The film "My name is Earl": actors, roles, plot

On the screens quite rarely come out really good pictures, and if this happens, such a movie is remembered for a long time.

In 2005, the NBC channel began showing comedythe series "My name is Earl", the actors and roles of which will be the focus of our article today. This is a film about responsibility, goodness and an attempt to make sure everything in life is right. The series was well received by critics and went for four seasons.

my name is Earl actors

The history of the appearance of the series "My name is Earl"

Actors who starred in the film, at the time of the releasepaintings were very few known, except for the performer of the role of Earl Jason Lee. But this did not prevent the film from becoming one of the best serials of 2005. The history of the sitcom is quite interesting. Its creator Greg Garcia wrote the script on the basis of another series and offered it to Fox, but there he was asked to make changes to the text. Do this Garcia did not and took a chance, having asked to buy a script from him to the company NBC. Welcome to the shooting of the new sitcom was given. But there was another problem - in the role of petty speculator Earl Jay Hickey, the creator of the series saw only Jason Lee, and the actor categorically did not want to work on television. After two refusals and a personal meeting with Greg Garcia, Jason Lee still agreed to participate in the filming of the series "My name is Earl". Actors on the role of other characters were picked up without such difficulties.

my name is Earl actors and roles


Petty crook and rogue Earl Jay HickeyOne day he won a huge sum in an instant lottery - 100 thousand dollars. Become a happy owner of money, he did not have time - Erla knocks down the car, he is in the hospital, and the ticket disappears without a trace. On the hospital bed, the protagonist gets insight - everything bad that he once did to others returns to him in a double size. This is karma, which he spoiled. Earl decides to fight and compiles a list of 252 people whom he offended or deceived in his entire life. To purify karma, he needs to make amends before all of the list. It is extremely difficult to do this, but Earl is determined to correct the mistakes he made earlier. Helps him in purifying his karma younger brother, Randy Hickey.

After the perfect first really goodEarl finds the coveted winning ticket for 100 thousand dollars. In this he sees a sign that he is on the right path to purifying his karma. It remains to fix only 251 offenses, but the protagonist is determined resolutely.

actors of the series my name is Earl

The antagonists of the series are Hickey's ex-wife Joy Turner and her new husband Darnell. Joey, upon learning of Earl's fabulous win, tried several times to kill him to inherit money.

Perception of Serila by critics and spectators

The first series showed that the TV movie was able tosucceed. The audience of the series was wide - it was watched by young people, middle-aged people and elderly spectators. Critics reacted favorably to him - the sitcom "My name is Earl", whose actors quickly became popular, received several prestigious awards. The first series of the show was watched by more than 14 million viewers. Actors of the film "My name is Earl", the plot and the production of the sitcom were so popular with the audience that after the end of the first season they demanded the continuation of the adventures of their favorite heroes.

The reasons for the closure of the series

Sitcom went on the NBC channel four seasons, until May2009. By this time the issue of extending the series for the next season has not been resolved. The creators of the film "My name is Earl" have repeatedly tried to return their offspring to life.

The broadcaster believed that the sitcom neededurgent revival, but there were also problems with the actors. Jason Lee was already involved in other projects, and the performer of the role of Randy Hickey was very thin and did not want to improve for the sake of filming in the series. The TV company could not agree on the issue of the fees of the actors. They asked to increase their minimum by one and a half times, but NBC refused to increase. In 2012, the sitcom was finally closed, and the actors of the series "My name is Earl" began to work in other projects.

Spin-offs of sitcom

As often happens with successful pictures, theylead to the appearance of continuations. On the spin-off sitcom said Eddie Steeples, the performer of the role of Crab. According to the plot, the action in it would take place before the events shown in the series "My name is Earl". Jason Lee and other actors said that they would not have refused to appear in several episodes of the spin-off, but this project was never realized.

