the well-off. Men were especially fond of fishing, as they had fishing vessels. Creativity Lomonosov Michael began to manifest itself in childhood, when he was trained in reading and writing.

Childhood and youth

The boy loved to read and spent all his free time with books. The fellow villagers gladly gave the contents of their library to Lomonosov. It is worth noting that after reading the book, he always gave it away. Some have become for him a reference point. He especially liked the "Arithmetic" of Magnitsky, as well as the "Grammar" Smotrytsky. We can say that Lomonosov's creativity gradually began to play with new colors. The cherished dream of the boy was to continue learning, gaining new knowledge.

Michael's childhood proceeded calmly until the tragedy occurred: the mother died. At this time, the boy was only nine years old.His father married another woman whose relationship with Mikhail did not immediately develop. Some time later, the stepmother died, and then the father brought a third woman into the house. The latter was the most envious and angry with the boy. His home became a stranger to him, staying in it became a real hard labor. From this moment begins the era of creativity of M. V. Lomonosov.

Departure to Moscow

A young boy all the time helping his father in the fields, because he did not want to return home to his second stepmother. Soon the father decided to marry his son, but Mikhail was categorically against this event. Referring to the disease, he persuaded his father to postpone the wedding, and he came up with an escape plan. The life and work of M. V. Lomonosov is full of events, but the journey to Moscow is the most famous and decisive.

life and work of lomonosov

In 1730, together with the caravan, the future eminent scientist left his native place and went alone to the largest city in the country. Moscow, he chose for personal reasons, and not lost. This event can be called a flight, since no one even knew about the possibility of such an act. Mikhail Lomonosov managed to take some clothes and favorite books with him.He managed to catch the caravan only a few days later, and then they moved together. After three weeks of an exhausting journey, Mikhail arrived at his destination, and Lomonosov's creative work began from here.

Training in Moscow

As you already understood, Michael was far from being a simple person, he could adapt to any situations and leave them with honor. In 1731, he managed to enter the oldest educational institution - the Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy. Lomonosov pretended to be the son of a nobleman, he had to forge some documents in order to be able to learn.

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At the age of 20, a young man came from a small village to the largest city and immediately found refuge. This was probably the most difficult period in his life. Beggarly existence, constant letters with reproach from the father, ridicule of classmates could not break the craving for knowledge of an outstanding person.

Many books and articles have been written about the biography and work of Lomonosov. At the Academy, he was an exemplary student, he studied well, and did not give anyone any reason to doubt his mood. The management of the school became interested in such a student, and, as a result, Mikhail managed to master the program of several classes at once.


Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov is a truly outstanding person who has achieved everything with his work and diligence. As the best student, he was sent to study abroad in Germany. He spent a total of five years outside Russia, three of whom he spent at the University of Marburg. Encyclopedic scholar Christian von Wolf had a significant influence on the work of Lomonosov. There, Michael met with different languages, including German, French and Italian.

In addition, he submitted a whole list of sciences: from physics to aerometry. Lomonosov sincerely loved to learn, which was expressed in all his actions and deeds. As soon as money appeared in him, he immediately bought up a huge amount of books, and spent all his free time following them. He spent a year in Freiburg, where he studied chemistry from to. Another year, Michael wandered around Europe, trying to return to his homeland, and he achieved his goal.

Glass Science Study

Speaking about the peculiarities of Lomonosov’s work, one can note his desire to be ahead of time. It is worth saying that he did it successfully. The founder of the whole science of colored glass is our eminent scientist.In 1748, he opened a chemical laboratory, which became the first in Russia. There he conducted countless experiments, including using glass.

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Experiments sooner or later had to give the result, which, in fact, happened. Thus, Mikhail Vasilyevich was able to develop the technology of colored glass. Using this development in industrial cooking, he could create products from this material. Along with the great discovery, the greatest scientist worked on creating his own theory of light. Creativity Mikhail Lomonosov quite multifaceted, because he studied for his life a huge number of sciences, and some even founded independently.


