The drug "Tsindol" - reviews

"Tsindol" - a medical product for outdoor useapplication (suspension), the main ingredient of which is zinc oxide. The main purpose of its use is drying and disinfection of the skin, so the first problem in which it is shown is acne, or acne. In addition, the tool "Tsindol" will help cope with herpes, superficial wounds, burns, bedsores, and with a rash with chicken pox.

Thanks to a mixture of glycerin, zinc oxide and othercomponents on the problem area of ​​the skin is an active effect. What is important, the drug is easily applied and has a pleasant light tint. Before you start using any external means, you need to check the reaction of the body to them. In order to avoid allergies, test a small amount of the drug "Tsindol" on the elbow bend. If there are no complications, you can safely apply it to the affected areas. In case of the appearance of allergic rashes, refrain from using it.

The tool "Tsindol" is applied to inflamedpatches with a cotton swab - so you avoid the spread of bacteria. During the day, the procedure must be repeated six times, doing this for a month or until the rash disappears.

The drug "Tsindol" from acne - reviews

Those who received treatment for acne datameans, leaves positive feedback in regard to the drug "Tsindol". First, it is sold at an affordable price, and secondly, it is very effective. Painful rashes begin to disappear before the end of the course: changes are visible after a week. With the disappearance of pimples, the general condition of the skin also improves: it becomes more dense and even. An important fact is the absence of peeling, therefore, when buying the drug "Tsindol", you can not be afraid of drying your skin. When using the tool "Tsindol", do not ignore the rules of facial care. Only a combination of all the necessary treatments will make the skin ideal.

The drug "Tsindol" - reviews

When applying the drug, you will not feel unpleasant sensations. No tingling and burning sensations were applied and forgotten.

Having decided to stop his choice on the means of "Tsindol"it is necessary to know that it leaves marks on clothes. But this small defect is so insignificant in comparison with the effectiveness of the drug that it can not be emphasized.

The drug "Tsindol" with chickenpox is used inas an agent that effectively reduces itching and has drying properties. In contrast to the traditionally used "green" in this case, it is much better and faster washed off the skin and scalp. The bright color of the alcohol solution of the brilliant green will remind you for a long time about the illness.

Due to its safe formulation, the drug"Tsindol", reviews about which on the Internet forums leave both doctors and their patients, can be used by pregnant and nursing mothers. Smearing with this means of tender skin of newborns will not do her any harm, but will effectively save the baby from sweating. Previously, the child is bathed in a bath with a pale pink solution of potassium permanganate, dry his skin with a towel, and then lubricate the drug. Suspension will have an antiseptic and drying effect, as well as help to cope with irritation. The only "but" when using the drug "Tsindol" (reviews mention this) - it can not be applied to the face skin of infants to avoid its peeling.

Summarizing, we can conclude: the tool "Tsindol", reviews of the majority of consumers about which speak in its favor, works by a principle "cheaply, but effectively". You do not have to overpay, but you will get an obvious result: the disappearance of various kinds of rashes, which spoil not only your appearance, but also your mood. The drug "Tsindol" is used for chicken pox, for acne - and this is not a complete list of diseases and problems, manifestations that disappear under its influence.

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