The dust was asleep: dream book. Wipe dust in your sleep

As is known, in night dreams we cana variety of objects and phenomena appear. Long ago a man wondered what they meant. So, people wondered if dreams are prophecies or whether they are in no way connected with what awaits us in the future. We suggest today to find out what is worth preparing for, if at night you dreamed of a dust in one form or another. Dreamers interpret this vision in different ways. We suggest using the help of the most complete and trustworthy sources. So, what does the dust look like?dust dream book

Dreamer Gustav Miller

To begin with, we learn how this image is viewedone of the world's most famous esotericists. So, dust, according to Gustav Miller, warns the dreamer that he will have to deal with unscrupulous and unscrupulous people in the near future. So be vigilant. Perhaps you will be able to recognize them. If you imagined that you are covered with dust, then you expect a small loss. Sleep in which you clean clothes from dirt indicates that after minor complications you will be able to master the situation again. However, this may take some time.

What are the interpretations for beautiful women?half of humanity contains this dream book? Wipe the dust and generally clean the apartment - to improve relations with her husband. Also your children will be cheerful and obedient. If the lady imagined that there was a dirty floor in her house, but for some reason she did not try to get out, disappointments and troubles could soon reach you.dream book to wipe the dust

Assyrian Dream Book

A very interesting interpretation is offered by thisa source. So, his writers state: if a person imagines that he is eating dust, he will soon grow old. He also runs the risk of facing poverty, alienation. Fortune will turn away from him.

Wanderer's Dreambook

Road dust, according to information from thissource, indicates that in the future you risk being subjected to some serious humiliation. Perhaps you will remember this for a long time. At least, so says the dream book. Dust in the house is seen as a symbol of time, desolation and disappointment. Perhaps you pay insufficient attention to some aspects of your life. Do not miss the time to ultimately not experience the deepest disappointment. After all, life is given to us only once.dream interpretation dust on the floor

Russian dream book

We will learn how this vision is interpreteda source. So, the dust dream book suggests treating as a symbol of eternity. But in everyday life, it is a sign of slovenliness, neglect and anticipation of future losses. It is possible that you need to reconsider your attitude to some things, so as not to regret it. If I dreamed that strangers would help you to clean dirty clothes, then in real life you suddenly will have true friends. A vision in which a veil of dust appeared before you indicates that you should not waste your energy trying to look into the future, because it will not lead to anything good.dream set dust clean up

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

What is worth preparing for, if you glimpse yourselflifted by a car driving along a dirt road, dust? The interpreter considers such an image as the possible emergence of disagreements with relatives that have arisen on the basis of the inheritance of some property. Sneezing from the dust - to be laughed at because of ignorance of elementary things. Dirty clothes promise a serious loss.

What else on the topic can tellDream Book? Dust clean in your own home - to change the situation or place of work. If you dream that you are knocking out carpets, then you expect a career growth. To throw dust in the eyes (in the figurative sense) - to shame, the consequences of which will persecute you for a long time.

Esoteric dream book

Wipe the dust and clean the apartment - toliberation from troubles and life difficulties. Very soon you will feel the harmony and joy of everything that is happening. If you imagined that you are cleaning up in the office or other workplace, then soon you will be able to get rid of bothersome people, most likely colleagues.dream dream dust in the house

Wizard of the White Magician

Now we propose to learn about another interpretationthe image under consideration. So, this dream book dust on the floor, which you are going to for a long time, but still decide to remove, regards it as a reflection of the fact that in real life you have accumulated a lot of unresolved problems and unfinished business. You are anxious to think about ending this. However, do not take any action. And the problems are growing, like a snowball. Be sure to do everything possible to untangle this tangle, even if it seems to you that it is almost impossible to do this. At the same time, the drafters of the dream book do not advise too much to hurry up with the resolution of the difficulties. Therefore, do not set yourself unrealizable tasks, but try to solve problems gradually.

If you imagined that you wiped everywheredust, and your home shines with purity, then soon in life there will come a couple of calm. You will be able to devote more time to your favorite pursuits and to communicate with your close people. However, do not relax too much, since this period will not last forever. Also, the compilers of the collection of interpretations recommend not to relax and not lose form, so that the process of transition from rest to active activity does not become stress for you. If you dreamed that cleaning was not done alone, then in real life you will need helpers or allies in order to finish some serious business. Therefore, in the near future it makes sense to puzzle over their search.

A dream in which you observe from the sidecleaning, indicates that in reality you do not have to make special efforts to achieve some goals. It is possible that you can take advantage of the fruits of someone else's work. And thus you will not experience the slightest reproofs of conscience. However, remember that this can not go on forever. Sooner or later you will have to pay the bills. Therefore, try not to assign the results of someone else's work, but try to do as many things as possible yourself. In this case, you will not be in trouble. And besides, you can experience the true satisfaction of a job well done.

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