The highest tower in the world is planned to be built by 2020. It will be located in Saudi Arabia. The authorities of the country have already presented an ambitious project.
The tallest building, the tower called the Kingdom, will be erected in Jeddah. Its height will reach 1600 meters. The project is controlled by a Saudi prince and part-time millionaire al-Walid. But who is the author and designs the tower, is not yet known. According to some reports, the architectural company Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. In the meantime, it is already known how much the project will cost - the preliminary budget - $ 30 billion. What is famous tower, from the public do not hide. It will be located apartments, shops and offices, and on the 157th floor will build a large observation platform, which will open views of the city and the Red Sea. In short, the "Kingdom" will be a real home city.
Burj Dubai, UAE, 822 meters
In the meantime, the tallest tower in the world is located in the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai. Burj Dubai opened its doors in January 2010. The inauguration was timed to the 4th anniversary of the entry into office of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum,the ruler of Dubai and at the same time vice president and prime minister of the UAE.

The city below seems like a toyThe city below seems like a toy

Designed by Burj Dubai, American architect Adrian Smith. After that, the construction of the tower stretched for six years. Nearly 1.5 billion dollars were spent on the construction of 160 floors with a height of 822 meters and 55 centimeters.
View of Burj Dubai at nightView of Burj Dubai at night

On the first eight floors of the tower is located six-star hotel "Armani". The owner of a popular brand, designer Giorgio Armani, personally handled his design. In the hotel you can find spa lounges, several restaurants and a nightclub. 900 luxury apartments occupy the remaining floors until the 108th. The cost of each ranges from 600 thousand euros to 11 million. Another 38 floors occupied restaurants and office space. In addition, in the "Burj Dubai" housed a gym and a nightclub. And in the tower, which is located above the main building, there are tons of telecommunications equipment. The highest tower in the world harbors the highest pool - you can swim on the 76th floor, the highest observation deck on the 124th, as well as a mosque on the 158th floor.By the way, the development company assures that almost all the real estate in the tower has already been bought.
Burj Dubai on video

And the most interesting thing is that you can climb the upper floors of the tower in just two minutes. This is possible thanks to 65 of the most modern superfast elevators. Everyone is able to reach speeds of up to 18 meters per second, or up to 64.37 kilometers per hour. On the way down, the speed of the elevator is slightly reduced so that passengers do not feel the load. However, to get from the first to the last floor will require a transfer to another elevator. The Burj Dubai tower draws its energy from a 61-meter turbine that runs on wind power and a solar panel system. A peculiar power unit occupies 15 thousand square meters.
Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo, 634 meters
One of the tallest towers in the world is located in Japan. In 2011, Sumida Tokyo County commissioned the Tokyo Sky Tree television tower or the Tokyo Sky Tree. Previously, it was planned to be called as the television tower in Sumida or the new tower of Tokyo.
Tower in Tokyo - the second highestTower in Tokyo - the second highest

However, the final name was selected during construction in 2008 following the results of the competition.The height of the Tokyo Sky Tree was 634 meters, together with the antenna, it turns out that Tokyo Sky Tree is almost twice as high as the Tokyo Tower. By the way, although the building has already passed, but the opening is scheduled only for May 2012. The tower will be used for digital television and radio broadcasting, as well as navigation systems and mobile communications. Inside you can find about 300 boutiques, an aquarium, restaurants, a planetarium and even a theater.
Canton Tower, China, 610 meters
Guangzhou TV Tower also hit the list of the largest. It was built five years, until 2010. ARUP specially tailored the end of construction for the Asian Games. The tower of Canton boasts a height of 610 meters. Here, up to 450 meters, the structure was erected in the form of a combination of the central core and the hyperboloid mesh-bearing shell.
Third Engineering MiracleThird Engineering Miracle

The last design of the tower corresponds to the patent of the last year of the 19th century by the Russian engineer Shukhov. This part of the structure is made of steel pipes of large diameter. And the Canton Tower is crowned with a 160-meter spire. The tower is used for television and radio transmissions, and besides this you can see panoramas of Guangzhou.The tower can take up to 10 thousand tourists per day.
CN Tower, Canada, 553 meters
From 1976 until 2007, the CN Tower was the tallest building in the world. Its height is not less than 553.33 meters.
Soaring upSoaring up

The tower is located in Canadian Toronto, Ontario and since the opening of the city is a symbol of the city. Every year more than 2 million people come to watch the CN Tower. Initially, CN was deciphered as the Canadian National, since the building was owned by the Canadian National Railway Company.
View from the tower of the CN Tower

But in 1995, the tower was bought by the Canada Lands Company (CLC). At the request of local residents of the tower retained the original name. Now officially CN stands for Canada’s National.
Ostankino, Russia, 540 meters
The tallest building in Russia is the Ostankino television tower. The height of the building is 540 meters. The Ostankino tower stands on ten legs, each of which weighs 3,200 tons. At an altitude of about 330 meters in the "Ostankino" you can dine - here, on three floors, the restaurant "Seventh Heaven" is located.
Native OstankinoNative Ostankino

People call the tower "Needle". Experts suggest that the building from 1967 will last at least 300 years.It is strictly forbidden to walk under the towers of the tower, and this will not work, because the tower is surrounded by a 180-meter safety zone.
Ostankino tower

In Ostankino there is also an observation deck and it is also safe. It is impossible to commit suicide because the site is fenced with three-layer tempered glass.
Oriental Pearl Tower, China, 468 meters
The futuristic design of the Shanghai TV tower is located in the Pudong district, on the banks of the Huangpu River. Its height is 468 meters, which allows the structure to be the highest in Asia. The TV tower consists of 11 so-called pearls, metal balls of different diameters.
Pearl of the EastPearl of the East

And at the base of them lies a stone slab. Architecture seems to convey a line from a poem of ancient Chinese poetry: “Big and small pearls fall on a jade dish.” On each ball is an observation deck, the highest at an altitude of 360 meters. Here you can see Shanghai from unusual angles. It is noteworthy that the floor on the observation deck is glass. In addition, at each level of the tower there are galleries and shops, especially for tourists who wish to buy souvenirs.And at the level of 267 meters there is a rotating restaurant - the only one of its kind, which is so high. At the same time about 350 people can sit at the tables. At the base of the tower everyone can go to the Shanghai History Museum.
Eiffel Tower, France, 300 meters
Not the highest, but the most recognizable. Sight of Paris, a symbol of all France - the Eiffel Tower is located at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level.
Tower of the most romantic cityTower of the most romantic city

It was named after designer Gustav Eiffel, who, in turn, called his creation simply the “300-meter tower”. It was built in 1889, long before the appearance of the first TV posts. The construction was erected exactly 2 years, 2 months, 2 days. After 20 years, they wanted to dismantle it, but when they invented the radio, they decided to keep the brainchild of Eiffel.
At the foot of the Eiffel TowerAt the foot of the Eiffel Tower

The tower has already visited several hundred million people. At the same time, for more than 115 years of existence, 53 people fell and broke from it.

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