The dimensions of the standard crib for a newborn

The appearance in the family of the baby leads to the appearance of many pleasant worries. This is a choice of clothes, browsing magazines and recommended literature on feeding, care tips, and the choice of furniture for the nursery. What I would like to emphasize is that you should take into account the size of a standard crib when planning the room so that it comfortably settles for both a child (taking into account the angle of sunlight, drafts, temperature in the room) and parents ( to have free access to it).

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The current range is much wider than a few decades ago. Then moms could not even think about the choice, because there was a single standard by which these same beds were “stamped”. And here, you want - you do not want, it was required to reschedule the whole apartment, if the standard size of the crib for newborns could not fit into the prepared place.

Which bed to choose? First tip - from the wallet

If possible, you can change the beds, depending on the age of your child. For the youngest, up to six months, you can buy a cot-cradle. The size of a standard crib of this kind is 97 X 55, and you can choose the height yourself, depending on your requirements. It is good to consider your height so that it is convenient to take the crumbs in your arms. Or, alternatively, there are adjustable beds in which you can change the height of the cradle above the floor, the depth of the bed itself. By the way, what else is convenient and practical in this case is that the bed is a single bowl, which is upholstered from the inside with a soft cloth. Your baby in such a cradle will be safe, because he will not be able to hit the wooden slats with active strokes of arms and legs.standard crib sizes

Standards to be guided

The Russian sizes of a standard crib are still present - 128 X 68. These sizes are given taking into account the slats. But more often, the standard size of a mattress in a cot is taken as a reference point, which is 120 X 60 centimeters. For Europeans, these standards are increased by five units for the same age range.In general, such a bed can be suitable for up to four, or even up to six years of age. What are they?

To the question, what is the standard size of the crib, the answer has already been given, so let us proceed more specifically to the design.

Crib easier or take something more complicated?

The easiest option is the four sides to which the bottom is fixed. In the Soviet production, such a bed still had the opportunity to regulate the position of the bottom by two levels - for infants higher, for older children - lower. This is the easiest and cheapest option, unless, of course, order a mahogany cot.

There are also other options, much more complicated in design and with more functionality. In some models, a chest of drawers is built in, in which the child’s things can be stored right at the place. standard crib sizes forIn beds transformers such bedside table can be taken out over time at the expense of what the berth will be increased. Also beds can be completed with a changing table, or additional runners, so that you can swing a baby in it. The size of a standard crib, of course, will be much smaller than a transformer, but still there is a big saving of space if you buy all the components separately.Plus, you do not need to think about the selection of the crib dresser and changing table in color and design in general.

What else is important to consider when choosing a crib

Pay attention to the material. Best of all it is natural wood. Of course, there are options of wooden plates or plastic, but it should be understood that such an execution may contain toxic substances that could harm the health of the child.

 standard sizes of bumpers per crib

Check out and take into account the standard size of the crib on the crib. It is important that the distance between the lamellae does not exceed 7-8 centimeters, but it should not be less than two or three. Emphasis on this is done due to the fact that the child’s head or arms cannot get stuck between the slats.

It is probably better to take a bed where the front panel of the side is lowered and completely removed.what standard crib sizeIf you are breastfeeding, it will be convenient to remove this panel and slide the crib close to yours. Thus, it will be possible to feed the baby at night, not rising from the bed and not particularly distracting from sleep, which is important for the health of mommy.

You can even purchase a pendant crib. This bed is attached either to the ceiling or to special supports.standard crib sizes for newborns

If you have enough space in the room, or you are confident in the strength of their ceilings, then this option is for you. Although it is safer to still get something firmly standing on the legs.

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