Earl Jay Hickey

A local-scale passer, an egoist prone tocruel and stupid drawings. Lives in a small provincial town of Camden County. Together with his younger brother Randy takes a hotel room. He was married to Joy Turner. Once he wins 100 thousand dollars in an instant lottery and immediately loses a ticket, getting under the wheels of the car. In the hospital, Earl recalls the principle of karma and decides that all the misfortunes that occur in his life are a consequence of the mistakes that he committed, causing harm to others. He decides to change his destiny by making a list of all those who have somehow offended and begin to search for people who are offended by them, in order to compensate for the damage done once.

the film's actors call me Earl

In the role of Earl starred Jason Lee, one of the favoritesactors of director Kevin Smith. Lee starred in almost all of his paintings. The most famous films with the actor's participation are Dogma, Heartbreakers, Dream Catcher, Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Randy Hickey

Infantile, plump and very good-naturedthe younger brother of Earl. Also on his list. Disinterestedly helps him in correcting the harm that Earl has inflicted on a lot of people. For two seasons he was hopelessly in love with the hotel maid Catalina. Panically afraid of birds, suffering from allergies to cat hair. Randy has a talent - he has a beautiful voice.

the filmmakers my name is Earl

This character is played by actor Ethan Sapley. The most famous films with his participation: "Evolution", "Butterfly Effect" and "The Wolf from Wall Street".

Joy Turner

Earl's former wife, a rude and selfish person. Several times I tried to kill the main character, having learned about the rich win, hoping to get money. Aggressive, often indecently expressed. Hates his complete opposite - the hotel maid Catalina.

Joy was played by Jamie Pressley. Most of all to the spectator she is known on a leading role in a serial "Falling Jennifer".

Darnell (The Crab) Turner

The second husband is Joy. Suspicious and strange person. Bartender at the bar Crab Shack. Loves her hand bug. Turtle. As it turns out later, it hides from someone under the witness protection program. In fact, Darnell knows 7 languages, graduated from high school with honors and college in 14 years. To touch can distinguish more than 50 varieties of cheese.

actors and roles of the series my name is Earl

Darnell plays Eddie Steeples. This role became the most famous in the filmography of the actor. In addition, he became the producer of four paintings and shot one film. Steeples tried to achieve the creation of a spin-off based on the popular sitcom.

Catalina Rana Aruka

Immigrant caught in the US in a box for transportationmonkeys. She works as a maid at the hotel where the Hickey brothers live. In the evenings, she earns a striptease in a local nightclub. Earl and Renli a good relationship and sometimes gives them valuable advice.

In the role of Catalina's maid, Nadine Velasquez starred. Sitka about the adventures of Earl became her most famous work in the cinema. Before and after filming in it, she played minor characters in serials and full-length tapes.

Mr. Turtle

One of the important characters of the series was the turtle Darnell. According to the latter, this species lives more than 150 years.

the actors of the film are my name

The stars who took part in the shooting of the sitcom

Actors and the role of the series "My name is Earl" is an interesting topic. In addition to permanent performers, other popular media personalities took part in the shootings.

In one of the series of the fourth season, you can seeactress Jane Seymour, who plays herself. Johnny Galaki, star of the sitcom "The Big Bang Theory", played in the 1st season of the golfer. Alyssa Milano in the third season became the new wife of Earl. After several episodes of the script, they split up. In season 1, viewers can see Chloe Moretz as a knife thrower. Christian Slater played in the sitcom in one of the series of the second season of the addict. Danny Glover became the father of Darnell Turner in the series. Appears in one of the series of the season 4. Sean Astin played the role of the seller of household appliances in the second season. In one of the series of the third season appears Paris Hilton, who plays herself.


Actors and roles of the series "My name is Earl" will beinteresting to those viewers who appreciate sitcoms, carry positive emotions. Let the performers of the main roles do not become stars of the first magnitude, but they played well in the series loved by many spectators. The story that everyone can rethink their life and actions, and then try to change the situation, will always be relevant. Earl with his excellent sense of humor, infantile, but kind Randy and even the whimsical Joy - they are all nice and lovely characters, which cause only positive emotions.

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