One of the main passions of the scientist was precisely astronomy. Experimentally, Lomonosov managed to create several dozens of special optical devices. He used them to observe the space. As other eminent people then noted, Mikhail Vasilyevich was able to far ahead of his time, and became the first Russian opto-mechanic.

May 26, 1761 - the sign date for astronomy as a science. On that day, watching the cosmos, Lomonosov made another discovery.He was not the first to notice the glare of the radiance around Venus, but only Mikhail Vasilyevich correctly interpreted this phenomenon. Lomonosov argued that the planet was surrounded by an air envelope, and the accuracy of its output plunged into shock scientists of that time and not only.

Pedagogical activity

Mikhail Vasilyevich read the first public lecture in 1742. He was then thirty-one, and he was already considered a teacher of the highest category. Creativity Lomonosov can not be viewed in isolation from the context of the first Russian university. Probably the most significant contribution to history took place in 1755, when Moscow State University was opened. Currently, the school annually accepts students from all cities of the planet. This university is considered the most prestigious in the country, and it was founded by the hero of our story.

Lomonosov's literature

Lomonosov opened the university, pursuing a noble goal: to share their knowledge. The doors of the school were open to all comers, there was no separation between the rich and the poor, all people were equal. Mikhail Vasilyevich himself successfully taught, and the students loved to listen to his lectures.It’s interesting how one person could do so much in his life.

Literary creativity Lomonosov

The person who has tremendous talent in the fields of science, also wrote the work? Hard to believe, but true. Considering the life and work of Lomonosov, you do not cease to be surprised at his abilities and aspirations for knowledge. Best of all, Mikhail Vasilyevich was able to write odes, some of which were published. Also, the writer Lomonosov has two tragedies in his asset, as well as a huge number of different poems for all occasions.

Lomonosov's creativity in literature reached its peak when he wrote odes to significant events, such as the ascension to the throne of Catherine II. In his works there was something unusual, although, as a poet, Mikhail Vasilyevich did not receive world fame. The combination of scholarship and naturalism added to the work of some zest, which is not found in other poets.

Character of an outstanding scientist

Creativity Lomonosov did not soften his cool temper. Contemporaries argued that Mikhail Vasilyevich had enormous physical strength and could easily beat any objectionable person.There was even one case where assault led to a trial and a brief conclusion. Only one situation is known, but knowing the nature of the scientist, it can be assumed that there were many of them.

life and work of m in lomonosov

The most famous story that happened to him was recorded on Vasilyevsky Island. At night, Lomonosov calmly walked until three drunken sailors attacked him. A fight ensued, as a result of which the two ran away, and the third Mikhail Vasilyevich threw himself on the ground and asked a few questions. During the conversation, it was found out that the sailors wanted to rob a person, but they did not attack him. Lomonosov took all the clothes of the sailor, and went home.

Personal life of Mikhail Vasilyevich

As you know, as a student, Lomonosov spent some time abroad, namely in Germany. In the city of Marburg, twelve best students settled in apartments that Elizabeth-Christina Zilch rented out. Having lived there for some time, Lomonosov met the mistress's daughter, Elizabeth. The difference in age between them was almost nine years, but this did not prevent them from celebrating the wedding.

At the end of 1739, Elizabeth was already carrying a child from Mikhail Vasilyevich.Soon the daughter Catherine was born, but according to the law she was considered illegitimate. We have already said that Lomonosov really wanted to return to Russia. When he succeeded, Elizabeth was again pregnant. Born a son, who was named Ivan.

creativity of Mikhail Lomonosov

A number of events occurred as a result of which Elizabeth was able to find Mikhail Vasilyevich in Russia. He did not deny the fact of marriage. The couple moved to St. Petersburg, where they lived happily. However, this did not last long; another tragedy occurred in the family. In 1743, Catherine, the first daughter of Mikhail Vasilyevich and Elizabeth, died.

Creativity Lomonosov so multifaceted that you can write a whole book. In this article we tried to touch on the most complex and interesting topics. Many people still consider Lomonosov to be the greatest scientist, and not unreasonably.

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